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'American Secret Police'? Rapid Spread of Unidentified Law Enforcement Across DC Sparks Alarm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/american-secret-police-rapid-spread-unidentified-law-enforcement-across-dc-sparks


Anyone seen Eric Prince lately?

I hope someone starts following these clowns back to their “base”


Maybe trump invited DeVoss brother David Duke, I mean Eric Prince and his Blackwater goon war criminals into DC, like they went into New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
It would be just like der trumpenfuhrer to invite or hire mercenaries in to DC to put-down any unauthorized demonstrations



Should have checked before posting - this trump dictatorship causes like thoughts!


Well… then there’s that ‘Great minds’ thing…


Yeah, I though that, but wasn’t gonna go there and emulate the trump very stable genius blather even in any marginal way…


" “We cannot tolerate an American secret police,” tweeted Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)"

You tolerated it when Obama did it during OWS. Granted, Trump seems to be amassing an army of these goons, but if you had “spoken out” or “introduced legislation” back then, would it have been a little less likely to happen now?

Or maybe this is just an election ploy and you really don’t care that Trump has declared war against the US citizenry.


Good on you.
See, being the swine I am, I’m not above that.

Oh no, we’re moving rapidly toward a fascist state like Chile under Pinochet. Will we the people allow it to continue or create a global anti fascist movement. Hired gun private goon squads for the 1%. Come to think of it all their wealth was made possible as fruits of our labor. So if people decide not to participate the scheme will eventually falter. We have to cut off the flow of money to the 1% before real change can happen.


Or the fired from Navy Seal and Trump pardoned. It would not surprise me a bit if Trump is forming his own personal military unit with all the equipment us taxpayers paid for.


Never accuse you of being like that Phred! And beside, even our porcine cousins deserve respect too.
I think we can be pretty damn sure those hired goons occupying DC aren’t wearing the masks to protect from Covid but to even further shield their identities.


Crate minds sink alike.

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The Mafiaocracy is getting nervous? No wonder Trump wanted to inspect his bunker!


Good point about Obama’s coordinated federal/state/city police response that shut down Occupy nationwide. Interesting that Obama has rightly seen fit to get on board with the agenda of the current protests focused on racial injustice, but not a similarly bottom up protest focused on economic injustice that was OWS. Maybe it’s easier to do so when you’re our of office.

Recall also that the Obama admin did not hold anyone in the W Bush admin accountable for the Iraq War lies and continuing debacle either. We were told it was time to look forward, not back.

These kinds of decisions opened the door for Trump.

I’m confident that Trump’s reign of terror will end and when it does he and his ilk have to be held accountable.


I don’t doubt that those secret police have been at several of the newsworthy events over the last 10 years.


Not moving my friend, in my opinion, Amerikan Fascism is nothing new. 11/22/63.


Speaking of “looking forward” – the rapid ascent of COVID-19 cases all over the world is jaw-dropping.


This is Johns Hopkins superb new-cases page. (At the bottom of the page, the “View more” button opens graphs for all the countries mentioned below.) I don’t know of any other single webpage conveying a more complete impression of the worldwide progress of this pandemic. Iran looks terrible today, with a genuine “second wave” of new cases – higher than the first – after looking like they had it under control.

Iran shows a curve of ill omen for USA, as does Sweden, where pretenses completely broke down as their new-case rate – COVID-19’s rate of growth – just doubled.

Alarmingly steep rates of growth are shown by India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; South Africa and Egypt – especially intense all over America: Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Columbia.


Right, I agree but I’m talking about Chile style fascism where people if conscience were vanished.

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Those are contractors. Not law enforcement officers.


Obama is all in for Black Lives Matter now that he doesn’t represent the banks.

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