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America To Dear Leader: This Is Not First Hand, and You Are A Freaking Moron


America To Dear Leader: This Is Not First Hand, and You Are A Freaking Moron

Because everything he touches turns to foul dust, people are some done with Trump's brief, bungled stop in Texas, aka "Grifter Hat Salesman and Stilettoed Wife Swing Through Texas For Backslapping Orgy." After not meeting a single storm victim, seeing a drop of rain or getting within miles of the disaster, he had the chutzpah to boast of "witnessing first hand the horror & devastation." Poor fragile, pathological liar, traumatized by a map. From one succinct patriot: "You are a disgrace."


I love these articles – especially the wit, and even more so, the truthfulness of them!


We seem to have a one trick pony. The wasteland has inspired me to again pick up Thunder in the Sky - an ancient Chinese text as one reviewer put it - Machiavelli meets Lao Tzu. Sounds right for the times.

One brief portion frames the Trump experience - but oddly enough the scope and reach of the wisdom drawn from circa 221 BC China addressing core conditions that are timeless - seem to evade today’s cabal.

Here we go:
Under the chapter titled Excitation and Arrest

“By using “hooking and clamping” expressions, you can excite and arrest people.Hooking and clamping talk involves speaking in a manner that is now the same, now different. Considering the thoughts going on in their minds, examine their ideas to know what they like and dislike; then speak of what they value, using exciting and arresting words to hold them fast by hooking onto what they like.”

It takes very little to imagine that the rest of the entire treatise was regarded by Trump and bannon as being below him - when in fact it is all around him. Sad. Blind. Not Good. Bad. But the author is worthwhile and is undoubtedly going to be receiving many,many terrific invitations to speak to wonderful americans.

Guess the literal on hooking and clamping and arrest got the racist treatment.


Thanks, Abby. I loved your piece. Wish more people had read and commented.


Perfectly stated staff writer Abby!


Abby is always on target, Always a worthwhile read.

As for commenting, my God, what is there left to say about the idiot, other than to continue documenting his lunacy until we can impeach.

The voracity of his pathos however, should be commented upon, and Abby is quite proficient at doing so.


The cap really rounds out the Doofus look!


"Everything he touches turns to dust. " Abby Zimet

Soooooo true!

Trump is has a reverse Midas touch that turns everything he touches to crap instead of gold.


Including his business attempts!


And I read somewhere that HE (that’s right – he --) is selling those damned things for $40 each! Seems to me THAT is yet another violation of the emoluments clause!


Yes, just more corroboration that Trump running for POTUS was a business decision.


Generally called “gimme caps” by businesses/vendors who give them out and the customers who receive them, they’re free advertising after the initial cost. They are usually of better quality than the Trump hats, which really look cheap and flimsy. Check the bins at Goodwill and other secondhand stores. You’ll find a variety, many cool and clever, for, at most, one dollar. I don’t expect to see the Trump hats turning up there anytime soon, however. They’re surely a cherished item for anyone who’d pay forty dollars for the privilege of wearing one. These are obviously made by the rip off manufacturers who make all “souvenir” caps for various venues.


Oh, the MAGA caps are now on E Bay for under two dollars, but weren’t they originally free? Ten to twenty dollars at your family friendly discount stores.


This is beyond the valley of pure theater. Using a storm as a political rally. “Look at the turn out.”! While people/animals are drowning and strangers are rescuing people along with first responders. I also read today that Dump was donating one million to victims of Harvey. Meanwhile he pulled out of the climate agreement. Wonder what caveat the one million holds, and we’ll see if it really arrives there or if it’s just a pledge.


He might like to check with his extensive legal team what “witnessing” means, too.

But we already knew that his thought-droppings are not the result of any careful choice of words or consideration of impacts beyond his fan-mobs.


Did someone say “Orgy” Could that be like Orgy Island (aka Sex Slaves for the Wealthy Island).


AHA! Ivanka must be marketing them!


What everyone forgets, is it was not that long ago Trump was running about, with both the media and other “somebodies” somehow interested in him. All through the last 30 YEARS this thing has blobbed around, and many thought it interesting. People who actually watched or participated in his reality tv show are either stupid. awful, or both. Just a decade ago Oprah was squealing loudly “The Donald!” on her interview show. The Clintons were photographed with him just a few years ago. THAT’S the side of this that makes me want to say America had it coming. Then I think no, that’s cruel. Still, who in God’s name drug him out of hell cause we want him squished back in with the lid bolted. Forever.