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America Third: A 'China First' and 'Russia Second' Foreign Policy?


America Third: A 'China First' and 'Russia Second' Foreign Policy?

Michael T. Klare

If there’s a single consistent aspect to Donald Trump’s strategic vision, it’s this: U.S.


your embrace of TPP undermines everything else you have to say]


Trade deals, in themselves, are not bad, it is the provisions that get inserted, under cover of secrecy, that prioritize private interests of corporations over the members ability to protect labor and environmental rights that are bad. Insular protectionism is not a good thing.


Trade agreements, in themselves, are not bad, it is the provisions that have gotten inserted, under cover of secrecy, that prioritize private interests of corporations over the members ability to protect labor and environmental rights that are bad. The alternative to no multilateral trade agreements at all is economically powerful nations ramming bilaterial deals down the throats of weaker nations forcing them into a state of peonage and exploitation. In other words, a return to colonialism. I think that this is what Trump has in mind in place of the TPP and NAFTA.


So, according to this guy, the fact that China takes climate change seriously is a Bad Thing. American exceptionalism on steroids here.


TTP is not just opposed" by some on the left". I can't read this swill.


I read it differently. The fact that we do so little to compete with China on green energy jobs is the sad part. All nations should take green energy seriously. One encouraging thing is that a group of prominent former republican politicians and conservative economists are pushing for a carbon tax.


Trade agreements are a good thing in theory. Much of TPP was good. Most seem to think it was probably not quite good enough. They are likely correct. The worst thing about them is the increase in corporate power over individual governments.


Why is it sad that the US doesn't compete with China for green energy jobs? Is there some kind of automatic right that Americans have to certain jobs? Would it be equally sad if the jobs went to Belgians or Pakistanis or Cubans?


Every nation should compete for green energy jobs. The more the merrier. They are very important jobs. There is room for a lot workers.


One big problem with the TPP was fasttrack. The only chance that the public could have in influencing the terms of the deal would be through Congress. But with fasttrack Congress was unable to change anything. While it might have been cumbersome for Congress to make changes at least the public would had a chance to pressure their representatives to remove some of the more objectionable aspects of the agreement.


The more that folks know about trade agreements, perhaps the less likely they are to become law. If all nations do not "fasttrack" them, then changes need to be again approved by all nations and the negotiations can become never ending.


What a grossly distorted and hyperbolic article! I can't believe anyone with half a brain would write such drivel. If you followed the foolish reasoning, the only path left for US foreign policy is nuclear war. There is no better way to remove competitors and rivals then to destroy them utterly. But the truth of the matter is that cooperation gets a nation much more than competition does. Having two strong trading partners in both China and Russia will be much more beneficial for the US economy, then attempting to sanction and remove Russia and or China from the World economy. After saying that, the most egregious missing information has to do with America's all powerful capitalist economy. It is the American corporations, after all that are sending jobs and business to China, not the US government. The CEOs of America are actively undercutting American jobs and the American economy for profits. If you want unfettered capitalism then you have to live with such economic treachery. Do not blame it on Trump or any of his predecessors in office. The fault lies in the Boardrooms of America. If the author cannot tell the truth and the whole truth about the current economic situation then he is disseminating fake news! We don't need it and we don't trust it.


How about Environment First? Cooperation among the nations is essential to avert the looming climate disaster. Any sane foreign policy in any nation should put our common future front and center. The pursuit of American "credibility" has resulted in more and more criminal wars (actually mass slaughters in many cases). Apart from the war profiteers, no one else has benefited from this "credibility" enhancement. Stop being the bully and the world will change for the better.

I find the author's framing of the issues indicative of an imperial mindset. Disappointing.



You have a point, but the solution would be for the smaller countries to band together and form trade partnerships among themselves. The current multilateral institutions like WTO, IMF, etc do not really help these developing countries. Also, there is, imo, an overemphasis on trade in these discussions, as if trade is magically good. If both Germany and the USA can produce cars, then there is no reason why there should be any import/export of cars between these two countries. Consuming local products whenever possible (and avoiding unnecessary consumption) will reduce carbon footprint of international trade and that is desirable.



The TPP is a business-supremacy treaty, designed to give power to businesses (especially foreign businesses) at the expense of democracy. See stallman.org/business-supremacy-treaties.html. That's why the people drafting it consulted big businesses while keeping it secret from the public (the intended victims). We campaigned long and hard to keep the US out of it, and it seems we have won.

Klare suggests we compete with China for the privilege of surrendering popular sovereignty to global business. If you think there is a "national" interest in making "our" multinational corporations stronger than "Chinese" multinational corporations, you might favor a policy of feeding Americans to "our" corporations so as to build up their strength.

We progressives realize that those corporations are the main threat we face. Instead of racing against China to be devoured first, let's help build the movement in other democratic countries to stay out of the Treacherous Plutocratic Poison.