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American Farmers Are Reaping the Climate Denial Whirlwind

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/american-farmers-are-reaping-climate-denial-whirlwind

To Henry Agard Wallace, who would have made this nation and the world better, if given the chance. Please look into his history if you don’t already know it. He was a progressive’s progressive.


Once upon a time–“The Dust Bowl”–now it look’s like the “Water Bowl”–In the 50’s “grain dryer’s” came into use—maybe now “soil dryer’s” may be tried–energy expensive tech for a system made by science—by I believe—another world–Analyzed–evaluated–selected foodstuff’s production-by :SKYTRAINZASTRON"—UFO—Research–

So true, one of FDR’s biggest mistakes was allowing the dem establishment to remove Wallace from the ticket.


I’ve got paternal side of the family relatives in Iowa, some are long-time farmer types that have farms that were waaay too close to rivers… Loaf of bread for $15 anyone?

And certainly not just the farmers! Under the title that “might be me or you” sure hits the mark. As of 7/23/19, the end of the fiscal year contract, I will no longer have homeowner’s/fire insurance as my 15 yr. policy has been cancelled. And this is due to the Paradise Fire down in NorCal according to my long-time agent who wasn’t supposed to relay the reason why. She was seriously stressed at the implications not only to her business but to where we live in these mountains. Also I’m sure she’s always voted Republican since this is a deeply red side of the state from her questions and the unsaid assumptions she held.

I was hearing quite a lot of cognitive dissonance in our 20 minute conversation. But then I’ve had a few serious talks for years with this woman about why the weather has been getting noticeably more freaky for the last few years which always disturbed the ground under her feet.

The big underwriter corporations are cutting their projected losses and telling all the little insurance agencies to drop tens of thousands up here in Washington State, Oregon, and of course down in Cali. The agent, a local woman, said she even had to cancel her grandparent’s property! There is a chance that another company might pick me up but I’ve heard from others about 200% rate increases on their policies. Absolutely cannot afford such a thing.

Big Insure knows what is coming and obviously they are expecting continued and increasing major devastation from fires in the West, and bluntly so do I. All the science has been pointing this way for decades.

Roughly 1,500 miles north of Paradise I love where I live, and with no options and nowhere else to go in this over-priced and degrading-to-3rd-world-status country, I stay where I am with the ringside street to the horror an death that is staring in the face of us all.

Sucks, doesn’t it? The last major fire a few years ago, the Carpenter Rd. Fire, got within 3 miles before it went up the ridge to the west and never jumped this way. Being in Evac Level II leaves one frantically packing what you most desperately want to save but due to the limited vehicle space (after all, just how many people actually have moving vans in their garage and four big husky guys to load it?), you see what you are going to lose forever if/when the fire burns through the property.

Floods in the Midwest where the grain crops come from, fires down in the veggie & fruit growing section of the country, and nothing I read says it will ever get any better. Only worse.

Welcome to Permian Extinction II.

Note: There has suddenly been a large influx of people with Deep South slave-state accents moving into this area of the inland PacNW mountains. I understand there is a gov program under-the-radar buying out people what are losing their lands to sea level rise down there…anybody know anything? Guess they aren’t going to buy out us who live on forested land, though…just watch more people move into the fire zones. How freaking crazy is that???


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Even Eleanor Roosevelt pushed for Wallace.

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