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Americans Have a Chance to Declare Independence from the Corporate Oligarchy


Americans Have a Chance to Declare Independence from the Corporate Oligarchy

John Atcheson

For the first time in a very long time, a candidate who represents the average citizen appears to have an outside shot at winning the Presidency. Will we have the good sense to elect him?

First the facts.

If you were to examine which candidate most closely represents the expressed will of the people – including the voters -- it would be Bernie Sanders.


Me first.

“appears to have an outside shot at winning the Presidency”

The ‘outside’ being akin to hitting a jump shot in Madison Square Garden from Battery Park. I used the NY references for Bernie.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi


And it only took a couple of World Wars to see the people of India gain their independence.

British colonies had many violent uprisings that failed to dislodge them. The British only left when the felt like it. Except for a well know fluke. Or was it?


and revolution is just a sped up period of time. So shut up and wait.


And the Declaration of Independence from England listed 28 reasons. How many years did that change take?


I’ve always Loved what Bernie had to say and what he stood for, But one Very Important issue he’s never addressed is the issue of israel and the resulting Foreign Policy consequences. The Economic costs of following without thought the wants and needs of israel which have taken us from one Blunder to another, costing American Lives, wealth and prestige, The U.S. political fear of aipac has led us to arm to the teeth a regime that murders children, kills journalists and commits countless War Crimes with impunity, Claiming bogus self-defense against an occupied people firing homemade glorified fireworks, Knowing no matter what there will never be criticism or condemnation from the U.S. and particularly anyone running for the Presidency!


I’ve just looked up the words “oligarchy” and “plutocracy” in the dictionary, because this is the first time that I have seen them.

But there is no oligarchy or plutocracy in America; there is only a hard-working middle class.

Anyone below that is just irresponsible. Anyway, that is what someone told me.


Bernie is a steadfast supporter of the F35 bomber which (to date) has cost American taxpayers upwards of $1.5 TRILLION and was recently beaten in a dogfight by a 40 year old F16. That’s for one failed war plane. Every person in America could have received $5 million for that amount of wasted money. He’s never seen a military budget he didn’t support. He will not discuss Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people. He will not even meet with his own constituents if they want to discuss America’s murderous foriegn policy.

Drink the KoolAid if you want. Bernie is yet another shill for the Demoncrats. If you like the policies of W and Obama, you’ll love Bernie!

#feelthebern #warcrimes #protectiveedge #bsd


Atcheson gives lip service to the Hillary machine and obscene priorities of most Republicans who serve corporations with a loyalty bordering on the sociopathic. But then he turns the problem to Americans being stupid like so many in this forum are paid to also state–with certitude.

Making it about Americans not funding Sanders or “choosing” a Clinton or a Bush, like most establishment writers, he reinforces the status quo as if its systemic metrics are not in place to make it all but impossible for an outlier to win a major election.

"If we buy the elections for ourselves, we just might elect the one candidate who would make it impossible to buy them in the future.

“It would be a fitting celebration of Independence Day if Americans did just that, but don’t hold your breath. In our quadrennial flight from reason, we rarely exhibit such wisdom.”


Both, I think.


Overall a good article. Even so, this writer like most others of sane and humane leaning seems compelled to include obligatory notes of cynicism - in this case the writer even ends on that note. I want all of us concerned, alive human beings to recognize that cynicism is obedience to the status quo. The apparent intellectual safety it offers comes at a high cost, that of giving up our individual power and authority and accepting roles as passive observers of our political arena rather than responsible co-authors. It’s time to compost cynicism, reclaim our authority and envision and create the society we want to bequeath to future generations.


If Bernie Sanders would have run as an independent I would have respected him more and even voted for him. But he chose to run on a Democratic ticket and even said that he will support Hillary if he does not win the primary. That is all we have to know. He might then tell all his supporters to vote for Hillary because he moved her to the left. He is herding in all the upset progressives back to the Democratic party. He is a good border collie.


Its counterintuitive to give money to politicians and put more money into politics when what we want is to take the money out of politics, but that’s what we need to do this time.


Yeah, you are right. And 90% of the elected Democrats and Republicans and AIPAC all agree with you. The only issue that matters in American elections is Israel.

Wake up and smell the Israelinazi stench. You preach as if the choir were deaf.


Yes, Bernie Sanders says what we need to hear, turn into policy, and make work for us.

The Bernie Problem is the Democratic Party.

Get used to it. The Democratic Party will do the opposite with Bernie in the White House compared to what they did with Obama.

Obama said, in effect, in November 2008, after the votes were counted, “Wall Street is the only thing that matters. What Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets.” Nancy rolled over the House Democrats. Harry rolled over the Senate Democrats. Wall Street got what Wall Street wanted.

Five-and-a-half years later, Wall Street is flourishing, while the USA languishes. The Democratic Party can go to hell.

And if Bernie is too stupid to see that, he can go with them.

P. S. I was very disappointed with the GOP Clown Car. The Donald wasn’t driving, and it only had four of the 59 clowns inside.


When I read the Declaration of Independence, the list is largely petty grievances of a spoiled aristocracy (we don’t wanna pay taxes) interspersed with genuinely vile stuff like:

“He has … endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.” ;and, totally over the top stuff like:

“He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.” (none of which had actually happened as of July 1776)

In other words, it reads like like something the Koch Brothers or Rush Limbaugh might have written.

