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America’s Worldwide Impunity


America’s Worldwide Impunity

Robert Parry

After several years of arming and supporting Syrian rebel groups that often collaborated with Al Qaeda’s Nusra terror affiliate, the United States launched an illegal invasion of Syria two years ago with airstrikes supposedly aimed at Al Qaeda’s Islamic State spin-off, but on Saturday that air war killed scores of Syrian soldiers and aided an Islamic State victory.


The American people have been sold down the river by the Judas Capitalists for 20 pieces of silver.

This assassination of Syria soldiers was orchestrated by the neocons who control our military and take orders from the oligarchy which gets rich off the military industrial complex. The corporate media is in cahoots with all of the aforementioned players for the sake of a fat paycheck.


I find another form of hypocrisy breathtaking in its scope and that how the US openly meddles in elections in places like Russia where they fund groups through the NED while displaying outrage at the hint that Russia might meddle in their own.

Indeed a US Resolution passed in Congress , House resolution 162, openly calls for overthrowing the Putin Government and using measures to accomplish the same.


Obama will veto the bill allowing Saudi Arabia to be sued knowing he and Bush will be sued too. And he beat goes on...

Direct democracy.


Is that all ? We need to get busy with some nukes ! Population diminution, more oil for the rest of us.


Somebody please tell me what antiwar group I can join that is willing to bring the slaughter in places like Syria and Yemen to an end?


"...with his shirt open at the collar,” although why his collar is relevant is hard to understand."

Robert Parry is obviously ignorant of the fact that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and serial killers worldwide practically always have/had their shirts open at the collar.

That's a sure sign of a psychopathic personality, who is usually also a carrier of rabies.


It's actually more like 20 to 30 million.



The 'free' press was never a free-for-all. It reflected the opinions of those who owned the presses, just as it does today. But at one time the owners disagreed, now they all dance in lockstep, presenting the views that justify whatever they want to do.

If it didn't give them such a good way to monitor us they'd shut down the internet, which has become the primary method of getting information, like Parry's article, which shows the propaganda inherent in the mainstream narrative.

If more availed themselves of the information available here, instead of blandly head-nodding when NPR condemns the Russian invasion in the Ukraine, or whatever neocon propaganda point they're pushing today, you can bet the oligarchs would rush in to change what we see, even here.



It is almost irrelevant whether Samantha Powers is truly unaware of the public perception of historical context of her statements or describing precisely what she is doing 'in the name of' that public. Either way, the imperial posture is unspeakably threadbare. No apology for the excessively costly "precision" weaponry and "intelligence" that resulted in "a mistake" - once again and so frequent as to belie... what precisely Samantha Powers?

So much of the mediatized "empire" demands that reality be swept under the rug with fists full of ill gotten gain from "externalization" of costs that it has come to represent the primary fabric in the deplorable performances attempting to make the dissociative projection of a "stunt" photogenic.


It has come to be my fervent belief that the United States has about as much justification for our activities in the Middle East as the Soviet Union had in Cuba in the 1960s and it is obvious that we are very much alike in our reasons for meddling in these areas. We have accomplished little of positive result and have generated an entire region of newly minted anti American anger. Only a fool plays on a crooked wheel, time to pack the tents and scurry home. It is not like we haven't done that before.


"The mainstream U.S. media is treating the U.S.-led airstrike that killed scores of Syrian troops as an unfortunate boo-boo, ignoring that the U.S. and its allies have no legal right to operate in Syria at all."

The notion of rights traces to the philosophy of John Locke. Locke's rights to life, liberty and property (Jefferson's unalieanble rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) are negative rights. All of the rights in the Bill of Rights are also negative rights because they prevent the government from violating certain rights people have. Having freedom of speech is not license to say anything you want to. The First Amendment does not protect falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater and the right to bear arms does not prevent airport screening to prevent people from bearing arms on an airplane.

The notion that the US does not have a right to invade Syria is simply incoherent. Such a right, if it existed, would be positive right. The right to health care is a positive right because having this right means that one must be provided with health care. The notion that the US has a right to invade other countries is justified by the notion that "might makes right." The Roman Empire expanded using this right.

Surely, one can reject the notion that might makes right and at the same time argue that there are good reasons to invade Syria to produce the greatest good for the greatest number; i.e., to defeat Muslims fighting a holy war before they can defeat us.


About the only thing that President Obama's tenure in office has done for me is make it absolutely as clear as the finest vodka what a stinking back stabbing pro corporate anti worker two faced carbuncle a neo-liberal is. When you get down to it that ain't a hell of a lot for eight years of effort. On the other hand the rich are getting richer faster while I wonder where a man who has been productive all his life will be sleeping when the money runs out.


Because we are a capitalist nation and because capitalism is predicated on selfishness ("selfishness is a virtue") the rich have always gotten richer in this country. It doesn't make any difference who is president and who controls Congress.

We had one chance to reduce economic injustice when Teddy Roosevelt ran as a Progressive in 1912. Teddy proposed steeply graduated income and inheritance taxes to redistribute the wealth. Old Teddy got more votes running as a 3-rd party candidate than has ever happened in the US, but he still lost the election.

You love to bash Barack Obama, but at least he has called for increased taxes on the wealthy (as has Warren Buffett). The problem is that it is Congress that taxes the people, not presidents, and Congress is controlled by Republicans who want to cut taxes on the wealthy. So, you are bashing the wrong person.


And the 'rest of us' ultimately planned to be about 500 million humans allowed to live globally, according to the elite's greedy voice box of Bill Gates.


the US has been doing this since the 1900's on a regular basis why is this incident news?


we left the capitalist system long ago having devolved into a corporate facist system


An old Will Rogers quote seems appropriate to this article: "It will take America fifteen years of steady taking care of our own business and letting everybody else's alone, to get us back to where everybody speaks to us again."


However, President Obama instead of penalizing the banks that caused the '08 crash and bailing out the citizens who lost their homes, he did the inverse. Also, unlike Iceland where the banisters were sentenced to prison time, he gave them a free pass. At that point in time, the Glass Stiegel Act could/should have been reinstated but it was not.