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Americans Must do More Than Simply Reject Trump's Racism, Ilhan Omar Argues in 'Absolute Must Read' NYT Op-Ed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/americans-must-do-more-simply-reject-trumps-racism-ilhan-omar-argues-absolute-must

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“The only way to push back is to be unequivocal about our values,” writes the congresswoman. “It is not enough to condemn Mr. Trump’s racism.” America the congresswoman is 100 % on this. We are a nation of great people. We are better human beings then the world currently see or knows. Unequivocally with out doubt. We are better then this.

**Nothing to add, Omar says it all. YES A MUST READ!


I agree with her, just wish she would have posted the article at a friendly site, I’m not opening an account at the NYT’s just to read it.


I just faced the same decision with NYT’s fake-courteous directives. They won’t let you in without keeping track of you over there anymore. Heck with that.

There are quite long stretches where I find nothing worth reading there anyway. Not even just one article a month! That’s how utterly worthless NYT is, now that we have the voice of Empire flooding out everything else from all directions. Thank God for CommonDreams, I say!


Representative Omar’s article is very well-written and thoughtful. However, most of the electorate would need a dictionary and a few course in Political Science to really dig it. Also, “I really don’t understand why more Democratic presidential candidates don’t focus their talk about Trump’s race war as an integral part of his class war,” Shahid said."
While that sentiment is too sadly true, Democrats would never say anything about the race war that’s going on, because they;re too cowardly. They also are afraid to mention the war on workers, and the war on the environment that is being engaged in by the hard right.


“We must support policies that unmistakably improve working people’s lives.”

I agree and love it.
Question: How are we going to get Pelosi Schumer Hoyer and the rest of the Right Wing crowd, to get on-board with this? They obviously intend to destroy any possibility of it happening


Phred, we need to be united and to unequivocally declare to the duopoly party (R+D’s) that we will no longer tolerate the status quo. Please take a look at a change org petition that should enhance progressive pushback and solidarity re. what a candidate must embrace in 2020 if he/she is to receive our supoport. Here’s where to find it > http://chng.it/qGfJRXVpRs

If you agree w its premises, pls share. Numbers count.

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Well that’s a great list.

Our Candidate Advocates For:

*Single Payer Health Care (Medicare for All)

*Universal Women’s Reproductive Rights

*Substantial and effective Campaign Finance Reform

*The overturn of Citizens United

*An end to the Electoral College

*A progressive Ultra-Millionaire Tax for the wealthiest Americans

*A workable plan for reducing or eliminating student indebtedness

*Scaling back the budget of the Defense Department/Pentagon so that it can only be used for defense, not for perpetual war

*A transparent public review of US military involvement around the world, including both the Middle East and Africa

*Rolling back invasive and onerous Homeland Security Provisions

People who advocate increasing the minimum wage also should point out that it will be good for business and will stimulate the economy by putting money in the pockets of people who will spend it and not put it in the bank

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Actually, you are very wrong! Do you have any facts to support what you claim, or are you simply spouting Mitch McConnell styly idiocy? Countries which have forms of Democratic Socialism similar to that which “the squad”, and Bernie, advocate, work very well indeed. They have the highest happiness/satisfaction rates in the world.
“The world’s happiest countries share surprising characteristics - a small gap between rich and poor; work-life balance; urban design favoring community over cars; high degrees of interpersonal trust; a strong social safety net, and the highest tax rates in the world.” – Scholar, Author and Documentary Film Producer, John De Graaf

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Confusion emerges from attempting to locate values which are specifically USAmerican, as opposed to values shared by all human beings (or even, all sentient beings, such as caring more about the next generation than anything else). Values, soul, morality, “it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood” and so forth… none of these things have anything to do with any nation. USAmerica is theologically exceptional in that so many citizens are worshippers of the state, searching vainly for values there.

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“…conservative christians are some of the happiest people you can meet.”
Of course; they are also the most deluded!

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@Mike_Hanscom @Alexander_Lester
Is it any wonder they, whoever they are, are ‘new’ to Commondreams. Please go back to your basement. Might as well be effing bots (maybe they are).

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I don’t agree with the jobs guarantee. Give everyone an UBI and let them find their own job…or not.

There’s a lot of profound confusion here. I doubt we have any grounds for discussion, because your comment uses the word “God” to place the subject of values beyond discussion.

In another thread I reflected there’s a sense of solidarity with Life on Earth which is not only essential to collective survival, but to my own mental health. The problem is: I’ve never found a way of imparting or fostering such an attachment to God’s work. You either got it, or you don’t.

[Edit: I foolishly responded to a disrupter, whose post has been removed. So I’ll have to leave the “profound confusion” (now much less of it here) to the reader’s imagination.]

Ignorance is bliss.

America is more socialist than Sweden. It gives trillions in corporate socialism to failed banks and corporations. Sweden helps their people instead.


Sorry, I guess I got snookered. CD threads are sleepy enough redoubts, my troll-radar should definitely get triggered when two of them arrive simultaneously in the same thread! Thanks.

“Thank God for Common Dreams, I say!”
Amen to that, to me, one of the great perks here at CD is the ability to import and link other articles, a lot of sites wont allow that.

Judging by the responses above, I guess I missed the trolls again. Sure can be confusing when you see a regular poster ranting, without the trolls post they’re ranting about.

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