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American Healthcare Horror Stories: An Incomplete Inventory


American Healthcare Horror Stories: An Incomplete Inventory

Fran Quigley

The statistics demonstrating the scope of our nation’s healthcare crisis are appalling enough. Two of three Americans report skipping needed care each year due to cost, including not filling prescriptions or putting off doctor visits. Millions are forced to borrow money to pay medical bills, leading to crushing debt.


The “for profit” system i NOT health care, it is an extortion racket. There really not a lot of difference between what they do for the sake of profits and what a Mafia member does for the sake of profits. Pay us this money or you will DIE is not a heck of a lot different than is pay us this money or we will shoot you in the kneecaps.

Imagine what we would say to a firefighter whom on entering a building aflame demanded payment from the people he found in the burning building BEFORE he helped them out of that building. The public would be disgusted yet it seen as “Good business” in for profit health care.

Medical researchers like Banting and Best and Jonas Salk and the like all felt they received sufficient renumeration in the way of Salaries for their discovery of the Polio Vaccine and Insulin which they wanted to ensure everyone had access to without needing a large bank account to do so. These Doctors CARED about the peoples health.

Those that insist on payment first and foremost care only about money.


Help get Expanded, Improved Medicare For All passed and contact the following holdouts:

Joe Morelle (NY-25): 202-225-3615
Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-5): 202-225-2011
Donna Shalala (FL-27): 202-225-3931
Norma Torres (CA-35): 202-225-6161

From NNU:
This is not the time for half measures. There’s more than 70 million people in America who are uninsured or underinsured. “More of the same” or “just protect the ACA” isn’t going to help them. And it won’t change the fact that we’re the only industrialized country on earth that refuses to guarantee health care as a right.


In every other “developed” country, healthcare is a right

In the “sweet land of liberty”, it’s a racket.


Whatever happened to the doctors “Hippocratic Oath” ? When I was a child we could call our family doctor 24/7 and they would come to the house. How did it turn into a Hypocrites oath?


Check the stock prices for “healthcare” industry corps, John

And I think you may find your answer.

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Quigley sez:
“… this week’s issue of Faith in Healthcare is devoted to pulling together a few of the many reported stories of real people …”

OK. Since yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the discovery of his lymphoma, I’ll play along with the experience of “Jon” … since his retroperitoneal mass was discovered by CT scan last April, Jon has received:

• Two additional CT scans and a CT-guided bone marrow biopsy;
• Six treatments of CHOP-R chemotherapy;
• Four prophylaxis treatments of inpatient chemotherapy with each hospital stay consisting of three days and two nights;
• Multiple lab tests (uncounted, but more than a dozen);
• 20 radiation treatments spread over a four-week period;
• Multiple examinations and consultations with a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and his family physician; and
• Two diagnostic PET scans.

Jon’s out-of-pocket cost to date: $0 — in British Columbia, Canada.

He has had to travel from Vancouver Island to the mainland for the PET scans (a third is scheduled for June), but what’s this? The health care system pays for the ferry or airplane travel when medically necessary.


Taken from the Common Dreams guidelines:
" Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people."

Well, I wanted to share an experience I made today but feel hampered by the guidelines."
I would have criticized the system, not people (the collective of Americans), even though I could have and I wanted.

Is “system” equal to “ideas”? I think so but I am not sure whether CD thinks so.

I am a physician, trained in my native Germany (not a great healthcare system and specialty training) and later here at Ivy League institutions. I retired from my job 15 years prematurely as I was confronted with either preferring a regular pay check and committing violence against my my sense of justice and ethics - or living very frugally with my conscience intact. I choose the latter and I am very happy to have done so. Your healthcare system, my dear Americans, is … well I better keep my thoughts to myself.


My daughter’s first job out of college was working for a company which helped people refile their health claims when they were denied. Often the claim procedure is just a purposely convoluted system that can be navigated. This keeps the company from being responsible for denying coverage. She has many stories like in the article.
She left the position because in getting their ten percent, her company was also part of the problem.

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We must enact Actual Medicare for All and eliminate the profit taking middle man insurance industry.


Thanks for that. It should be apparent to anyone that when something like Obama Care released wherein the legislation runs to around 1000 pages , it is not intended to help the typical American in need of health care. It is 1000 pages long so to ensure it as difficult as possible to follow in the hopes people will just give up and pay or some “loophole” added that gives the Insurance industry an out.

There are, I am sure, millions of Americans in the US Halth Care system that truly want to help other people out such as your daughter. The system as constructed will corrupt them if they sticjk around it too long.