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American War Crimes: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


American War Crimes: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Rebecca Gordon

They’re back!


Bravo Professor Gordon! The United States is accepting the violation of war crimes, and until prosecutions occur for the criminals who've sullied our honor-- Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bybee, Yoo, Addington, and many more-- we live in shame and pain with this absence of justice and the rule of law.
On this 14th Anniversary of Guantanamo prison, we are renewing our demands for indictment and prosecution of torture policy makers John Yoo and Jay Bybee on Monday, January 11, at UC Berkeley Law School. We are calling on "the peoples' lawyers"-- Attorney General Loretta Lynch, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley-- to use their authority under the principle of universal jurisdiction, to serve Yoo and Bybee with indictments. There is no question that these unethical, criminal and incompetent lawyers have broken the law and deserve to be prosecuted. Yoo and Bybee violated ethical and criminal laws to falsely claim that enhanced interrogation techniques were legal. Both are sitting pretty-- Bybee at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with a lifetime appointment to the bench, and Yoo at UC Berkeley Law School with a tenured faculty position and now an endowed chair -- and both are as guilty of crimes as the Nazi lawyers who were tried and hung at Nuremberg for advising their bosses that illegal actions were legal.
Join us! UC Berkeley Law School, 11 am - 12 Noon, Monday, January 11, on Bancroft Way at College Ave., Berkeley. Berkeley No More Guantanamos, Codepink Women for Peace, Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute,
We'll have a press conference and rally. Justice is blind, no man is above the law, and


and until justice is served we won't rest.


This reminds me of a Ben Franklin quote :"those who would trade their liberties for more security deserve neither." Not an exact quote but good enuf.


The same elite banking and criminal cartel that was involved in the coup d' etat and assassination of JFK in 1963, still have plenary control of the U.S.A. Yes, Bush, Obama and many, many more are guilty of war crimes, but they are just corrupt, quislings and fawning figure heads for the elite where the real political power really exists.

One thing that makes this criminal cabal so dangerous is they have never been exposed and may not ever be! The president and most of congress do their bidding.

And how powerful are they! There is a plethora of documented proof by over 2,000 architects and engineers with impeccable credentials, that what we were told by our government about 9/11 was nothing but a fairy tale, yet these psychopaths that murdered 3,000 of our fellow citizens almost 15 years later, still have not been exposed and brought to justice.


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I sometimes wonder if Genghis Khan is studied in the war colleges and political science classes.
* When the Horde arrived at a city, it expected the gates to be thrown open and absolute submission and surrender was to be offered.
* If that was received, the city was absorbed into the Mongol Empire. They paid some heavy taxes, but generally it was business as usual.
* However, if the gates were not thrown open, or if even one arrow was shot at the army, the city was attacked, overwhelmed, and the occupants were raped and killed.
* The idea was that, if that was the choice a people or a city had, they'd better submit.
* Now, it seems that the vicious clowns running for office are looking at nuking whole populations to gain submission. Probably begin by nuking a couple of important cities, then publishing the surrender or die edict.
* Years ago, it looked to me that humans were developing, becoming more humane, helping each other to survive and prosper.
* It now appears to me that that is a minority opinion, at least amongst the wielders and would-be wielders of power.


Many people may remember Judge Jackson at Nuremerg declaring wars of aggression "the supreme international crime" however many presidents may have chosen to ignore it. But Jackson also added "The record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow. To pass these defendants a poisoned chalice is to put it to our own lips as well."


Nature's population/resource balance follows no morality.


Thank you for bringing Sanders into the discussion.

Sanders is promising to 'smash' ISIS.

His plan, like every other Republican, even the Republicans who are called 'Democrats,' is to continue the War on Terror.

It is the War on Terror which is the greatest danger to America and the world, for it is the justification of every thing that America and its allies do wrong.

Tellingly, no Dem/Repub presidential candidate is promising to end the War on Terror.

The system is dangling Sanders in front of liberals like a piece of candy.

The reason the system is doing this is because Sanders will keep the status quo.


I am always amazed at the apparent clairvoyance of commenters that denegrate Sanders or indeed any candidate without offering any substantive alternative - only statements on what someone is beholden-to or what they will do in the future. The agenda is to point-out what's wrong with war and the MICC (we all agree on most all) with zero alternatives at all.

No prez candidate can "promise to end the "War on terror"" even if they might want to or take a different tack, as you well know. There is massive public demand to "do something" to end the terror created in large part by Bush&Co, the neoCon swine war criminals, none of which have had any charges brought against them, as well as huge influence to promote wars by the MICC war-machine profiteers. Daesh/ISIS has been created by US stupidity or premeditation and are a threat to all - "religious" fanatacism (or even ordinary depravity of those who get-off on it) will not "listen to reason" and the Muslim world is either enraged at continued western atrocities and "new crusades" or afraid of Daesh & other fanatic psycopaths to change anything.

All that said, Sanders has many platform issues that do work against the MICC war-machine and wars without end, and no others even approach his integrity or wisdom I believe ( I prefer to view the glass as half-full or I will lose all hope). So if no candidate will even attempt needed change how TF is it to be accomplished? The public are bamboozled and lied-to on every aspect of what is happening and will not demand any "end" to the WOT absent "victory" and war makes some very rich and "creates jobs". ANY alternatives other than tearing-down will be read with great interest...........


sanders is legally complicit in mass murder. vote for him or any of them????????????