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America’s New School Lunch Policy: Punishing Hungry Students for Their Parents’ Poverty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/americas-new-school-lunch-policy-punishing-hungry-students-their-parents-poverty


The really ugly part is that when individuals offered to pay off the debt in that Pennsylvania district, the superintendant’s office refused. Their objective is to shame, attack, harrass, because in their own minds, money and virtue aare correlated. Wealth and deservedness…social darwinism.


It get worse, way worse.
The school district Steven is talking about, Wyoming Valley West in western PA., had an offer from CEO Todd Carmichael of the Philly-based La Colombe Coffee Co. He offered to pay the outstanding $22,000 that led to the warning letters. School Board President, Joseph Mazur, rejected his offer, saying the parents who owe the money can afford it, and Carmichael shouldn’t cover it, then Mazur hung up on Carmichael’s spokesperson.
The above story ran on CBS this morning.


Sorry ncycat, I did not read you’re post before I posted.

What despicable low life scum the people on that School Board are. School Board President, Joseph Mazur, needs a few thousand people on his front lawn explaining to him and his neighbors what a truly disgusting POS he is.

JFC we just keep sinking lower and lower as a country.


But Trump’s Billionaire Buddies are getting more tax breaks and handouts…like they eally need it.

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I know that I am entering this thread quite late, however, I’d like to ask a question and do a little poll of you folks.

Question: "Would you rather see your tax dollars go to the poor, the needy, the hungry, the sick, and the elderly, or would you rather see your tax dollars given to the wealthy and the corporations in the form of tax breaks, grants, interest free loans, forgiveness of air and water pollution infractions, and through the use of eminent domain seizures of private and public land.

If you would please respond, it would be greatly appreciated.

This is wrong on almost every level. It’s wrong that parents can’t afford to buy their kids lunch. It’s wrong that lunch isn’t free. It’s wrong that the school board and administration won’t accept help.
But it is also wrong that another arrogant billionaire, one of the people who created the crisis in capitalism that causes kids to not have lunch money, pretends to swoop in at the last second and offer what amounts to his pocket change as alms to the poor.
Imagine is this prick actually paid his people a living wage and decent benefits. Why, they may just be able to buy their kids food.


The culture from which you emerge is causing the demise of the culture .
Capatilism is a symptom of Cultural Myths that have never been seriously challenged like the myth of survival of the fittest and the thought that there is not enough to go around for everyone.
The problem with humanity is it’s belief systems are primitive and are based on fallacies.
Have a read at the book The Essential Path …


Obviously I chose poor, I kind of thought that’s one of the reasons most of us are here on CD in the first place.

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The first option, please!

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You’re forgiven Son.

Thanks for sharing.

You have a heart and a soul.

Please don’t lose them.

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More money for people at the bottom, if not taken from the middle class, means less money for people at the top (the Republican’s “base”). That’s obviously the math this is about.

Why did Rand Paul vote for the tax cut overwhelmingly for the rich and their corporations, but want no extra spending for the 9/11 first responders unless that spending was funded by cuts to the middle and bottom, so that the rich don’t have to contribute a nickel to this extra expense - heaven forbid.

Good questions(s)! Rand is definitely not cut in the mold of his father, Ron Paul.