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America’s True Role in Syria


America’s True Role in Syria

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Syria’s civil war is the most dangerous and destructive crisis on the planet. Since early 2011, hundreds of thousands have died; around ten million Syrians have been displaced; Europe has been convulsed with Islamic State (ISIS) terror and the political fallout of refugees; and the United States and its NATO allies have more than once come perilously close to direct confrontation with Russia.


Leaked emails help to reveal the true US role in Syria.

The USA is supporting extremists and Salafists in an attempt to destroy any Russian aligned nations in the region. Ultimately they want US and Saudi Natural Gas to flow into Western Europe and want Western Europe to stop buying the same from Russia. This will ensure West Europe remains under US Hegemony.

As per this article this plan started in 1990 with George Bush the elder. Note the emails also speak to Climate change and how this will create unrest in the region. When asked for help in this regard the US State department refused knowing it would lead to more unrest which they could then exploit.

The endgame is to get rid of Assad while putting in place a number of Salafist type Governments in the region which would than make a call to bring Jihad into Russia itself.

Russia is fully aware of what goes on.

The US role in Syria is not limited to Syria. It just a pathway to the ultimate goal of breaking up Russia and seizing that Countries resources for the Corporate state and 1 percent. Mr Sachs was part of the group that tried to destroy Russia economically and bring it into the orbit of the Western Banking system.


Here is an adult conversation about Syria for so called leftists. Conversation starts at about minute 1:30.



“…we know that America is engaged in an active, ongoing, CIA-coordinated war both to overthrow Assad and to fight ISIS.”


"These are issues that should be subject to legal scrutiny and democratic control. I am confident that the American people would respond with a resounding “no” to the ongoing US-led war of regime change in Syria. The American people want security – including the defeat of ISIS – but they also recognize the long and disastrous history of US-led regime-change efforts, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

“This is the main reason why the US security state refuses to tell the truth. The American people would call for peace rather than perpetual war.”

Notice how Mr. Sach’s accurate, honest analysis runs 180-degrees apart from this forum’s goons who insist that Americans are bloodthirsty, or careless, or uncaring, or sheeple without minds of their own.

Who does the above meme serve? (Answer: Those who write their dis-information campaign checks.)


Foreign affairs are FAR more complex and sophisticated than being reduced to team sport style analyses.

When you use this frame: “The USA is supporting extremists…” it inaccurately equates what is being done by shadow elites without congressional approval OR the public’s knowledge or consent (nor do I view the consent garnered from indoctrinating the public through the continuous use of false narratives-- presented as true) with the public.

Given the phony elections, the corporately captured press with its lies made in support of wars, and the preponderance of the military-industrial complex… what THESE entities do increasingly departs from the wishes and interests of a majority of U.S. citizens.

In short, they do not support us or U.S.

Since 911 (and possibly since the JFK assassination), there is a counterfeit govt. for the most part that’s gained its power through False Flags, campaigns of torture, a completely propagandized press instrument, and LOTS and LOTS of legions of armed guards many of whom are only too ready to train their weapons on peaceful protestors, citizens of conscience, environmental activists, and others.

Again, the frame “US” equates the coup govt. with the populace when the former is not represented by the latter.

(Please don’t take offense since I agree with your intelligent posts 95% of the time.)


Again YOU and the people are not the USA. You just happen to live there. The USA is a non representative Government. (Just as most Countries in the so called Western Democracies are to various degrees.)

When I mention AMERICANS I am talking about the people living there. When I mention the USA I am talking about the people in power and the policies they follow.

This is akin to critiquing Wal Mart . There a whole pile that work for Wal Mart that can not be blamed for how Wal mart operates and when I critique Wal mart , I am speaking of the Corporation and those in power. By the same token I have no objection to a person stating that Canada supports mining Companies the world over that destroy ecosystems in third world controls wherein I would take expection if people said Canadians support this.

So back to that timeline. As I mentioned the impetus to destroy Russia as a nation goes back well before 9/11. Thugs like Kissinger and Brezenksi have been pushing this for decades just as Prescott Bush and his Fascist Pals did in the 1930’s.I also agree that deep state and counterfeit Government was also behind the war in Vietnam and the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King. As such I can only look at 9/11 as a continuation of that same Government which you refer to as “Counterfeit”. With the amount of resources the US Government spends on its Military , it hard not to conclude that their focus is not the well being of the Citizens of that country but instead that deep state and that 1 percent.


Why do these Capitalists (Bush et al) want to destroy a Socialist (communist if you prefer) country?
The reason seems obvious.
It was the same reason that Hitler and the Fascists were tasked by the oligarchy with destroying Russia in WWII.
Couple that with the fact that the Roman Catholic Church wanted Hitler to destroy the Orthodox Church in Russia during the war and we’re on to something.


The current president, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is a sore disappointment to peace loving people everywhere! He will not be remembered as a great president or even as a mediocre one. He will be remembered, if there is anyone left to remember, as a terrible failure, the one man who prepared the World for nuclear disaster! It is coming and is now closer than ever because of this one man’s foolish and foolhardy continuation of his predecessor’s faulty policies. He has made things worse foreign policy speaking than the Bush League. No one could do that I would have opined, 8 years ago but unfortunately it is true. Things are worse to the point of provoking both other superpower at the same time. Unbelievable!


Dear Misleader’s “broken legacy” … ?

When was it ever intact?


Obama repair his legacy? hahahahaha


America’s true role in Syria is the same as America’s role anywhere: Stir up as much armed conflict as possible, to keep our armament industry “in the green” and the profits rolling in.

It does not really matter who fights whom, as long as as much equipment as possible gets trashed, bombs and missiles explode, so that our arms industry has reason to supply more and we, the tax payers, will foot the bill for it all.
Let us stop this insanity, which is just another blood drenched transfer of wealth from us to the 0.1%.
Vote for Jill Stein in November


Eleven comments - from a super-credible witness, i.e., Jeffrey Sachs.

To be buried in archive land soon, probably by tomorrow.

This is all wrong, this Common Dreams format of an endless procession of articles from whoever, on whatever.

Stepping back - the USA is imploding as we blog, and nobody is going to stop this.

Even Eric Margolis was waxing nostalgic on his latest post about the discontinuation of the production of the Boeing 747, and the descent of air travel to packed sardine status today.

I can relate - I remember Max Ward’s 747 charters, on 747’s to Hawaii for $500 return, with bone china and filet mignon and a holiday atmosphere as soon as one boarded (in the eighties).

Gone the way of the Dodo bird.

Get ready for a hard landing folks.


Our MIC ( DoD, et al ) can’t find upwards of $7 Trillion dollars. More money missing than that? Count on it!!! Amazingly enough, we’ll probably never know who gets it, how where or when it’s spent, etc. But, you can bet your last dollar someone, somewhere does. Imagine how our country, and the people here, would be benefiting from that money. Imagine the rest of the planet benefiting from the money not spent in destroying their, and our, only living place. Mr Sachs needs to say what has to be said about this: we are destroying this place. And, being asked to overpay ( extortion rate costs ) for the gun and bullets of our own future mass suicide pact, as well. This is truly insane. We’re beyond Kool-Aid and heading to arsenic, here. We must stop the MIC madness.


Thank you


St. Ronnie wasn’t all here by the halfway mark of his second term! He wasn’t great from the get go. It his his malign policies that created the huge national debt and the accumulation of wealth to the 1%. It isn’t something to crow about, that’s for sure.