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American Democracy Is Now Officially A Demented Reality Show, With Minstrels


American Democracy Is Now Officially A Demented Reality Show, With Minstrels

So Kanye West went to the White House, ostensibly to discuss "prison reform." Instead he ranted and rambled, as cameras clicked, about alternative universes, male energy, sleep deprivation, hydrogen planes, the Unabomber, the hero's journey, his brain and the 13th Amendment. The display was dubbed "a narcissism summit," a "freak show amid a freak show" and, by appalled black people, a next-level, boot-licking vision of "Mr. West’s soul on auction." Meanwhile, a hurricane happened someplace.


Kanye West is what some militant black people I associated with in the 70’s & 80’s might have called an “oreo cookie” - black on the outside & white on the inside. Actually, I think he is way beyond that.


American Democracy Is Now Officially A Demented Reality Show…


As I watched this late last night I couldn’t help but notice that Trump sat silent while Kanye spoke, well, ranted. I had to think Trump was wondering, “Do I appear that out of control, out of touch, or nutty?” Or maybe not, he’s probably not that introspective.


If the Trump machine is all about him and “playing to the base”, just pause for a moment and imagine yourself a Trump supporter … what does the scenario look like then?

What, under these circumstances, does it mean to play ‘step’n fetch it’ to a person like Trump in the WH?


Kayne is obviously suffering from mental illness.


What’s next, Kanye? Will you become a dues-paying member at Mal-y-Loco?

As Mom used to say, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”


Well, he invited the Russians into the Oval Office. The downward trajectory of the Reality TV Celebrity in Chief just keeps on going.


Two delusional malignant narcissists playing the chumps, and the media circus laps it up. This time west ranted and trump was strangely silent…both of them “jackasses”.and moron dungheads. It seems so often the worst examples of humanity seem to make the most money…it’s got to be about self above all other things…


The strange taste of one’s own stomach juices now permeates my existence. A black hole has regurgitated it’s sick contents in a flashy show of physics and human consciousness gone wrong.