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American Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem Wants to Know If He's on the US 'Kill List,' and He's About to Have His Day in Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/american-journalist-bilal-abdul-kareem-wants-know-if-hes-us-kill-list-and-hes-about


It seems anyone who exposes the savagery of our government’s imperial never-ending wars is an enemy of it. It also seems like the requirements of our presidents - or what is expected of them after they get elected - is to be willing to indiscriminately kill people, good or bad. This is shameful, and my only hope is that at least some people who live in (mostly Muslim) countries that the US constantly targets with airstrikes know that not all the people living here support this lack of humanity.

I suppose all these airstrikes are the most effective way to keep creating “enemies” of the state so as to keep the MIC swimming in taxpayer supplied money.


Shameful doesn’t quite cover the atrocious nature of it.

Let us pray that what these murderous presidents deal out in inhuman actions, comes right back around one day.


"the boy should have “had a more responsible father.”

OK, I guess that means Trump has the go-ahead to take out Sasha and Malia, and I don’t mean for dinner and a movie.

How often does the corporate-owned media even mention the “kill list”? The memory hole is vast and deep, and so much of the evil that the U.S. does to “protect” the people is flushed down it. May Bilal Abdul Kareem live to confront, face to face, his would-be executioners, exposing them for all to see, and sending them on their way to deepest depths of oblivion!


Odd (although there are other, perhaps more apt, terms) that an outlet can post a piece making plain the continuity of war criminality across administrations

Yet simultaneously allow acolytes of Ob[omb]a free reign to promulgate his hagiography.


Like I posted before, if Amerika had no enemies they would have to create them…AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!


We’ve entered a sci-fi reality wherein the government puts journalists on kill lists and the journalist as to file lawsuits to keep from being murdered!

If those young ladies were of Trump’s approved master race, he wouldn’t take them out for a dinner or movie, or for assassination.
He’d be having them wear Ivanka masks and costumes and attempting to have a little “Epstein fun” with them.

The journalist, Kareem, is only one of two journalists mentioned in Taibbi’s original article. The other journalist was joined with Kareem in his opening lawsuit, begun several years ago. I am not sure why the second man is not mentioned in this article (I hope it is not because he is dead!). In any case, you should read Taibbi’s 2018 article about these two journalists, targeted by the US for covering the news about wars abroad.

Oh, yeah, you can’t put links in comments here. Sigh. Google: Taibbi, Rolling Stone, 2018, how to survive America’s kill list.

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Careful Carol, next people will want equal justice for trump administration illegal acts.