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American Greed: Trump’s Economic Team Is a Who’s Who of What’s Wrong


American Greed: Trump’s Economic Team Is a Who’s Who of What’s Wrong

Richard Eskow

“I hear America singing,” Walt Whitman wrote, “the varied carols I hear.” Donald Trump hears America singing, too. But where Whitman heard men and women, masons and carpenters, Trump hears only the unvarying monotone of rich white males like himself.

Trump’s tone-deafness was in full effect last week, when he announced his team of economic advisers in advance of what is being billed as “a major economic address” in Detroit on Monday.


Didn't Hillary take buckets full of money from Goldman Sachs for speeches?
Wasn't Paulson on team Obama after having been recommended by Hill and Bill?
Doesn't Hillary support fracking?
Granted Trump's economic team is far to the right of Hillary's team.
But aren't Hillary and Trump both neoliberal Capitalists?
So how different in practice would Hillary's economic policy be from Trump's?


The only way to objectively analyze any candidate's economic team is to draft a table showing the teams of Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Trump side by side.

This approach would be tantamount to allowing all four candidates to participate in the official debates, thereby risking that discussion of issues of consequence might occur.


Clinton's troll budget alone is $6 million, not including contingency.


Hold on. If this is Trump's economic team they must be the "best people" that he has been promising. These must be the amazing people that are going to help him make America great again. Finally put America first. Why question what the only person who can get the US back on track according to Trump himself is doing? Didn't this guy build a tremendous financial empire through his business acumen. And we know he is very smart. He has a degree from the highly esteemed Wharton School of Business. Even claims he was first in his class. And finally, as reported in the Washington Post yesterday (see link) the chairman of the American Nazi Party had some good words to say about Trump (see link) which might to some extent be consistent with the whiteness of the Trump economic team.


And right on cue, LRX posted immediately after you.


Is there any news of appointing Liz Warren to Hillary's team? That would be a sensible step 2 for her to prove she will "stand up to Wall St.".


Wall Street will never sign off on Warren receiving any appointment of consequence on team Clinton.

Considering that Warren is one of the most progressive members of the Senate (yes, I know its a low bar) we should all hope she is able to stay there for the forseeable future.


If Warren joins Team Hillary then she's as big a rube as she appears to be. Bye, bye Lizzie.
Stein will take her out in 2018 in Massachusetts anyway.


Mr. Eskow: Unfortunately, you are wrong in your lead paragraph. Trump hears only the monotone of himself. PERIOD.



Liked your article. Nice humor too.
But hey! Nothing to worry about since Trump cannot win. Even if every bigot in America voted for him, he'll still lose. He's what is called, window dressing and nothing more.
On the other hand, Clinton is the candidate of The Establishment, owns the voting machines in all the right places, so even if Jill Stein received an overwhelming majority of the popular vote, she can't win either and for the same reasons. After all, there is little matter of an Electoral College to consider. Those are the only votes that truly matter and if push comes to shove, this is The Establishments' last line of defense against candidate the system doesn't want. It is the system that matters you see and it will never install a president that would challenge it.


Eh. Out here beyond the cozy middle class neighborhoods, the US actually has a poverty crisis. In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren't jobs for all. Hate to shock anyone, but it does appear that our deregulated capitalism doesn't work very well. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). Ever wonder what happens to those who are left out, with no means of providing for themselves?

As for the election: Years of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues/class. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. Bill Clinton split this base wide apart. The years of this administration simply confirmed that this split is permanent. Democrats decided to run the most anti-poor, pro-war, anti-New Deal pol they could dig up. Gee, I wonder how this will all turn out...


The big difference is that Hillary can't go about hacking off anyone with a brain whereas DT's campaign is predicated on just that and the R behind his name. The "leadership" of his party would love for him to stroke out but apparently his blood pressure is under control and their only hope is that when he opens hid mouth he doesn't gross out a whole new sector of the electorate. All this while progressives are holding their breath as well as their noses with their neoliberal candidate and hoping to have more influence with her than does Wall Street. We also keep a sharp eye on her. It is like doing a circus act with a bear, you really never know what the bear is thinking. Nobody said that taking the control of the government back from the Righties would be smooth or easy I do believe that it Is worth the effort. A vote for Ms. Clinton is the first step, She at least will not turn the whole shebang over her first day in office.The Donald on the other hand would do so gladly and tell his staff to give him a ring when he has something to sign or a appearance to host.


Although taking to the streets really isn't an option. Put it this way: If we had a revolution, who would fight whom? We're rich vs. middle class vs. poor. Clinton is not the lesser of the evils. Ideologically, Trump/Clinton are strikingly similar. They simply have different styles.


"Who’s not represented on Trump’s economic team? Working people. Women. Minorities. The middle class."

I hope Clinton has the middle class people join in and work on the great Economic Miracle....It happens all the time...


Probably not a whole lot different to what the last eight years has been about, a show of holding back the wall Street excesses and the banker's greed while doing nothing to fix anything then, of course blaming it on the Party of No. Not that they don't deserve it but the effort to get them turned around has been spectacular only in its lack of lack of zeal.


Please American voters, the choice is clear. Stein.

I'm not American but this affects the whole world.

Pleeeezzzeee vote Stein.


I'm sure Clinton's economic team will bring us a bowl of rainbows.


Not too hard to figure out where Richard Eskow planted his nest egg, Can you say "defense" contractors? I knew you could!


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