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American and Italian Hostages Killed in US Drone Strike, White House Reveals


American and Italian Hostages Killed in US Drone Strike, White House Reveals

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A U.S. drone strike in January killed two hostages, an Italian and an American, being held by al Qaeda in Pakistan, the White House revealed on Thursday.


The 73-year-old Weinstein, a resident of Rockville, Md., was a business development expert working on contract for the United States Agency for International Development when he was kidnapped in Lahore, Pakistan, the New York Times reports. Lo Porto was a humanitarian aid worker who had traveled to Pakistan to help rebuild an area hit by flooding.

What an ironic pairing: a problem creator and a problem solver. My sincerest condolences go out to Lo Porto’s family. I hope that Weinstein’s family can find some peace.

After reading this piece, I expect to see a news item about police responding to a possible jumper by shooting him.



After reading his latest and standard piece of perception management, President Bomb must go on to serious considerations, that is deciding which board of directors to serve on after his term in office: General Atomics or Northrup Grumman.


what a total and absolute failure america’s first black president is. there he goes again, spouting how “exceptional” america is while at the same time noting a kill list includes killing innocent civilians. this man continues to disgust, this time in the most horrific of ways. one can only hope these affected families are on the phone with their attorneys.


I almost fell off of my chair when I read the quote from Obama when he said…“But one of the things that sets America apart from many other nations, one of the things that makes us exceptional, is our willingness to confront squarely our imperfections and to learn from our mistakes.”
I guess he’s referring to America officially apologizing for the illegal invasion of Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, etc. Or maybe he’s talking about the official apology Washington gave for nuking two Japanese citeis in WW 11 and paying war reparations for the victims of the bombs and the internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans? Or maybe he’s apologizing for killing 30,000 Indians in Bhopal after the evil Union Carbide factory poisoned an entire city? Or maybe he’s apologizing on behalf of Reagan and Bush 1 for lying to the Russians about dismantling nuclear weapons, retreating NATO from Eastern Europe and providing financial aid to Russsia’s struggling economy after the fall of the Soviet Union? Or maybe it’s Obama’s pledge to close Guantanamo and reintroduce the Glass-Steagal Act after he realized what collosal mistakes those were? If I were Obama, I would have said that the U.S. never apologizes for anything it does with the rare exception of apologizing when an American is killed by our brave men and women in uniform… operating from a military base somwhere in the American Mid-West.
The gaul of his speech writers know no boundaries.


Good thing we have President Daddy to explain to us children that bad things happen in war. Otherwise people might start asking questions.


I just heard Obama say that he takes full responsibility for these killings. Has he already turned himself in to face manslaughter charges?


Obama Administration’s drone strikes have also killed 200 children according to Matt Sledge, Huffington Post, May 15, 2014. And Dr. Cornel West accused President Obama of being a war criminal because of civilians’ - including children’s - lives lost due to his war policy (Gerren Keith Gaynor, Black Enterprise, February 19, 2013).


Thanks! When I heard the “full responsibility” this morning, I stopped in my tracks and wrote psycho automaton and blasted him for his empty words. I also said that if one of his patriotic daughters were felled serving her country, he would find no consolation in any president saying he took full responsibility. I continued blasting but don’t even remember what all I said b/c I was so infuriated. Then later in the day, I saw the clips of his little speech. I guess “psycho automaton” is an understatement…I hope I live to see war crimes charged against him and his revolting predecessors.


Space, I up voted you but then decided to tell that your post is great. Thanks!


USAID is not a simply “problem solving” organization. It is connected to the CIA.


Lo Porto was the problem solver.