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America’s Slow-Motion Military Coup


America’s Slow-Motion Military Coup

Stephen Kinzer

In a democracy, no one should be comforted to hear that generals have imposed discipline on an elected head of state. That was never supposed to happen in the United States. Now it has.


While your article is based upon conjecture, I too have suspected this was happening. I was comforted when Kelly got rid of most of the crazies in his inner circle. I am comforted to know that a man-boy narcissist ((Trump) has ex-Generals to work through when it comes to starting a war. Without someone running interference for Trump I fear we wouldn’t be a democracy but a fascist state. Please explain to me the downside!

Don’t say that Congress is given the role of being a check to a rogue executive. The Republicans are as bad or worse than Trump. I have more faith in the Justicecdepartment but am still wondering if my faith is warranted.


Every day that passes and We the People are not in the streets demanding massive numbers of resignations, is another day closer to Stephen Kinzers, coup.


One thing is for sure, it is not normal. Really, Really not normal.


In a capitalist system that has a history of intensifying predation, ‘follow the money’ applies - the “defence” department/pentagon/et al budget says it all. The bludgeon is the chosen instrument and overkill is the overreach regarded as acceptable. Most tragic is the centuries of colonization by this strain of scoundrels and the ignorance of the feedback loops crushing the true genius of the human species. The twisting of history in projections of their own depravity and fears and the utter obliviousness to the degree of destruction of thousands of years of a spectrum of wisdom they are too twisted to even imagine exists despite its documentation.
Waste, plunder, stupidity and psychological aberrations begetting their own feedback loops. No wonder we as a society must become alert to and informed about the malignant narcissism that indigenous peoples have been attempting to explain for centuries.

One can only hope that among those military types the likes of Dwight Eisenhower are conferring over the Constitution rather than grabbing at flags. Please, if there is a God, make it so!


We are fast becoming a modern equivalent of the Prussians. They were a militarized state and culture. To achieve advancement in that society one had to have served in the military and or attended the ‘right’ military academies. We immortalized their pre-Nazi militarism with Hollywood caricatures of the clicking heels salute and the aristocratic dueling scar. After instigating the arms race that led to WWI, they eventually gave way or rather gave power to Hitler. In their unified German state obedience to authority was prized and dissent was anathema.

Our Constitution placed our government as well as our military under the control of civilians. Not the other way around. Here in this article this author warns of a military coup but refrains from using the word fascism. The world’s most powerful military under the control of the military awaits the future. We should start to use the word to describe what will follow.

Only a soldier would sleep easy in such a world.


Looks like Kinzer was fooled by a tweet. Holy crap.

I need some cash Kinzer…care to pay me for some better analysis?


No. Only the politicians and maybe the generals issuing the orders could sleep easy. The soldier has nothing to gain from such a world.


Obama ran for office on pulling the military back—in fact this was most likely the main reason he beat Clinton in 08.
Trump ran on the same thing–puling the military back.
Obama also followed the generals,just as Trump is doing now.

Its interesting to watch the media today----they are saying Trump won’t be hurt helping the “dreamers” get citizenship or working with the democrats–republicans will be crushed----the real issue for the corporate media is tax cuts for the wealthy—


It looks like, in this photo accompanying the CD post, that someone kicked the shit out of Jim Mattis. I didn’t do it, but congrats to the one who did.

Also the kid Bush II, being as lazy and simple-minded as he is, deferred to the likes of Cheney and Rumsfeld - the top brass and the devious draft dodgers - for counsel. So what’s new?

Also, note also that Stephen Kinzer is a “former New York Times reporter”. Writing articles like this will guarantee that you get kicked off a newspaper’s staff.


normal is killing 10 - 20,000,000 men women and children since WW II … destroying countless lives and overthrowing and destroying nations.


Kinzer is correct but it’s all old news. The slow motion military coup has been in play a very long time, since at least 1947, but prolly longer.

Lots of milestones since then, but in the 21st century 2 really stand out for me. The 1st of course was the Burning of the Reichstagg, oops, I mean 9/11.

But the other big one was when Obama took the unprecedented step of keeping Robt. Gates, a Republican Bush appointee, as Sec. of Defense.

That was a sign, writ large, in neon:

Presidents will come & go, but no matter what, Daddy is still in charge.

Anyone concerned with trying to reform our system needs to realize that we are, in effect, a military dictatorship, & have been for a long time.


What is not normal is having the guys that do that in your living room asking you the name and ages of your children.


Military junta? No, In my view, the military coup was done on November 22,1963. The only difference is it has been more clandestine and covert in the past.


Banana Republicans

Direct Democracy


Stephen Kinzer seems to believe that the military are at the top tier of the pyramid of government, calling the shots. I don’t think so.

It’s the civilian US oligarchy at the top, steering the military in accord with the dictates of world capitalism (as reflected by The Bilderberg Conference decisions influencing The Council on Foreign Relations etc).

If he didn’t realize it previously, Trump now understands that he is on the third tier - merely a mouthpiece for the oligarchy and the military. This would account for the reversals of many of his campaign promises. He is allowed to spout nonsense, but ultimately he does what he is told to do.

The congress and the courts are even more obvious tools of the oligarchy.

What powerful, self-respecting oligarchy would let a narcissistic bully, or those with a limited military mentality, run the show?


I read Kinzer’s book on the Dulles brothers, though consider David Talbot’s “Devil’s Chessboard”. These two books only confirm what James Douglass makes crystal clear in his “JFK & The Unspeakable” and is the only book needed to understand the real history of the world post WWII. Reading Douglass gives one the clarity of vision to tell truth from propaganda and I am forever grateful to Douglass: I would rather die knowing the truth than live a long life in ignorance. Veritas omnia vincit.

Kinder is correct in that the US is more obviously a junta, but what was it when General Eisenhower was “appointed” president? But even if Ike was doing his patriotic duty, his efforts at peace were constantly undermined by the Dulles Brothers, who were both Wall Street agents and who both despised Truth and Democracy. Allen Dulles CIA had Gary Powers’ U2 brought down deliberately to sabotage Ike’s Paris Peace Conference. When Ike told JF Dulles that he would explain to Khrushchev that his orders had been ignored, JFD told him that the Soviets would then see that the President was not in charge. Khrushchev was no fool and knew all along that it was the Dulles Brothers who were his and Mankind’s enemy. And then came JFK, and a brief shining moment when Democracy might breathe the air of Peace and Justice, until the MIC junta publicly executed him in November 1963.
Is the junta preferable to a kakistocracy? Time to go back to Cullen Murphy’s Ancient Rome. America is rotten to the core, and only a Peaceful non-violent revolution can change things. But how long can we hold our breath? Its been nearly 54 years since JFK’s assassination, which is a long time to wait for truth. But I like to believe that if truth can be won, then the status quo can be challenged. If nothing else, it is a useful litmus test to determine the good guys from the bad. Maybe a mass movement at the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of RFK on 5th June 2018, demanding the release of Sirhan could be a rally for truth?


In USA most in the military work hard, but their risk of dying or being maimed in a war is low. Especially compared to the civilian populations in their target countries. The compensation for career soldiers, especially for commissioned officers, is better than most people think.

Low ranking infantry are an exception, not the rule.


You must have been fooled by that Hope thing. Obama clearly stated he was going to reduce US military action in Iraq so he could increase it elsewhere, particularly in Afghanistan.


Thanks for the information.