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America Was Always Going to Bungle the Vaccine Rollout

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/03/america-was-always-going-bungle-vaccine-rollout

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Seeing how, except for unprecedented growing funding for military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC), the GOP has for the past four decades been 100% obstructionist and 0% constructive. If Biden’s DOJ brings Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice post haste then GOP obstructionism will be slowed down. If Biden applies the failed Obama “look forward” strategy we will see more GOP obstruction than ever and each new year of the 2020’s will find us wishing things were as good as they were back in 2020.


Trump’s autocratic leadership playbook rules:

  1. “Don’t do anything until I tell you to!”

  2. ^crickets^


I bet you can’t wait for Jan 20. Another week after that and everybody in the country will be vaccinated because Trump is bad.

Heck, the author here already teed up the blame for when Biden doesn’t do shit about helping people either. The only thing CD likes more than having crap blue-dog “happy fascists” in power is having crap GOP “angry fascists” in power to take the blame.

Doesn’t it seem with each passing year that this Federal Government of ours becomes more like “bumbling” fools regardless of the three letter designation of who’s in the majority?

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Compare this SNAFU to the rollout of the Salk polio vaccine in the mid-50’s. It was done with laser-like precision; public health nurses went to local schools and vaccinated all the children and adults in the community in a short time. No wails about infringing on someone’s freedom. Polio was too dreaded in that time, and this vaccine was the answer to every parent’s prayers.
Second grade in our fin de sicle school with creaking wooden floors. Lined up by alphabetical order, sleeves rolled up. Eyes squinched up as the nurse applied the alcohol and then injected the syringe. Bandaid put over the spot and away we went back to class. A few tears, of course.
This was when we had a functioning Public Health Service with visiting nurses who would go out into the rural areas for mass vaccinations against tetanus, whooping cough, and diphtheria, do wound care, and even deliver babies. No one called it socialism. It was simply taking care of our comity.
I can remember mass flu vaccinations at federal offices that dealt with the public. Again, public health nurses came, we rolled up our sleeves, and away we went. One of the perks of the job. Alas, that entire program was nixed by Bush One.
I suspect I’ll be long gone before the Vid vax reaches my locale and age group. And I do expect a lucrative black market in the stuff smuggled over the Canadian border.


I do remember that time as a child here in Canada. this was before we got our single payer health care system fully implemented. We also had that Public health model with nurses sent to all communities giving us those shots.

I do recall these were paid for by the Government as my Mom and dad talked about it. We were never wealthy and they were always worried about such things. Indeed at the time dad was still paying off a bill for my older brother when he was hospitalized. Costs were much more reasonable but it was still a struggle when the only income was jobs he took on between the planting and harvest seasons.

(I still recall how mom looked forward to the creamery cheques from the cream we sold in town as it was her only source of income and would be used to buy a weeks groceries. She once had me put 25cents of gas in the car while in town because that is all she had on her)

There are few if any peoples my age or older or that were born soon after me that would ever want to go back to the system the USA has. They remember the before and after. There no comparison that can ever make the before “better”.

The market based for profit system is the worst of models that can be imagined as far as health goes. It very good for the people that make money off of it.


Undermining trust in everything (and government by and for the people in particular) has been the GOP’s M.O. for the last forty years. Toxic individualism has replaced E Pluribus Unum.


It’s the 2nd lieutenant that leads the charge up the hill. At least that what they were spouting back in 1967 rotc. Joe Biden ain’t gonna lead any charge. Joe is a nice guy, I like him. He though is not a leader. Kamala Harris is a leader. She must be in a foxhole out there in the night. Waiting.