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America’s New Year’s Resolution: Remove Trump


America’s New Year’s Resolution: Remove Trump

Robert Reich

After his first bizarre year, his apologists told us he was growing into the job and that in his second year he’d be more restrained and respectful of democratic institutions.

Wrong. He’s been worse.

Exhibit one: the “Wall.” After torpedoing Mitch McConnell’s temporary spending deal to avert a shutdown, he’s holding hostage over 800,000 government employees (“mostly Democrats,” he calls them, disparagingly) while subjecting the rest of America to untoward dangers.


Removing Nixon was successful only because VP Agnew and other top tier bureaucrats were removed prior to Nixon being removed.

VP Pence is far more dangerous than Agnew ever was and POTUS Pence will make us wish Trump was back in the oval office.


a big corporate-fundamentalist-fascist AMEN to that!


Fucking Bingo!


If Trump wants to act like a king the maybe he should be treated like George the 3rd—he really went through hell with those "health regimes of that time. If he was impeached , or placed in an institution, or had an accident with the spies or the military ----we would have the Pence---- and again, he does remind me of a ghoulish mortician-----so if he’s gone too—do we get Nancy? I can’t remember the order. But then, if the military/ spies starts offing people --------is that when we break into city states? Or maybe everyone will ignore us ----oh wait—we still have all those generals and all those bombs-----maybe the military TWITTER crazies would take over----------it’s really hard to have a nation when there are so many competing interests.


Treat him & all his GOP domestic terrorists like 21st century Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette!!


America’s New Year Resolution must be to not only Impeach the prick in the White House, but also to cease supporting the two most corrupted political parties who are hopelessly addicted to the Green Stuff.

And I’m not talking about Progressive ideals.


Well Louis was an idiot—although the way America is going it could end up in the same sad way—although Ropspierre didn’t get it right either—and that was pretty messy too. Then Napoleon came along–lots of wars there. Although, if you think about it the royals we all re falling apart too.
I don’t know if a guillotine would be all that effective—although that awful video which is still out there from the beginning of Bush’s war-----, where the man named Nick Berg, who wasn’t even a soldier is shown sitting hog tied in front of the scary people with their faces covered and holding the big sword —and Mr. Berg sadly lost his head-------no-----that’s awful—but awful does play well in America.
It could come to that though because Americans are losing all kinds of security-----but I do wonder what will become of the kids of politicians when the kids of poor and struggling Americans are being hurt by lack of food and heath care. It almost seems like FDR never existed and the Gilded Age had continued on its way back then wit nothing to stop it. : (


I’m mystified as to why, Mr. Reich, when you know better, you attack the symptom and not the problem?

Trump is an oligarch, those placed in power by The Constitution, according to James Madison, its sole author.

Getting rid of Trump will not liberate us from the oligarchs milking the planet dry to turn it into money - more money.

Should we work for liberation from oligarchy, or for fitting into the reformation of the system oppressing us - all of us who aren’t oligarchs or their handmaids - and the life system on this planet.

Why don’t we attack the problem, the disease, instead of its symptoms? Are we to liberate the life system, or perish in the Sixth Mass Extinction, now working on the last of the large mammals.

Nancy Pelosi won’t liberate anyone. Nor will anyone else if people like you with serious credibility remain reformers rather than liberators. The hour is late.

Do you know Fritjof Kapra? Ask him if what I say is true.

We don’t have time to reform an oligarchy that will, history shows, morph into the next generation of oppressors, as they did with The Constitution, curtailing democracy and making business the reason for human existence, after democrats governed by the Articles of Confederation were in the process of making slavery in the US illegal. Slave owning oligarchs hijacked US democracy and gave us an oligarchy where all that matters about us is that we further enrich the oligarchs.

I know you know this. When do we fight the oppressors of all life on Earth? Trump is little more than a chump elected with Russian money and blackmail - the entire Republican Party had the DNC’s voter rolls that Russian hackers stole.

How much longer can we cooperate in the death of the life system? Please tell the truth. You know it. Impeaching Trump won’t help liberate life from those who would turn the life system into money. Why pretend it will?

Neither Pence nor Pelosi deliver the life system from iniquity. We just lose more time we don’t have.


New Year resolution: Overturn Citizens United. Without that action we are completely lost to corporate criminality and power.