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America Wakes Up to a Near Worst-Case Scenario

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/04/america-wakes-near-worst-case-scenario

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Fascism in the US to continue. This time around in more unadulterated form. Stay tuned…


In the midst of a killer pandemic and mass unemployment, the Democrats could have offered the nation a universal health care plan, a moratorium on evictions and a guaranteed basic income. Instead, they believed that the key to victory over Trump was to meld neoliberal economics with a neoconservative foreign policy. I don’t know where they got this idea. Probably, the same place Obama got his health insurance plan, the Heritage Foundation.

The Democrats’ candidate voted for the Iraq war, NAFTA, the destruction of welfare, helped instigate the war on drugs, wrote federal crime laws that incarcerated two generations of young black & brown Americans and has preached austerity his entire political career. I’m not surprised by the inconclusive results of an election which should have been a sure thing.

-Jeffrey St. Clair


Thank you. My thoughts are with the millions of Americans who need assistance during this very difficult time.


I don’t know, Will Bunch, I’m kind of pleased.

The election seems to have come off without a hitch, and the votes are indeed being counted.

The people have had their say, and I see that the vote is fairly close everywhere on average. In the states where the vote is lop-sided, it is only lop-sided to the tune of two thirds vs one third.

So it’s still a democracy - not a small thing.

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An actual democracy would involve the nomination and election of candidates that champion policies helpful to working humans and the poor.

Since the last time such policies - Medicare and Medicaid - were passed was in 1965, I would suggest that Amerikan democracy died shortly thereafter, as the Democratic Party marched Right, Right, Right. Just think: it’s been over half a century, since the Amerikan People have tasted liberalism. More than fifty years, since we’ve gotten a shred of relief from the misleaders in DC.


The discussion should now turn to disbanding both the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate.


It is mystifying to me…The Dems nominated Biden BEFORE the pandemic, if memory serves me, when he had about zero chance of winning. Even after the jolt of Covid 19 mismanagement, he still is barely able to summit Trump. Do the Dems want to lose?


Voting does not make a democracy. The U.S. was never designed as a democracy. The wealthy White men who wrote the Constitution strongly distrusted democracy, so they designed a republic which secured the power and privileges of wealthy White men, mostly slave owners, like they were.

That’s why we have the Electoral College, only two Senators per state (regardless of the state’s population), an extremely difficult amendment process, an almost impossible process to depose a president, and lifetime appointments of federal judges.

It’s also why non-Whites, including freed slaves, did not get the right to vote until after the Civil War, women had to wait till 1920, and Senators were not directly elected by popular vote until the early 20th century.

Supreme Court decisions since 1886 have continued to give corporations and the wealthy more and more power than ordinary people, so the U.S. is now actually an oligarchy, and far from a democracy.

All those who still claim that the U.S. is a “democracy” are either misinformed, brainwashed, or propagandizing for the corporate Ruling Class which owns and controls most politicians.


Democratic “leadership” stopped worrying about losing once K Street became the hub of “bipartisan legislation”.


It is not so much a democracy if you are a POC, in which case you are apt to be denied the responsibility of voting, or you face voter challenges, or it may be difficult to find voting places in your district, or your voting district is apt to be gerrymandered so that you get less representation than would normally occur.

It is not so much a democracy if you want to see an end to war and a reduction of war spending and you get only two choices, both of which will increase war spending, and probably war. Or if you want the issues of economic inequality addressed, and again only two choices both dedicated to not addressing that. Or if you want action to address climate change. Again two choices, neither will support your view. Or if you want action to reign in corporate power, again no choices are available to you.

It is not so much a democracy if you want third choices to vote for because the duopoly parties, having established themselves and been taken over by the elites work efficiently in denying you that option.


I wonder why Iowa voted for Trump-?-maybe getting 40 billion in farm bailouts-----People should wake up ------Sanders or Warren would have been destroyed in this election------this country is on the extreme right--------from what I understand the Senate will stay in Rep hands-----great job America-----Jimmy Dore will be so happy -------no fixing the court------no raising of the min wage-----nothing to be done on healthcare------no increase in unemployment-----CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE WON!

The Sec of State for Wisconsin said all the votes are counted except 300 in some small town—yet they don’t call it???

300,000 ballots missing from the post office

Susan Collins won???


If I were a DNC power player, I would certainly not want to own the next four years, which will see disaster piled upon disaster, no matter who rides herd in the Offal Office.

Were I such a person, I would indeed want Boss Tweet to own those years, and then I’d look forward to a decade or more of Democratic rule.

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I rather think a democracy is all about votes, and voting.

We can all read the popular vote - and we all know the game is largely controlled by power and privilege, as it has been in all empires of the past and in this American Empire.

There is a significant difference between getting what you want, or having your particular ideology vindicated, and real democracy in its current form, which has intermediaries of many sorts between power and the people.

No one to my knowledge has ever found a recipe to satisfy all points of view.

To me a functioning democracy is where these points of view are allowed into the public realm, and where debate about them flourishes.

There’s proof positive that Amerika is no longer a working Democracy, then.

For where is the antiwar POV, and the anti-nuke? Where’s the Party demanding national nonprofit healthcare for all? Who is discussing a WPA for the new century, - employing millions of Amerikans in good-paying government jobs to repair and modernize the nation’s infrastructure?

When did we last hear a shred of debate about any of these critical issues?


Now do the Republicans.

Right here on Common Dreams Jayce. Oppenheimer is still alive in the hearts of many, as is John Gofman, Einstein… ‘Beyond Nuclear’ is a website from which I get daily updates.

CASSE (the steady state economy)is alive and well - the United Nations exists and just passed a critical threshold for nuclear weapons non-use.

Voices are everywhere, and they are heard, but there are other voices, more powerful it seems, but maybe in time, if we are lucky, slow and steady will win the race.

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For obviou$$$ reasons, neither one of the two corporate parties, nor the corporate media, will consider these issues, but WILL dismiss or ignore them.

$$$ is the one true god of this culture, so its pursuit and consequent corruption determine the main values of this culture.

Lives, health, and the planet itself mean very little.


It should be, but another decade or two is needed,
If the Earth doesn’t spontaneously combust and boil off the oceans.

It was obvious when they slyly selected Biden that their strategy was ‘we are better off with Trump than with Bernie/Warren.’ As how is it even conceivable that in a country of 300+ million, a fading politician of 50 years was the best choice to put forward in this critical time. Thanks Obama for your coup against the people.

Aside from the Democrats (who had already been unmasked), these results are very revealing of the country, sadly so.