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America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

What America needs is a democratic Democratic Party.

Today’s Corporatist Democratic Party, which serves the Oligarchy every bit as much as the Republican Part does, is part of the problem. It is not part of the solution.

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Most of Capital Hill is Israel’s puppet. You can’t become president without knowing who your overlords are.

Reich’s article and its headline are right on the money.
And from there you could note that post-Weimar-style fascism – with a minority, single-party government, strict barriers of entry to be among the privileged, and denial of rights for whole classes of people defined by races, sex/sexuality, and/or religion – suits an oligarchy much better than an inclusive democracy with liberty and justice for all does.
In the US, the GOP has built a strong coalition of plutocrat billionaires, right-wing Christian evangelicals, and disaffected white folk – conditioned over generations to believe their pallor entitles them to certain inalienable rights and privileges unavailable to the darker hued. Although mathematically a minority, this coalition nonetheless brings a lot of money, muscle, and motivated voters to their table. Also munitions, can’t forget the munitions.
At this point I doubt they would cede power peacefully.

WHY did olygarchy take such deep roots, in particular in the USA, - AND in the global economic-political system?

= Because of largely justified, “politically natural” reaction to the medieval horrors of the 1917 Bolsheviks & successors!
-Parallell development, thanks to “Red Scare”: Conservative political forces got “more than natural” hold on power, in particular in the US.
=Fully understandable, but “not good”!!

Even worse, starting 1917: Olygarchy / Western big business used its leading role to allow, even ACTIVELY SUPPORT communist / state capitalist Muscovy, decade after decade.

-The apparent Muscovy transformation, 1990-2019 in a hybrid, more openly fascist-capitalist direction doesn’t change the facts:

The patterns of US, World economy, AND the pattern of global (more or less) chaotic, polarized political constellations were since long firm & solid.

Is it possible to imagine how World, US, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Jew, Palestine, Kurd, immigration, climate history would have been totally different, had the October 1917 coup been avoided?

  • I think yes!

Evidently: An enormous task to sort out and solve 102 years of failed World history.

1 step: Listen to John Lennon: “Imagine”!

I have enjoyed the truth shown herein. Jonathan Haidt, in moral psychology, showed how there are actually 3 persuasions, not just left and right, with science. The third way is the one that people need to learn about. I have a deep background at this point in developing an understanding of these 3 things.
Think of the left and right corresponding to the subjective and objective sides of human intelligence. The first foot forward for each is creativity and order, respectively. Watch out for institutionalized left and right, because they are only working with 1/3 of human intelligence, and, the two together only form a two-dimensional playing field. In the context of social contract, the first foot forward for the left is freedom (and exploration), and for the right, the first foot forward is order (and the known) - also see “the omnivore paradox”. The problem here is to not recognize the real, three-dimensional playing field.
So what is a non-partisan issue? Are you institutionalized, or can you name one? I will offer for your consideration the third system of intelligence - conscious awareness, and higher judgement and evaluation functions. Look for these two things: conscience and integrity. These are internal affairs, as overseen by the governing system over the other two systems, in how we humans operate.
The left-right spectrum is (and always will be) largely irrelevant in times of high immorality and corruption. There is no platform in the left-right spectrum for dealing with a lack of national integrity; that is a non-partisan issue. On the matter of conscience, think of murder, rape, and robbery as examples of non-partisan concerns. The left and right do not have a way of facing these things from the stances of their respective platforms.
According to Pew Research, we are now experiencing the largest left-right divide in recording history. If these two work as a team, then they are at their best, and if they do not, then they are not doing as well as that. One offers real feelings and intuitions, and the other offers a sense of order and enforcability (characteristically).
Now here’s the big impact concern… The real problem with our society is that we are not general aware of what our leadership is doing. So long as this is true, then all systems of govt across the left-right spectrum will fail. If we have infrastructure to render this statement false, then all (reasonable) systems of govt will succeed. This helps to illustrate why the left and right are largely irrelevant under present circumstances.
How do we deal with the statement of the problem? Govt is never enough; that is simply a long-standing two-tiered society - power and general population. We deal with this using non-governmental infrastructure. We implement things like media and press, parties, watchdogs, etc., which are all components of necessary NGO infrastructure. These are the real one percenters of society; they watch the big boys, and report to the general population.
I think you will find that this type of infrastructure is what we have lost to the big corporate interests and their infiltrations.
My recommendation is to apply the type of structure used to make our govt, but to do this in a redundant NGO. The purpose of such an elaborate-seeming measure is to take every measure to gain the public trust, every step of the way. I mean three branches of elected members of a voluntary-membership organization, with accountability and transparency - with checks. All for the public trust. Such an organization can propose, vote on, and carry out anything it wants, within a nationally-defined set of parameters, in the form of a definition of its allowable bounds, such as “audit and redress violations against the people at large”. Actually, I’ve written bylaws at length to deal with this sort of thing, and spent considerable time contemplating our political situation, and drafting responses, which is in-depth and beyond this comment venue.
Another idea is to make orgs with 3 branches of membership by topic, which then vets submitted material in each of the 3 capacities (source, content, and placement, or validations, framing, and editorial), as public information production for public information consumption.
Thank you for the article, and keep on thinking free.

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If we’re complaining about money in politics, why don’t we go with Andrew Yang’s democracy dollars’ idea?

Or are people just here to wring their hands and vote for Bernie?

Reich is spewing the same Lenin/ Marx/ Alinsky drivel we’ve been hearing for the last century. Robert Reich is a Globalist and Trump has jeopardized the NWO he supports. I’ll bet that Common Dreams is funded with Soros money from his multiple “charitable” organizations…just another seditious think tank looking for a new way to package and sell the same old BS.

I should have provided a link: https://mark-g-meyers.webnode.com
See: Cooperative Assembly, and Bylaws as examples.