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American Carnage: Fighting the Forever War


American Carnage: Fighting the Forever War

Rebecca Gordon

In his inaugural address, President Trump described a dark and dismal United States, a country overrun by criminal gangs and drugs, a nation stained with the blood seeping from bullet-ridden corpses left at scenes of “American carnage.” It was more than a little jarring.


"War Without End, Where Did You Begin?"

Although Rebecca speculates back to WWII and Korea, during which times the CIA was born, she neglects to point out the true turning point, which was the CIA's overthrow of our American Democracy in Dallas in 1963, after which, with no studies or commissions, President Kennedy's documented plan to end our involvement in Viet Nam was reversed, within days, by his replacement Lyndon Johnson.

Also, and disturbingly, in the section on 9/11, she multiple choices her students with only Official Fraudulent Government framing.

The lie that just keeps on giving.


I believe Rebecca Gordon wrote one hell of an essay here-
She piqued my memory back to remember just how many conflicts we have been engaged in without Congressional approval! (Operation Urgent Fury?)
This madness must end- What have we as A Nation gained?
We have spent well over half of our Taxed monies decade after decade, while murdering millions of innocents on this stupid assumption of "National Security" and "Indispensable Nation" BULLSHIT-
How fkn. ignorant can we be...
And YES, HC, she should have included the JFK Coupe-de-etat/tragedy!


You know, I have seen a lot of that lately-People/writers buying into the official bullshit storyline-
The false narrative lie of it all just screams at you......


Yes, I expect it from the Captured Media, but not from the Alternative, too.


We are an empire protecting and enforcing our worldwide hegemony and like every empire before us this is doomed to failure as the out of control costs keep spiraling upwards at an ever increasing rate bankrupting the treasury. Eventually, look at Iran now, other nations will stop accepting petrodollars forcing us to either conquer or pay in real assets for energy resources at a price we will not be able to afford. While Trump is truly incompetent he is the symptom and not the disease as there is no party even close to power in our closed system that even remotely opposes this aggressive militarism - the financial gains for supporting are too great to even consider alternatives.


The carnage remains the same - only the participants are different.

Did they have Forever War back at Troy? Did Caesar do more than just visit? Even Napoleon gave himself a crown. When the world stopped conquering - we stepped into Forever Wars. Back several millennia, when you went to war, you decided someone had won mainly because they took over your country. Rome didn't war and then say okay let's be pals and build ourselves a new trade network.

War was by conquest. Either you won or lost and it was pretty easy to tell which was which. Here in this post WW II intel driven world, we no longer win nor do we lose. We try to go home and call that victory. Um? SInce when was that war?

We never left Germany nor Japan nor Korea but we did leave Vietnam (so that counts as a loss). We fought and we remained and for us that was war. Not quite permanent conquest but close enough for capitalists.

Wha' happened?

The economics of Forever War became the modern day substitute for outright conquest and so we will try to come home while yet we stay... decade after decade?

Forever War!