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America’s Water Crisis Goes Beyond Flint


America’s Water Crisis Goes Beyond Flint

Jo Miles, Mary Grant

The ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan, shines a spotlight on our nation’s water woes. It is an indictment of our broken democracy.

Every day, we hear a new horror story from Flint: Lead poisoning. Brain damage in kids. Legionnaire’s disease. Permanently damaged pipes that will cost millions to replace. Water shutoffs for families who refuse to pay for poisoned water, but still rely on it for basic sanitation. Officials who knew about the problem months before it came to light, and lied about it.


When I commented that other Cities were suffering this same issue due to infrastructure that deteriorates one of the voices that chimes in to support the Nuclear industry at every opportunity claimed "all water has lead".

This is the kind of denial and obsfucation the people advocating for clean water have to face.

Estimated Cost of the F35 program. 1.5 trillion . The program is a disaster yet they persist in pouring more money into it.

Meanwhile 2 of the new Littoral Combat vessels purchased for the US navy at 1.5 billion each have already broke down. So far 3 have been commissioned. No expense is being spared to fix those things up!

Infrastructure is being ignored across the Western World in favor of "Corporate Tax breaks" to remain "competitive" and this thing called "job creation" to create wealth. Here In canada some 200 billion in total spending will be needed to replace and upgrade old infrastructure. Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to start that spending and investment but I have seen little if any of those promises acted upon as of yet.


No, I stated the simple fact that that practically every house built before 1988 in the US (don't know about Canada) has lead-soldered plumbing and consequently at least some lead in their water. Current-day governments have no possible control over the existing plumbing in private residences and workplaces. They can only maintain the pH and put mineral-coating additives in the water to minimize the leaching of the lead in the privately-owned plumbing and exhort users to let their taps run before filling glasses for drinking and get the water tested if they have doubts.

Why is the left so frightened of anything having to do with science, engineering and technology and see "pro-industry shills" lurking behind anyone explaining the facts of technology and its risks? Why does technical knowledge make one suspect? Why is their virtue in ignorance?


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I am not referring to you. I was using as an example Philadelphia and cited reports that showed high levels of lead content in schools in that City. Schools are PUBLIC and the plumbing not the responsibility of the Children that attend them.

I was also pointing out the fact that up until the 1980s lead pipes were still used to distribute water from mains to those houses and these remain the responsibility of the municipal Government in charge.I gave links to reports indicating that until those restrictions passed in the mid 1980s , Municipal Governments were still installing lead pipes.

Contrary to claims made that water mains were cast iron and only the solder at joints was of lead, what are referred to as service lines were in many cases made of lead. These are the lines that run up to the home.

So get off your "Science" kick. Science showed lead not safe which is why laws passed to limit further use my Municipalities in their water distribution systems. The failure to replace the infrastructure that still uses that lead is a failure on the part of the Governments.

Most of the infrastructure here in Canada that delivers water is newer but there still segments of older cities that used lead in the pipes. Again it up to Governments to replace.


The source of most commercial bottled water in the US is a municipal supply system. Whether public or private owned, the mandatory heavy metals testing of such supply systems only test for water within the major distribution pipes or supply wells. Feeders from the main delivery pipes, that go from the street into businesses or residences, are typically not mandatory tested for any contaminants whatsoever, biological or inert, and neither is most people's indoor tap water ever tested.. So, water that's bottled for re-sale through an interior tap at such businesses, may or may not be safe or advisable to buy, depending on whether the business does its own, voluntary interior testing, and on how good the local safety regulations are for re-bottling & commercial sale of tap water.
Also, much plastic-bottle water in the USA quickly becomes contaminated with phthalates (structural softeners, which are estrogen mimicking chemicals) that leach into the water from the plastic container itself.
Thanks to criminal corporate influence over many government regulatory processes in the USA, not only is municipal system tap water not properly regulated for human safety, but even the so-called alternative of bottled water is increasingly unsafe.
Welcome to Ayn Rand's America..