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'American Capitalism Is Off the Rails': Bezos Now Worth $200 Billion as Millions Struggle to Afford Essentials

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/american-capitalism-rails-bezos-now-worth-200-billion-millions-struggle-afford

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And as we all die off due to the endless pursuit of artificial wealth and the ensuing climate catastrophe as a result, Bezos can yell out to all remaining that he won the game in the end. Way to go asshole.


Ain’t capitalism great?

Ain’t corrupted government and its representatives criminal in their complicity to and dedication to, wealth and not the Common Good?

There is something very rotten and corrupt in the current “system” especially and centrally in the complicity and failure to do their jobs to represent the people rather than wealth.
The jobs of representative government is to protect the nation and its people - our society - to protect and serve the Common Good, not vast obscene wealth accumulated from the people, directly due to their failure to tax such wealth in the hands of the very, very, few. That failure leads directly to taxing the poorest and most vulnerable to death - to wage and debt/interest slavery - Bozo’s being perhaps the extreme example.

The wealth accumulated because politicians were elected because of their wealth and those they serve, not for moral compass, the concept of nationhood or the Common Good but for greed and bribes they receive from the politicians.

The Eiosenhower era progressive tax rates should - must - be restored to those levels to serve the nation and a sustainable future - foe every dollar the rich and powerful evade and Congress is complicit-to, a dollar comes out of the pockets af the 99%, the “little people” who struggle just to survive and try the beat for their children!

It is NOT just a person “working hard” that accumulates such vast wealth, it is the complicity of elected officials and how taxes that represent in part the people - the 99% that make that persons profits and wealth possible - they must give-back or people like trump & co will steal what’s left to the people to make our society work!

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men"
– John Adams 1776


Now now, Mnuchin and Trump insist that the reason the US economy in bad shape is because guys like Bezos do not have enough. They are going to cut taxes to make sure bezos can make ends meet.

When this guy hits a trillion the media and Politicians will be claiming “this proves Capitalism the best system for creating wealth” even as 500000 people sleep under bridges at night.


He ain’t worth that in my book.

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More like 50,000,000.

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The fact that bezos looks like a cartoon caricature of a James bond villain is what makes this wealth inequity thing so perfect.


He’ll be waving to us from his base on mars while sipping cocktails with musk and that a-hole from Facebook.


Lowering taxes on the wealthy is not “going after the billionaires”.

The last stimulus launched to deal with COVID saw the bulk of the money going to your billionaires. The net worth of Republicans versus Democrats in the House is virtually indentical.Both Republicans and Democrats raise money from the same groups as top donors , be it the health care industry, the arms makers or the banks.


That’s Monopoly. The game doesn’t end until one player has it ALL !


And in the end of the rat race , your still a rat if you win.

I seriously doubt an elected Kamala Harris, however well-intentioned, would be able to adequately improve low-income Americans’ status any better than her Democratic predecessors of recent history.
Nor would she be any more effective at resisting formidable corporate lobbyist tactics.
To me, American (and also Canadian) elected heads of state are mostly symbolic leaders, second to the greatest power-entrenched big money interests.
It may be reflective of why those powerful interests generally resist proportional representation electoral systems of governance, the latter which tends to dilute the lobbyist influence of the former.


Both major political parties have absolutely nothing to fear since they know that no genuine leftist political party is a threat to their general well being while the working class and the poor continue to suffer at the hands of the elites. So much for democracy rearing its ugly head in the allegedly greatest country in the world.

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Oh, Puleez… So much yelling, wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes!
This has been building and growing since 1980 and we have all allowed it.
Both Ds & Rs have eliminated any idea of constraints, or antitrust laws/regulations.
When someone gets caught doing a bad, they get a lil’slap, and move along.
We just keep voting in one neo-lib, corp. friendly, wholly owned, govt. after another.
Then, we complain that they are making us peon/surfs… I’m Sure Tio Joe & Kamala
are gonna help us out of this, right? LOL!

It’s either Big, Bold, Change, Time, or just get used to the screwing!

Up to you. Bitchin bout it ain’t gonna stop it!


A lot of the texts I have use flowery language to come up with characterizations that put lipstick on the pig that is capitalism. But, I think this characterization, from WikiPedia, sums it up well:

Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

Bezos’ wealth, and the concentrated wealth of other plutocrats, are not examples of an unhealthy capitalism. They epitomize the essence of capitalism.


I wish Amazon would go the way of Myspace.
I always tried to support independent bookstores, I look on Alibris first when I remember.
It is American libraries and independent booksellers.
I won’t put $ in Bozos pocket, I wish his penis shaped haircut would go away.


Vote with your pocketbook. Don’t buy from Amazon. All the little mom and pop “stores” on the Amazon website have their own websites. If you buy from them directly, you deprive Bezoso of income. If you just buy from anywhere other than Amazon, you deprive Bezoso of income. Walmart, for instance, though they are equally repellent, has a great website, with most of the amenities of Amazon’s website.

If your anger is at Bezoso, then VOTE WITH YOUR FEET. What has happened to the economy as a result of consumers being quarantined this Spring and Summer is a lesson in who has power in this capitalist “utopia.” They need us to feed their wealth by buying things. SO DON"T BUY THINGS. Otherwise, you are just laying the track the capitalist train runs on.


Exactly. I never use Amazon - some Ebay or local stores. I am not a consumer and buy mostly food, other than what I grow, and at the flea market for who-knows-what. Bezos is a symptom of the system that makes the obscenity possible and will not change until government changes utterly to serve the entire society, not just the few.The power of the purse only goes so far but if millions boycott, may make a diff.


True, that! All the sneering yuppies who clog our lobby with gigantic Amazon boxes; from boredom, piss-poor impulse control or assauge fears of MAGA/BernieBro coming for them, is a spooky reminder of their coked-up Reagan era youth? March through May; terrified Hispanic, Black, mostly refugee “last mile app contractors” HAD to risk vulnerable loved-ones’ lives, lugging bread and gelato machines, $325 coffee pots, InstaPots over from Amazon break-bulks in NJ and city sized warehouses in Hazleton & , PA with worker death rates as high as medical, gig & transit “essentials” in Queens & Brooklyn. Jeff isn’t some rich guy us commies are jealous of, he’s the oligarch who’s monopolized Monopoly Capitalism. Why thousands, about to die of COVID were all shuffling for hours in ice rain, to be refused non-existent tests to “earn” sick days, after infecting family, neighbors, clerks and half a subway car, going to work, before dying from micro-clots & ARDS (without employer ACA plans).






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LOL. Penis shaped haircut. It’s his head. (Penis or otherwise.) He’s a dickhead with lots of money made from exploitation.

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