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American Impotence: Trump's Assassination of Soleimani Masks Broad Retreat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/12/american-impotence-trumps-assassination-soleimani-masks-broad-retreat

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Donald, this is the last time I am going to tell you.

Put your hands out straight in front of you.

I can’t get the handcuffs on you when you’re showboating.

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I could have read this in the NYT, and the cheerleading about Soleimani’s assassination on the Fox News website…


“Blood on his hands” sounds like the corporate main stream
media’s subterfuge and a self-fulfilling prophecy working for a
Trump election victory: Thanks Tristam


No amount of propaganda can paint the assassination of Soleimani as more beneficial than damaging to American interests.

And what, exactly, are those “interests”. This is a bullshit blanket term used to justify all manner of empire building from regime change to outright invasion. This article assumes from the very start that we have to maintain those interests, a stance, as mentioned, worthy of the NY Times or any other stalwart American empire propaganda rag. Soleimani never would have been an issue for the U.S, if we hadn’t invaded Iraq in the first place. Screw American “interests”. Come on, CD.


Iran’s response to the assassination of Soleimani was not THE response, but served two immediate goals. First, it let the U.S. know in no uncertain terms that it was willing and able to launch pinpoint attacks on bases in the region, which the U.S. is totally helpless to defend against. Second, it served as a symbol to the Iranian people that their government would not allow such an illegal and dastardly deed go unpunished. Iran also avoided all-out war. They know it is in their interest to use Trump’s stupid and criminal act to leverage the U.S. out of Iraq. The form and the severity Iran’s revenge takes in the future will depend on how quickly the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, and how quickly sanctions are eased.

Evidently the U.S. has control of Iraq’s financial holdings. However, Iraq has control of over 5,000 U.S. servicemen confined to their barracks on Iraqi military bases. I would imagine some sort of trade will be worked out.


Trump’s every action, from the time he started getting media attention four decades ago, have benefited the Trump family.

This travesty has been amplified since Trump became POTUS, with ever increasing expense for the rest of us to bear. As long as the best Congress money can buy continues to enable Trump, this will only worsen.


I find it strange that the definition of “American Interests” has nothing to do with what we as Americans want and need.

Seems it is just the interests of the few that people care about if you take the statement at face value.

Just like the terms “terrorist” and “blood on his hands” only applies to those that stand against the so called “American Interests”, not those who act like terrorists supporting those interests.

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The US bases are protected by the Patriot anti-air missile systems. Batteries of these were also protecting the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia that were struck by missiles not too long ago. In this latest incident the US was warned beforehand that Iran was going to strike by Iran.

The anti-missile batteries failed completely. The signal Iran sent is that those systems will NOT protect US bases.

There a reason Turkey so anxious to get a hold of the Russian systems. The US one is vastly inferior.


American “interests” are always about dominating a given Country so as to extend the power of the US Corporations into the same. It means nothing more. It about grabbing all they can for the Empire.

Far too many pundits advance the notion that American Interests are better promoted via diplomacy as if this makes the promotion of the same somehow nobler. US Diplomacy is still about controlling other Nation states and their resources.

It akin to the Fascists in Germany in WW2. It was their “interest” to leave Sweden neutral so that Country was not invaded. It did not make them any less Fascist or any more benign.


Mr Bloated Orange NEEDS to become Mr Orange Hitler .

If Iraq enters into negotiations to buy the Russian S-400’s, do you think Trumpeo will even get the message?

This writer sounds like a pro-Empire apologist, lamenting the Empire’s defeats. His vilification of Soleimani, Assad and Hezbollah and his talk of “American interests” could have been written by any neocon. This tripe doesn’t belong at commondreams.


I doubt it. It has been reported that Trump has threatened to freeze Bank Accounts the Iraqi Government has in the New York Fed if Iraq orders US troops out.

The guy is a thug and a thief.

All they do is bully and threaten.


Yeah you have point there. Not very illuminating when it parrots neo-con use of language.

“His own fans aside, no one is mourning Soleimani, though a few American military leaders may be mourning him more than we know. Soleimani had plenty of American blood on his hands following the invasion of Iraq and until the earlier part of the last decade.”

Of course, those millions who ARE mourning him are not ‘us’, and so they don’t count. What gibberish. So it was no surprise that it was followed by the standard media hype that Soleimani had “plenty of American blood on his hands.” How about the Muslim blood that so many American generals have on their hands? What? Was Soleimani supposed to sit with folded hands, twiddling his thumbs, as America invaded Iraq- with the main purpose of winning the “crown jewel” of Iran (as Cheney admitted)? While above is a small part of an article that has many good points, it seriously compromises the entire article. :frowning:

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