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America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Worldwide GHG emissions up in 2018, heading up higher this year. And you take a bow.

The Obama Admin left an “agency” off the list of those having to comply with our Paris target, which we didn’t hit: The US military. And you take a bow.

But I guess under Trump, who I helped get elected, that renewable energy market must be in the doldrums, right? Oh, wait, it’s doing well? Well, whatdoyouknow:

By the way, which is it?:

“It’s hard to have hope sometimes.”
“I’m not too unhappy.”

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Do you know who saved the renewable energy tax credits in the budget and which party is working to extend them? Oh yes, the evil vile congressional Democrats, who created the renewable energy boom you are sloppily trying to attribute to a guy who’s transportation agency is working to reduce MPG regulations set under the previous administration. But cheap and ignorant rhetorical points are clearly all you and “your party” actually understand. Because spouting bullshit while looking sanctimonious is what matters.

A drop in a bucket. Your usual rallying cry. Because incremental will avert climate chaos.

Except it won’t and you take a bow anyway.

A drop in the bucket that created and sustained a new and growing industry while you tried to credit Trump for it—let’s be clear. What I find funny though, is you never seem to have answers, just armchair rhetorical critiques oriented around “my party.” It’s strange because you never seem to acknowledge the utter and compete lack of achievement by “your party.”

It did not create an industry. You think Chinese solar and wind companies came into being in 2008?

Climate chaos is going to ruin the entire planet, but you take a bow. Just wow.

Thanks for the lesson in goalpost shifting. Must be your 101 course. Reality is a tough thing for you to deal with. Projects do not happen overnight, the investments from the Stimulus bill and eight-year tax credit expansion were critical to creating the modern renewables industry.

The renewables industry has been in full swing in model countries like Germany long before the Obama Administration.

Were we discussing Germany? The bottom line is Obama and Democrats created both law and policy that spurred the development of renewables across the country, creating the modern market. A host of other important things were done as well (I won’t waste time discussing changes to NEPA). We have an administration that is doing the complete opposite now, with courts to back them, with your backhanded support of course.

We are headed for the cliff and people are stepping on the gas . Just read an article about all the chemical run off in the gulf destroying all kinds of industry there-fishing–and tourism—and people from these states don’t scream to stop this madness. People are winning millions against Round-up-------yet I see it being sold everywhere???

And keep deluding people about the real terms that need to be taught and understood—we as individuals should be demanding INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM for all-----and what EXISTS—right now is the COMMONS-------common people have a RIGHT- to clean air—clean water----land----and natural resources beyond the power of the state.

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That is why I said this.

We ARE an oligarchy. You can also call our government a corporatocracy, Fascist, a plutocracy, a “money-ocracy.” No matter what name you use, the question remains – what to do about it? Money controls our government, elections, reps, the media. Hell even our money system itself is owned and controlled by the deliberately misnamed “Federal” Reserve System – A PRIVATE CORPORATION! We the people are indeed divided and herded like so many sheep. Ever think of the “two” major parties as agents of mind-control? OK, the problem is oligarchy. Again, what the hell do we do about it? They are literally killing us with their toxic vaccines, chem trails, perpetual wars, wireless/microwave everything, fluoridation, lead in the water too, corporate “health care,”…(long list). What to do…?Gopherit

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Thank you, and well-said. These comment forums are inevitably a mixed bag–like society itself. It’s not hard to see why many News & Views web sites have shut them down.

We were discussing the renewables market, which existed long before 2009.

I was discussing and you were incrementalizing on the topic how taking bows for putting bandaids like Paris on a runaway climate chaos train is worse than doing nothing. American fossil fuel production, including oil, exploded under Obama – he kept gas prices low.

I’m out.


Ah, maybe because they were, you piece of arrogant >bleep<.

Here’s where Reich shows his true colors. We all ought to have supported wonderful Hillary and you better bet your last dollar that soon he’ll tell you we better all support whatever corporate, NeoLiberal, war mongering, piece of >bleep< the establishment Democrats push on us, using the supposed ‘progressive’ cred he hoped he’s built up with us over the last few years repeating progressive ideas he steals from real progressive and leftists, because, don’t you know, it’s all of us, including Biden and Harris and Pelosi and every other corporate creep, versus the Donald. End of story.

