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America’s Unfinished Revolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/04/americas-unfinished-revolution

Josephine Lee has got her finger on the pulse of this. What a breath of fresh air.
Stop empowerng the political gatekeepers of every color, religion and what have you. Empower the 99%. It’s time. Enough is too damn much, sometimes


If you have to ask; wow, after all that’s been written and discused at CD, and on the Intertubes worldwide that’s …a tough question to answer unless we all have a better picture of who you are.
Please, in 200-250 words or less, tell us all about yourself. Lay on a couch, or a fainting couch, if you think it would help. Then, just go for it!

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Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) 2011 debut had the most pivotal mission of anything that can be defined as “revolution” since FDR’s New Deal. That is why Obama tasked his justice department to make everything OWS did illegal before it re-emerged in the spring of 2012.

Unless OWS’ mission to wrestle down corporate control of gubmit is pushed forward ahead of all else there will be no other gains in justice. Racism, sexism and the like are driven by wealth, resource and income inequality wrought by corporate control of gubmit. Until all New Deal regulations and programs that have been dismantled during the past 4 decades are restored and enhanced we will continue in the downward spiral that for 4 decades has been carrying us to a new dark age.


I suggested to Homer on another thread that he should just put down his keyboard and take a nap. He is really getting tiresome. I don’t read or respond to his diatribes anymore, but I do enjoy responses like yours. Thanks!

I agree in part. OWS was invigorating and developed strong community activism that still lives on today in my smallish town. But we have to dismantle this monster from the bottom up. Starting with justice for all. No justice, no Peace.

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So, he’s not channelling thee Homer? Knowing that makes me illy and it’s, its odd to see that, as well.

Since Jan 1, 1995 workers are now in direct conflict with a trade agreement that traded away our rights, we just don’t know it yet. Every two years they meet to carve away a bit more of our accomplishments turning back the clock to the ugly situation in the past…

. Its totally outside of democracy, and totally illegitimate but right now its officially the highest law in the world as far as economic things. The ‘agreement to privatize everything’ fully intends to turn workers into replaceable parts in an international machine. Giving the WTO authority over intra-corporate transfer - allowing it to overide national governments and immigration laws whenever corporate staffing is involved will be a huge mistake.

Its supposed to start with the good jobs, and work downward. Staring with the public sector. Its why we cant have expanded public services, those jobs are bait in an elaborate international scheme.

As temporary movement of natural persons to provide services is a huge loophole in labor laws that allows corporations to use their cheaper workers everywhere they operate,it will squeeze out immigration - replacing it with corporate guest workers, being paid the minimum legal wage, It will be the end of the labor movement and the middle class if we allow it to continue.

This huge theft of our futures is on autopilot now. Totally under the radar. It blocks the entire progressive agenda. Both parties are hiding it.


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The World Socialist Party of the United States have contributed their view about current events


There are grounds to hope that the approaching showdown will result in a defeat for the most reactionary forces in American society, opening up the prospect of strengthening the democratic components of the political system and creating improved conditions for the dissemination of socialist ideas.

These protests demonstrate (visibly) a broad socio-economic base. Good sign. But unless there are widespread general strikes from all sectors, I am afraid not much meaningful change will come out of this. Strikes of all sorts and stripes are such a common occurrence in western Europe, which is why they enjoy way more rights than the US population.

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Naomi Klein Saïd here just a few days ago, FLOOD THE STREETS! It’s a great step toward upending the system of oppression. They can’t control millions.

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In the article I didn’t see much discussion of what is unfinished in America’s Revolution, or ongoing revolution. She declares the existence of a 1% as a big negative of America’s current situation, with the implication that the 1% exploits the rest and criminalizes much to keep control of the rest. She then calls on workers to unite to oppose crime laws, and to oppose and overthrow the 1%.

In my opinion, an article that wastes its several paragraphs, and an article that is a bit too common at Common Dreams.
Let me pose a question: Supposing you win? Doesn’t it occur to you that one person The President in Washington DC is too powerful for the good of the 99%, (even if a ‘good’ guy like Jesse Jackson holds the job…) and thus forms the seed of a new 1%. Don’t our freedoms begin with us, and that our politics and economics need to be people-sized, performed by us in our own communities, with as little interference from a distant place (like Washington DC) as we can?

It would be nice if we could primary all corporate democrats and replace them with progressives. If anyone could figure out how to do that and how to fund progressive campaigns, perhaps some real change could be achieved

But the task is monumental, as would be the task of preventing all progressive change being undone by those possessing the power of huge concentrations of wealth.