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American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t for These 8 Myths


American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t for These 8 Myths

Lee Camp

Our society should’ve collapsed by now. You know that, right?


This links to a Television Ad for Northrup Grumman. Now what is the purpose of this advertisement? Are we to believe a person watching this is suddenly going to run out and buy a Jet Fighter for 80 million dollars or that those responsible for Military Purchases for Governments around the world are going to see this and say “We need some of these”?

The REASON for this AD is that it allows the Corporations to CONTROL the media. It a bribe and nothing more in a “Print stories on the Military that we want or these dollars go bye bye” vein.



Here’s another myth:

Socialism is all about Big Brother taking your stuff to give to lazy bums and immigrants.


as i stood in the grocery aisle for laundry soap i actually got confused. it occurred to me i was so lucky to have that freedom of choice, and all of a sudden it hit me. we have the illusion of freedom in this country. as long as we are able to buy what we need but in reality, that is it. scared me a little, knowing that indeed someone else was driving what choices i do have. what about the big stuff? the bombing of countries that we have provided means for. my voice didn’t decide on that. for those of us who are awake how do we get our voices back? by taking to the streets.


Thank you - I wish that would message would sink in to everyone.

Yep. My proposal is to start with everybody working 1/2 time and ditch a whole lot of pointless jobs (either by making them illegal as should be the case with telemarketers and anybody working at a hedge fund, or by a change in attitude that we all need less crap and more free time). My proposal is 4 days a week, 6 hours a day, 10 weeks of vacation (right around 1/2 time).

I saw a great clip of Lee Camp making fun of Iran being “On Notice” and showing the number of US bases encircling Iran so they obviously already know they are on notice. But when trying to watch his current program, it just wasn’t very entertaining - maybe I should try again sometime.


Still far better off then the Chinese and Russians. Whether these are myths or truths we are headed for much worse thanks to Trump and the Republicans. That is what we should be focused on. Stopping white nationalism. fascism, theocracy, Reading the same left wing rhetoric rehashed over and over again will not accomplish anything. These will soon seem like the good old times the way things are going.


Oh boy, more of that Democratic message of low expectations.

and Democrats like you, who refuse to change anything.

Correction, reading the same right wing rhetoric you spew around here will not accomplish anything.


Brilliant as always Lee.
I would add a 9th myth which i believe is crucial for buying into all the rest, and that is the myth that “America is number one!!!”.
Unquestioned belief that America is somehow the greatest country on earth prevents many from looking too hard at its many failings, or simply assume that it is always much worse elsewhere.


I stopped reading at “He could literally end world hunger for multiple years and still have more money left over than he could ever spend on himself”.

$140B for ~800M hungry people = a few hundred bucks.


I never realized “being free” meant stealing food from KFC, or deserting from the military when you decide it’s “boring”. You’re free to do what you choose, but you’re also free to take the consequences…

As for thinking that buying = happiness, that’s choosing to buy into it. That’s a self-imposed myth if you’re dumb enough, or shallow enough to embrace it.

As for myth 2 - No one says if you work harder things will get better. If you work harder and work to improve yourself, your own state will improve. I don’t recall anyone saying if you simply expend more effort the world will be a better place…

Then again, I’m an old cynic…


The Ruling Class Observer:


Dag, yo. This must be a tough day for you at Common Dreams. Between Korten’s commentary and this Camp piece you must feel like the Dutch kid running around trying to plug holes in the Blue Team/Red Team dike.


No doubt the goal of a more perfect union is held together with story. Perhaps those myths are more like guideposts. As are principles. Values are not static. We are constantly readjusting and asking ourselves what our values are, as individuals and as groups. Mythology provides an important role. Truths are not self-evident unless we have reflected on their value. Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, we are disappointed when we find out that our myths are not really true…but that is a good signal to reflect…and to grow.


The streets are calling all of us Jackye.


Trump has definitely taken our nation down a notch or two, or three.

We’re now at notch 1.


It’s the same illusion people have who work extra hours to make double payments on their mortgage to get the house paid off in 20 years instead of 30 years.
They think they own the house. If they forget the property tax bill , they will find out whether they really own it.
When was the last time congress voted to give something that will help the average person at the expense of the corporations?
As George Carlin said “The government doesn’t give a #&@! about you. they don’t care what you think, Just work harder at lower and lower wages and be a good consumer”.


I don’t think most Common Dream readers bother reading Lrx comments. I think he/she keeps posting because he/she likes hearing the echo in his own echo chamber.


Great piece!! Humor always helps to get through the horror show. When will it change? I fear that it never will, only get worse. In a way we’re lucky with Trump because of his fucking incompetence, but wait till we get someone as smart as a Hitler, Franco, Mussolini or Putin.


A notch or two or three? We’re in the fucking toilet eating shit, pal.


Smart guy George Carlin. Those wanting to nationalize everything should pay attention to these words.