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America Should Look in the Mirror


America Should Look in the Mirror

Adil E. Shamoo

Esteban Santiago, the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter, is an Iraq war veteran. Prior to executing five innocent people and wounding seven, he told the FBI that voices were telling him to watch ISIS videos. Although clearly exhibiting the possible symptoms of a thought disorder, the authorities were not able to connect him with mental health treatment.


A "look in the mirror" means facing facts.

Trump supporters and many dyed in the wool Democrats fear facts above all else and will avoid facing them at all cost.

Facts are foremost among the many enemies the Trump campaign created to make him look good. All Trump supporters will see when they hold up the mirror are facts and they do not want to look that enemy in the eye.


In our Government, the Fish Stinks from the Head Back, and has for generations, now.

As for the "voices" in the Shooter's Head, the Elephant in the Room is the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Meds these people are on is never acknowledged by the Captured Media, yet studies have been reported showing virtually every Mass Shooter has been on some form of Prescription Meds, often Behavioral and Mood Modifying, some ever since Childhood.


The rest of the world can get along just fine without the US meddling.


But we gotta stop dem Ruskies from taking over Europe. - probably an excuse defenders of U.S. exceptionalism have used.


It would seem that way since the US has so very often either clearly done the wrong thing, or if some type of meddling seemed appropriate, they've managed to make a worse mess. Yet there are times when one wonders, such as allowing the horrors in Nigeria. Should the world's most powerful nation never "meddle?"


Although clearly exhibiting the possible symptoms of a thought disorder, the authorities were not able to connect him with mental health treatment.

Unlike Donald Trump who actually is diagnostically mentally ill.


Probably but that doesn't mean the threat doesn't exist. Certainly in the minds of the Europeans it does. Are you willing to give up NATO and the 70 years without a world war to find out?


I'm sure Europeans as much as Americans don't want to risk World War III. U.S involvement seems to have only exasperated a WW3. It certainly is a complex issue. I feel for the countries that are stuck between the geopolitics of the U.S. and Russia.


Great article. These atrocities would seldom if ever happen in a real democracy:

Online Direct Democracy


I'm sure Europeans are much, much more wary of world war than most
Americans. The fact is that the Europeans have much more experience with
world war than we do and while their fear may be considered an over
reaction to most Americans, what do currently living Americans really know
about war; nothing at all as it directly affects them. Wars are something
that most Americans think take place outside of the US. My take is that
Russia is probably a real threat if only in that it has a deterrent nuclear
capability and has voiced the intention to use it should it be thwarted in
a conventional war. In addition, their economy is in a mess (as is ours)
and that lends to desperation. I don't begrudge caution with respect to
Russia and I think that Trump is very susceptible to Russian appeasement
for personal advantage at our expense. Do I think the US has overeacted to
Russia? Yes, I do. But then I don't have all the facts so I don't know
how much push back is really necessary.


US be narcissists
Lookin in da mirror no help Narcissist.
US goooooddd.


Accountability is what we don't have in the United States of America, In policies of President and Congress , banks and corporations; only we the people have to face jail time if we commit crimes.

Lack of accountability has lead us directly to the likes of lying Donald, Kelly, Bannon and now Spicer. They've learned from the best i.e. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama (Noble Peace recipient) which is a WTF moment. The republicans have learned it works and Dems are now lining their pockets with cash from corporation and liars.


It's the drugs what did it. And voices. And the horror of war.


Trump is absolutely the next logical step in the progression from democracy to tyranny. It's weird, but he could be the Antichrist. I don't believe in that stuff, but if it were true, he'd kind of fit the formula.


Isn't the Antichrist supposed to be likable and charismatic? Sorry but those two things seem like qualities the Trump lacks.


I think it's the global corporate presence that's already there that is the fly in the ointment. Even if our intentions might be pure, they don't stay that way when we tiptoe around powerful corporations...probably American...Just sayin....


I think Pence will turn out to be the antichrist, and Bannon will be revealed as the Prince of Darkness. Trump is merely the evil stooge on the main stage. All together the three of them are prying open the gates of hell.


exacerbated (the possibility of a WWIII)


Esteban Santiago could buy all the f*&cking guns he wanted, but in the Greatest Country in the World, he could not legally eat a brownie or vaporize a dab, or even smoke a bowl in Florida if it helped his PTSD. American Exceptionalism.

(In fact, for that one dab or brownie--legally considered as "hash" his punishment could have been 5 years and $5000 fine, for making himself feel better for a few hours with less than $7 worth of illegal medicine.)

"Researchers found that people with PTSD had lower levels of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid compound, compared to those who did not show signs of PTSD. Innate to all mammals, anandamide (our inner cannabis, so to speak) triggers the same receptors that are activated by THC and other components of the marijuana plant.

Scientists have determined that normal CB-1 receptor signaling deactivates traumatic memories and endows it with the gift of forgetting, but skewed CB-1 signaling, due to endocannabinoid deficits (low serum levels of anandamide), results in impaired fear extinction, aversive memory consolidation, and chronic anxiety, the hallmarks of PTSD.” Martin Lee. Founder Project CBD

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)