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American Bombs Killing Civilians in Yemen, Report Finds


American Bombs Killing Civilians in Yemen, Report Finds

Nika Knight, staff writer

The year-long campaign of Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen reached a new low last month with a deliberate attack on a marketplace full of civilians that killed over 100, including 25 children, and a new report has found that the bombs that did the killing came from the United States.


American bombs, warplanes, and munitions, often indiscriminate, have been killing and maiming innocents all over the ME for decades, most often by our so-called "allies" that we arm, fund, support and coddle - a group of vicious killers: the Saudis slaughtering Yemenis, Israelis slaughtering Palestinians and Lebanese, Turkey slaughtering Kurds, Egypt slaughtering their own people, not to mention the US slaughter/coup in Iraq & Libya, and warplanes/munitions provided to all our "ally" war criminals!

Daesh just murdered 175 Shia & Alawite workers in Syria, Saudis murder Shia Yemeni civilians with US warplanes, laser bombs, cluster bombs & targeting intell! - the US war machine is complicit to a religious war via SA!

The US created the depraved Sunni Daesh mass-murderers thru our destruction of Iraq! The US is still enabling Sunni Daesh thru support of Saudi slaughter of Yemeni Shia Houthi while SA ignores their "brethren" Sunni Daesh in Yemen!

The US also provided another haven for Sunni Daesh by destroying Libyan stability and "secular" society under Gaddafi! That glaring stupidity and the hidden "reason" for the Libyan coup, was in large part due to the criminally bad judgment & complicity of Prez Obama and Hillary Clinton!

The WOT was the pre-meditated "result" of a false-flag op and the entire world will never be the same! The criminal perpetrators must somehow be brought to justice, but the likelihood of that are similar to a snowball's chance in Hell, given official corruption and complicity at the top!!


After we get Bush and Obama indicted and convicted for war crimes!


The US has dropped bombs on fourteen primarily Muslim nations since 1980.

Why, again, do they dislike the US?


For our freedoms, one of which is the freedom to drop bombs on anyone and everyone.


So the New York Times considers that dropping a 2000lb bomb on a market carries risks for civilians? A perpicacious newspaper, that New York Times.


It is good this is reported.

It is fascinating the extent to which it still needs to be told. The Saudis have deployed bombs and arms of US manufacture in Yemen since at least last year, 2015. Before that, the US deployed bombs in Yemen, claiming that it was the Yemeni government.


ya, well, that's what we do isn't it? make and sell more weapons than anyone else on the planet, we love to kill, that's we do, don't like it? too bad, the money is just to good to give it up, it's all about the money honey...who cares about human rights? who cares about morals? who cares about ethic's, who cares about_____________, endless, mindless, heartless killing, wars, death, destruction all in my name, your name, in america's name...sick ain't it? insane ain't it?


These people are victims of terrorism, financed by the U.S. government, as much or more than the victims in Belgium, Paris or any other Western country. We won't see any tears shed for them in the Western media though.