Robert Reich is an old associate of the Clintons since the 90s who acts like he’s a progressive and then uses that to sheepdog progressives to supporting Clinton or Clinton backed Wall Street shills.

I’ve been saying this for over then years and he keeps proving me right.

Plus he’s got an arrogance, that really annoys me, as he spouts stuff that real progressive thinkers come up with but he acts like he’s the one who figured it out without ever giving any credit to the folk whose ideas he’s stealing in order to get enough cred to do his real job of sheep dogging us next time he wants us to vote for someone who’ll keep screwing us and people in countries around the world the US destroys.

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…No True Scotsman fallacy…

Okay, apparently Skeptic Tank didn’t think it needed to be clarified, because you are both well aware of this, but other newer readers may not be aware: Skeptic is not a Republican and it is not his ‘party’.

I know you know by now that the fault for the shit-show that was the 2016 election falls squarely in the lap of the DNC and the Democrats. They actually believed that people were going to allow yet another nomination to be rigged and that they would get away with it. They’ve gotten away with it for decades, but, now, we have that little thing called ‘the internet’.

As a semi retired Businessman I could see the troubles long before President Trump came along ,As for Obama I was pleased to see our nation getting passed the stigma of prejudice by electing a man of color , However sadly he turned out to Americas worst president of all time , ranking right behind Johnson that pushed America in to the Vietnam war . Obama’s ways compared to an anti Christ( Muslim) . The above article is more fake news ! our wonderful president did not need this job , he already had it made financially , I believe he only did this job because he wanted to make our country better for future generations ,by reversing some of the bad business deals made by corrupt politicians lining there own pockets , Obama’s crew put America in danger
by showing weakness to our enemies world wide and actually gave the Iranians money! he should have been impeached for that alone ,luckily we were not attacked during that show of weakness ! As for president Trump he is no wimp but rather a very strong Christian man , today the world respects us again , every clear thinking American should pray that he wins again in 2020 .

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I am not so sure that Trump “did not need this job” as he was close to going to prison before he decided to run for president. His previous accountant said that Trump was the poorest man in the world with an incredible amount of negative equity. Trump had not filed his income tax for over two decades and if he had not become president, the chances are he would have gone to jail and his empire would be bankrupt.
As for making the country better for future generations, that is never the agenda of a sociopath. Trump has displayed incredible ignorance for a politician and has shown no signs of promoting either social equity or social justice which are the cornerstones of a better society.
As for Obama’s Iran deal, it was the only bright light in an otherwise terrible eight years. Iran has never provoked the U.S. despite the U.S. trying to bankrupt the country since 1979. Obama did not give any money to Iran unless you count the reversal of some of the punishing sanctions that were in place since then. America only has enemies in this world because of their foreign policy and support for ruthless dictatorships, the arming of terrorist groups and States and Imperial hubris on an unprecedented scale.
Finally, the world does not respect “us” and instead stay up late at night wondering if the U.S. government will push the planet to the sixth mass extinction with its denial of global warming, its stock piles of nuclear weapons and its insatiable thirst for oil. He is a self declared ‘Christian’ only because it serves his political agenda, but has privately stated his disdain for all religions in general. These are all traits of a dangerous sociopath and I have to respectfully disagree that he should be re-elected in 2020.


May I suggest that we move away from the category “working class” and, instead, simply say workers. We need to recognize that the economy consists of people who need to work and those who don’t need to work. “Working class” is usually equated with the old idea of “blue collar” which once was pitted against “white collar.” Those categories mask the fact that, no matter what the color of one’s shirt, we are all in this together if we have to work and our enemies are those who don’t have to work.

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how can you say it isn’t about left vs. right and then end by saying trump is the problem? trump is a symptom but he is far from the cause. he’s simply a tool of the power elite. like all politicians. don’t undermine your argument by trying to appeal to liberals’ antipathy to trump.