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Americans Bear Direct Responsibility for the Horrific Reality in Gaza


Americans Bear Direct Responsibility for the Horrific Reality in Gaza

Mike Merryman-Lotze

Once again, the Israeli military has turned its guns on Gaza—this time on unarmed protestors, in a series of shootings over the last few weeks. Gaza’s already under-resourced hospitals are straining to care for the thousands of protesters who have been injured, on top of 40 killed.

What they need isn't more aid. ...What they need is freedom from the conditions that make life unlivable—like the blockade itself—and a long-term political solution.


Thank you, Mike.


The disgusting truth that is the United States.
We must get dual citizenship politicians out of our govt., and force AIPAC to register as a foreign lobby. This is the first steps to ending the money flow for Israeli terrorism in Gaza.


BDS must be a working strategy to have precipitated so much flack. As much as anything else it puts the problem in perspective, in real time, with real connections of persons - human beings - with consciences and eyes to recognize the similar applications of the hideous model all over the planet.

The sinister fever that is constantly ginned by the cynical Netanyahu for puppetry of truly brutal abuses, the nauseating ‘bebe’ sitting included, really calls for a sociological study of the portion of the Israeli population stretching their necks to have these criminals shove the bankable mercenary model down their throats.


Thanks for this truth. The pro-Israel propagandists and US lap-dogs push pro-Israeli lies and deflect responsibility for outright murders of Palestinians and International protesters against Israeli occupation, illegal colonization, and ethnic cleansing.

NEVER FORGET Rachel Corrie and the USS Liberty, rachel murdered and the Liberty attacked with over 200 US sailors kned and wounded - the attack is STILL being covered-up by the US government ant terrorist Israel! http://www.ussliberty.org/moorerfindings.htm

the official Israeli Hasbara Handbook is the tool of lies and deflection…


Robbery of the basest sort. Some kind of tax revolt is in order but of course, will never happen. Palestinians will be starving soon. When they begin to look like Auschwitz victims, will anybody notice the comparison? Sickening.


AIPAC… way worse interference than the Russkies could hope for.