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Americans Like the Resistance a Lot More Than They Like Trump


Americans Like the Resistance a Lot More Than They Like Trump

Richard Eskow

For Donald Trump, this has got to hurt: Less than two weeks after his inauguration, the people who took to the streets to protest his policies have outstripped him in popularity.

And, given his rich history of “locker room banter” and other sexist comments, it must be especially humiliating for Trump to know that the biggest mobilizations of protesters who bested him were led by women.

A Popular Front


How about adding "a world without war" to your last paragraph list of issues we should be advocating as part of our resistance movement? Why is permanent war forgotten when we talk about curing what ails us? Does it have anything to do with the complicity in wars and regime change that the Democrats share with the Republicans?


Every act of violence by this Administrations' Law Enforcement Attack Dogs towards Water Protectors, or protesters, will cause Trumps approval ratings to continue downward until a time when if you say you approve of Donald Trump as president, you had better be careful who else is listening.


But until the effects of voter suppression and gerrymandering are reversed: Dump and his minions are content to govern as an empowered minority.


Indeed, a unifying message with a positive focus must be developed to bring together all these diverse people. "Feel the Bern"? No. I'm all for running Bernie Sanders but lets not re-run that... Obama had "hope for change" but we never got it. We're still left hoping. I'd like something that obviously also subverts rump's "make murica great again." Perhaps, "make the People great again."? Point out rump's failures, tyranny, and lies at the same time as pointing out the true focus of the movement- the People.???


Fine. But that has no chance of succeeding within the two-party trap. Only by totally rejecting the Democrats and basing itself on an anti-big money, anti-elite power concept can the resistance empower itself and move forward.

The crossroads is whether the resistance becomes a Democratic party reform movement, which is doomed to failure, or utterly rejects the Democrats and forms itself as an implacable no-compromise force against the two-party corporate power structure which includes the Democrats.