I know that this is kind of blasphemous, but it seems pretty obvious to me that the US would have been much better off staying with the the UK as as Canada, NZ, and Australia have done - we would have more generous social programs, a $17 minimum wage (Australia), healthcare for all…


If Sanders had decided to run as an independent, he, and more importantly, teh grassroots organizing that is the far more important part of the campaign, would not have had a chance - the media would have totally ignored him and any movement organized around him…

You must live in some pretty comfortable circumstances that you can dismiss all the social programs and grassroots organizing of Sanders campaign over patty spite like yours.

The Green Party is caricature of total disorganization. The left is only going to move forward by taking over the Democratic Party and its organizational resources.

I bet you have never been involved in organized activism in your life, right?


I get the gist of this article.

To the degree it attempts to point out some evidence of current changes or openings within the electorate, it speaks of hope. And I think that is a good thing.

However for me, its “hope” (remember Obama’s campaign slogan) is betrayed by an unspoken attitude and prejudice that is basically not seeing the 800 — ok, 150 — lb Gorilla in the room.

In fact it is astounding and symbolic. HOW on earth can one celebrate a conscious set of visions, goals and values that bespeak declaring “independence from the Corporate Oligarchy” when you neither mention nor recognize the movements to achieve this goal, BEFORE Bernie made his move?

Don’t get me wrong, Bernie Sanders, even if he runs as a Democrat with all the likely encumbrances and hypocrisies involved, still does a service by helping make such important IDEAS AVAILABLE to act as a Sounding Board for Americans to begin to re-examine the clear and repeated attacks on our democracy, Constitution, legal system and population well-being going on around us. Even with the limited coverage of his candidacy, Sanders has helped TAP INTO True Concerns of our population, which is a MINIMUM First Step in identifying and rectifying problems.

These concerns are REAL. They ARE, in effect, earth-shaking in that they finally confront our REAL Values with what is happening to us and our whole national future by unelected Power-Takers using Stealth and Wealth.

Bernie comes along and in the process not only his campaign, but the nation discovers concerns and agendas that are not being addressed by the Corporate Duopoly — in fact, much to the Contrary. the concerns and worries exist but are IGNORED or AGGRAVATED by the largely corporate-funded would-be “representatives” who scrape and bow to the Oligarchy.

Sanders has not CREATED, but rather TAPPED INTO, deep and unaddressed anxieties of a disempowered population. They exist but are rarely admitted, much less examined.

The author in describing what he sees as the benefits of the Sanders Campaign, in bringing many pressing issues to the fore, IGNORES that these issues are hardly new or recent, and both our right-and-centrist corporate duopoly “parties” have until now, IGNORED and AVOIDED what for them are irrelevant, if not sticky issues.

In other words, he is saying that if it were not for the efforts of Independent and Socialist Bernie Sanders, America, once again would not have any of its true core concerns addressed.

These ideas which as we see resonate with the 'homeland", as 10,000 or more come out to rallies are little different that those concerns which brought out 15,000 or more paying enthusiasts to hear, share and support, the ideas of the Green Party and Ralph Nader 15 years ago! The concerns back then are the same as those today!

But at that time as well as in the ensuing 15 years, the Corporatist Parties did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make sure those IDEAS and Concerns WERE NOT EVEN HEARD!! This year they have less, in that Bernie is a sitting Senator and does get some press.

But if they could, HE and those ideas would again be silenced. Let us not fool ourselves.

So. In all this time, WHO has kept this agenda of deep concerns alive? WHO? A number of activists, sure, but also the Green political party. For all its faults, it has still managed to persist as a conscience for America. The ideas of the Green New Deal available thru Green contender Dr. Jill Stein’s website (Jill2016.org) spells out what concerns Senator Sanders … and more.

In 2000, Nader’s campaign FILLED Madison Square Garden. it was an incredible moment of activism, spirit and hope. But it was ignored by the press and the Duopoly as though it had not happened. it was NOT their agenda, and so “could not exist in the public mind.” The IDEAS voiced by thousands were not ALLOWED to get heard on the televised debates organized by D’s and R’s. and America permitted that CENSORSHIP.

These important ideas and solutions exists WITHIN a party, and is not being fought by the party of the candidate. In the off-chance Bernie wins he will lose incredible time and momentum battling actual enemies within the Democrats. the people themselves will have to push.

BUT, Bernie is likely to lose to the Billary Machine, and ALLLL those crucial democracy-defending ideas will … DISAPPEAR — except for where it still exists within the Green Party candidacy.

This is not a plea for everyone to vote Green, but for us all to comprehend that Greens in many ways act as standard-bearers of all these wonderful ideas that Atcheson praises. They continue to exist and grow even outside a Sanders candidacy.

THIS is why this article is seriously amiss if it does not recognize, even pay homage, to the many individuals, Green or not, who have worked so hard for decades against incredible odds to keep KEY, CORE ideas of participation and justice and planetary stewardship alive amidst growing attacks.

To look at our situation today, and not recognize all those whose energies can accomplish much and even more if taken together, is to be blindsided at a moment in history when we need to hear one another and link arms.


We want the land! and we want it free! and you to protect it for us and by the way no taxation without representation.