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America Was in the Business of Separating Families Long Before Trump

America Was in the Business of Separating Families Long Before Trump

Jeffery Robinson
Children are crying for their parents while being held in small cages. The attorney general tells us the Bible justifies what we see and the White House press secretary backs him up.

Divide and conquer was an effective strategy for oppression long before the founding of the USA.


The breaking of the parent-child bond has got to be the most hideous of all human tragedies.


The “Master Race Theory” happened long before Adolf Hitler came to power. The ideas expressed by many of the so called “founding fathers” of the United States of America were very similar to those that Nazi Germany later adopted.

Thomas Jefferson had his vision of Manifest Destiny with the “Anglo-Saxon Race” expanding across the Americas and with what he referred to as “Inferior savages” eliminated as a people and Adolf Hitler had his “Lebenstraum” with East Europe to be new territory for the Aryan and the “inferior” Slavic peoles to be eliminated.

Both were Racists and White Supremacists. In Germany most peole remember those years with shame and no statues to Adolf Hitler remain. In the USA people still see Jefferson as a “great man” and flock to his memorial.

Thomas Jefferson would seperate familes with regularity selling the children down the river for profit. He used his slaves as collateral for bank loans so as to build his “Monticello” and slave labor was used in its construction.

To those that like to quote Jefferson to no end here another you can add with Jefferson speaking to the nature of Blacks as he justified selling their children.

Their griefs are transient. Those numberless afflictions, which render it doubtful whether Heaven has given life to us in mercy or in wrath, are less felt, and sooner forgotten with them. In general, their existence appears to participate more of sensation than reflection.

—Thomas Jefferson, president and slave owner


Obviously we don’t learn from history, as we seem to keep repeating it. Maybe that’s why there’s so little effort put into teaching it.

“The long historical memory is the most radical idea.”
–Utah Phillipps


This current activity is bringing back the memories of all of the cruel, inhumane separation of families in the history of the U.S. It is a shameful part of our history and it is painful to see it happening again during our current lifetime. There is an element in power today that resonates with the evils that happened in the past. We know had they been living back then what they would have done. So much of this has to do with the ideology of white supremacy which has perverted religion, moral decency and common sense to achieve material gains mainly for an elite white aristocracy. White supremacy as a philosophy and agenda cannot be allowed to stand just as the monuments to the confederacy cannot be allowed to stand. What will we do to stop this?

The river of diarrhea runs deep in DC…

STOP DEFENDING TRUMP! Its not just separation----its a fact that they have no idea how to return these kids to their parents-----its total incompetence. There are laws on the books about how long you can hold these kids----these laws were being ignored.


people are still dying of a broken heart !

Don’t overlook Australia and Canada. Their removal of indigenous children is likewise epic.

Yes to Canada. Canada in fact started off on the right foot on founding and early after its independence in 1867. Where it all went wrong was that same BS “Superior Race” theory that was promoted by the likes of Cecil Rhodes as the British Empire reached its peak. Prior to this nonsense the First Nations peoples were seen as partners . After it they became a “lesser race” that would be trained as servants and assimilated into the British Culture.

Churches leaned on Governments to ban The Religious Ceremonies of the various tribes. There was a deliberate and calculated initiative to commit Genocide wherein Native languages , custom and Culture were to be eliminated. Cecil Rhodes insisted that The Anglo-Saxon race was the worlds “master Race” and that the British Empire was destined to rule the Globe ensuring peace and prosperity as all other Cultures and peoples made subservient .

Tens of thousands of First Nations children were stripped away from their parents and forced to attnd residential schools. Many thousands of them died there of neglect and disease and were buried in mass graves.

The family structure was destroyed wherein many of the First Nations peoples that have Children today never KNEW their own parents as they were forcibly seperated from them. A wide swathe of “whites” in Canada like to pretend they are not Racist , but this forgotten when it comes to how they view the First Nations peoples. It was only a very few weeks ago that a Hockey eam in Quebec made up of First Nations peoples from the North were subjected to racists taunts and insults when they went to Southern Quebec to play Hockey.

I also read recently that about half of foster children in Canada are indigenous. Australian kids were outright adopted in mass to reduce their rights to minerals in their family’s land, or you prefer, to educate them in English.

There was a study done some years ago comparing the 4 Settler Nations settled by the British Empire and how well their Indigenous populations were doing.

At the top of the list was New Zealand with the Maori having the highest Incomes relative to the rest of the Population.

Second was Canada yet in Canada the poorest group of peoples are our First Nations peoples.

Third Was the USA. While the state of the Black Americans and Latino Americans is always pointed to as an outrage when looking at wealth, The First Nations peoples are at the very bottom of the heap down there and get no press.

The Aboriginals of Australia are absolutely the most destitute.

I remember some years back a person I knew commenting on getting a job. There was a Local Tribe in Northern BC that was doing relatively well and were hiring. I asked him why he did not take the job and he indicated it was because “There NO way on earth he was going to work FOR an Indian”. In his mind “Indians” SHOULD be poor and should ALWAYS be poor and something was worng with the system if they were not poor.

As far as I am concerned speaking from what is JUST, given they were the first peoples here , they should be among the wealthiest.

What at work here is somewhere deep down people are aware that a lot of the wealth they claim to have achieved because of “hard work” actually came to them because of a theft from the original peoples and so they HATE those original peoples for that.

Fifth settler nation perhaps? India?

So different. The Brits never outnumbered them, did other things besides mass slaughter, encountered competing literacy, technology and financial systems. Yet they managed to take over.

Do you know the history of the caste system in India? They were created to integrate conquerors into society. Each invading group inserted itself at the top. At the bottom, the original people, who were famous for their elaborate water management system in the,ancient Indus valley civilization. Now? Toilet cleaning untouchables.

There are the priest caste at the top, then the solider and leader group, then the shopkeepers and businessmen, and down at the bottom the untouchables who clean toilets for everyone. They also have a group of sexually nonaligned, who interact with the rest of society in a prescribed fashion. Forgive me if I’m not totally accurate…, I’m not from India, but my husband is.

The theory is that rules to separate and prescribe interaction create harmony. Rules mandate who can cook for you(someone at your level or above), what food you can eat (low caste Hindus can eat some meats), how fresh your food must be, of course who and how you marry, how to die, and pray.

It is amazing to see people leaving this system behind when they come to the US. Indians don’t recreate their caste system abroad. Neither do most immigrants recreate their old countries’ ways as they struggle to adapt…

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That “creating harmony” as it relates to the Caste system is how the Dominator Model always justifies itself. Those at the top of the pyramid need to convince that those people at the bottom of the power structure are there “for their own good” even as they benefit the most from the labor of those at the bottom. They then invent reasons for this such as it “Oradined by God” or “Created Harmony”.

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