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Americans and South Koreans Want Peace. Will Trump Listen?

Americans and South Koreans Want Peace. Will Trump Listen?

Christine Ahn

As the newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in meets President Donald Trump for his first White House visit, the South Korean leader should stay focused on his calls for diplomatic, economic, and cultural engagement with Pyongyang.

The Trump administration will undoubtedly try to steer Moon in the opposite direction, towards “maximum pressure” on North Korea. However, while the United States may have heavily influenced South Korea’s economy and politics for the last 70 years, including still maintaining wartime operational control over its military, it’s a new day.

I’m sure that the people of South Korea have no influence on South Korean foreign affairs just the way that 99% of Americans have zero influence on foreign affairs. South Korean defence contractors also profit from the status quo however unlike their American counterparts, the major S. Korean defence contractors also have other area’s of production such as telecommunications, transportation, construction and other non-military related industries. Yet these same 'Chaebol" (Korean multinational corporations) are run by an older generation who are very much set in their old ways. It may be possible for South Korea to buck the trend, but the masses will have to let the Korean corporations know that change is required.
The author does point out a very valid insight in that the world does not have to kowtow to the new American president. Trump has no respect for the Koreans, north or south, and only looks at the relationship in terms of profits for himself and his cronies. For South Koreans who wish to support Trump, they will quickly find themselves alone at the other side of the room.
What South Koreans can bet on is that Trump will not A) withdraw troops from South Korea unless South Koreans demands it B) open an embassy in Pyongyang C) negotiate in good faith with North Korea and finally D) do anything if he or his cronies are not personally enriched by the deal.
For the sake of peace everywhere, the South Koreans have to make the first move by asking the U.S. to leave South Korea and by establishing their own peace treaty with their neighbours as well as new embassies in Pyongyang and Seoul.

Trump doesn’t approach things with a normal perspective. For Trump, it is all about appearances and how the Trump image waxes or wanes. A stable personality would first consider the loss of life a war would bring. A narcissistic personality first considers how he would look if he goes one way or the other. The loss of life remains an abstract as opposed to a reality. The personal image in history is more real to such a person. The way they look in the press is paramount. The loss of life is a statistic.

Trump doesn’t want to listen! Trump wants to embrace military power like imbibing a drug as opposed to his actually exercising it in a shooting war. Trump wants a sure win not protracted struggle. What he really wants is to threaten and to then have them surrender or back off. He wants to feel the control of being able to order up a war rather than actually starting one.

However a necessary a war - a war that appears necessary anyway - would serve almost as well as making threats and having them take effect. A major war like WWII doesn’t fit Trump’s mentality. A big war with Russia or China is not the way Trump thinks. A smaller war where the enemy is not nearly so equal but could put up a credible fight is just perfect. Trump would willingly delegate authority rather than micromanage. He wants the credit of a win, so whatever they need, he is behind them.

Would Trump listen? I doubt he even realizes that there are other voices with other points of view that are talking to him. He is listening to his own narration of the Trump legend. Any South Koreans opposed to war - he doesn’t really hear them because the sound of his own voice is too loud in his ears.


Sock Puppet Trump will continue to listen to his Owners, the ones who approved, and abetted, his ascension to the Presidency and who will do with him as they choose, when they choose.

The long line continues.

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Will Trump listen? Har har, snicker, guffaw, snort. The only thing that will save President Trainwreck IS a war.

I dunno, what does his corporate handlers say? It likely isn’t the same as what the people want.