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Americans, Looking for Bold Leadership, Need an Aspirational Agenda From Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/30/americans-looking-bold-leadership-need-aspirational-agenda-joe-biden

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Americans, Looking for Bold Leadership

Settling for Old Leadership.


it is time for the president-elect to put his cards on the table.

He did.

i’m still thinking about that meeting with civil rights leaders where they were “why did you appoint vilsack for agriculture. we hate that guy” and biden’s response was “listen: shut up about defunding the police”



I concur that “defunding the police” falls into the category of “carrying pictures of Chairman Mao” in the Beatles 1968 hit Revolution.

To be successful, buzz words like “defund” need to have a huge propaganda machine promoting them. The fascists have had that machine for a half century while progressives are not likely to ever have one. Progressives therefore need to boil down problems to issues driving the problem, which in this case is 1) determining the scope of services that local, state and federal gubmits need to provide and updating the budget annually to reflect those needs, and 2) demanding accountability for EVERY public employee, elected or appointed.


Now there’s a hot and promising political slogan.

We have trade commitments to INVESTORS, Jesse. So no. We won’t fix anything.

Bluntly things have been “fixed” so they can’t be fixed.

The devil is in the details, if you know what I am saying.

Thanks for your vote.

They want to globalize the police, which means of course, privatize them. That would be worse than what we have now, but cheaper.

But we might get cops or paramilitary types from countries with very violent histories. Since part of the goal is propping those “friends” up.

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Yes, he did. And it wasn’t pretty, liberal or even hopeful. Unless you’re a 3rd Way Wall Street stooge.
…another snow job pretending that we can somehow get Status Quo Joe to find his inner FDR.


I can see how you were a Professor Ray, from comments like this.

It’s difficult to believe anyone could be so deluded as to write this drivel about an aspirational biden agenda.

His horrific political appointments thus far, as well as everything he’s said or done politically for the last 4 decades should give you a hint of the aspiration we’ll get.


Yes, when I saw the headline, putting Biden together with words like “aspirational agenda” I thought perhaps the Reverend, after refraining for decades, is finally into smoking pot. It would take Sleepy Joe a similar change of character to be aspirational.

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