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American Concentration Camps, Then and Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/american-concentration-camps-then-and-now


The Supreme Court of the time also ruled this mass internment as “Constitutional”.

Here in Canada much the same happened and many are the family fortunes based on the seizing of Japanese Canadian properties by our “Entrepeneur” class. The seizure of property , which included homes and fishing vessels was done in part so that once released the Japanese would be so destitute they would leave the Country.

To show how generous the Canadian Government was, they even offered to pay for the passage back to Japan.


Not to mention the concentration camps for Native Americans …

Or the forced labor concentration camps that built much of the early economic wealth of this nation … aka “plantations” …


Wow, didn’t know Canada got on the bandwagon too. Pretty ironic considering the % of people of Asian descent living in you’re neck of the woods now.

Lets be honest, did the fascism during WWII here, really go away, or just go underground?
Most here know the story of the coup attempt against FDR in 1933, anyone care to ponder where we would be right now, if Gen. Butler hadn’t shut it down, and the New Deal policies never came to be?


Answer: During the depths of the Great Depression prior to FDR’s election when the economist John Galbreith was asked how long the Depression would last he responded “depending on the government’s reaction it could be years or it could lead us back into the dark ages that lasted centuries”.

Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and other fascists of that era were hoping for anew dark age and FDR stopped it. The Powell memo became the blueprint to assure the next dark age would proceed without delay…the rest is history.

So the democrats vote to give Trump 5 billion ----and Trump can now go forward with his police state round up------the NYT had an excellent article about how moderate democrats and Pelosi screwed over progressives in Congress. I guess democrats thought it more important to take another vacation than stay and fight for these people seeking help. DEMOCRATS PAID THE RANSOM !

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