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Americans Must Go on the Offensive or Risk Losing Ground


Americans Must Go on the Offensive or Risk Losing Ground

George Lakey

Both Bernie Sanders and the national campaign to raise the minimum wage are sounding a wake-up call for all progressive Americans, especially those trying to save public education. Both are breaking out of the choke-hold the economic elite has on our country’s imagination. Bernie Sanders calls for free higher education. The minimum wage campaign calls for $15/hour, doubling the current federal minimum. They both brazenly demand the “unreasonable,” and thereby influence the public conversation.


“In 2008 when Obama wanted to be FDR” ?

Although the media contrived many Obama/FDR comparisons after the September 2008 financial meltdown, in his 2008 campaign Obama compared himself to Ronny Raygun and praised Raygun more than any president. FDR and JFK were hardly mentioned and Jimmy Carter was not even invited to speak at the 2008 Democratic Party convention.


Life is complex filled with different perspectives, but I find it hard to believe that this author seriously thinks Obama looked to FDR. In one interview shortly after the election he, Obama, referred to himself as a Blue Dog, a truism.


Ridiculous analysis and assertions all the way.

On this:

“I admired his realism; he knew how constrained a U.S. president is when the power of the 1 percent is not challenged by mass action.”

This “blame-the-people” screed renders invisible all of the following:

  1. The control of the conversation via a Captured Media
  2. Where this President’s “good intentions” were place when he installed into key cabinet and advisory positions all of the hustlers that undermined this nation’s economic interests in order to cater to corporations/the 1% at the direct expense of The People
  3. The quid pro quo established by the billion dollar price-tag that Obama’s campaigns rang up (and what was, reciprocally, owed to FIRE: Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate interests, among others)
  4. That these same corporate controls cum treaties are going global in scope
  5. That there are no current checks or balances on absolute power having corrupted absolutely

This sort of disinformation is just the Dem. flavor to Frank Luntz style talking points. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Middle Class hates the poor (as if the vanishing Middle Class is in any position to mete out critical policies)
  2. The U.S. citizenry “isn’t ready” for a single payer health CARE system… sans insurance organized crime-style practices
  3. That not enough people believe in climate change (to arguably shift policy)


It’s always amazing when a narrative remains so married to its own talking points and storyline as to leave out all of the inconvenient facts and background historical data as to challenge its thesis.

From the article:

“Americans have largely forgotten what actually powered the leap forward in the Roosevelt era. Workers occupied factories, neighbors prevented foreclosures, students struck. The 1930s progressive movements in this country took their values and vision and went on the offensive.”

Gee. what would make Americans “forget”?

Could it have anything to do with any of the following items:

  1. McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover’s witch hunt against Labor rights activists cum communists?
  2. Today’s increasing advances in industrialization rendering jobs formerly done by human hands, those executed by robots
  3. Trade treaties like NAFTA that deliberately shipped decent U.S. jobs overseas…with more incentives just like this one being pushed currently (via the TPP and TIPP)

Taking #2 and #3 into account, added to the phenomenal fiscal wastes of foreign wars (depriving the nation of jobs rebuilding infrastructure that’s profoundly in need of it), how much “muscle” do unions possess when corporate style “mob bosses” threaten to send their factories to 3rd world nations?

This nonsense about Americans “forgetting” is total bull shit.

Murdering leaders, anesthetizing unions, demonizing animal/environmental and labor rights activists along with the corporate takeover of our nation’s 3 governing branches through plutocratic stealth explain why little “enthusiasm” for unions exists.

However, janitors, farm workers, and today’s fast food workers certainly ARE organizing as it’s impossible to feed and house a family on the types of wages paid by the Warlmartization of this nation.

But leave out those facts and factors, right, Mr. Lakey. Why spoil a good faux narrative.


You know damned well that if Bernie doesn’t win or make waves, WE end up with a Bush or a Clinton. America apparently never was permitted to cut its ties to its parent-land, England… hence, royal families are positioned to rule here, too.


Sioux rocks the casbah! Every bullet point spot on. Except the bucket list is so overwhelming that if Americans really cared to examine what’s in there, they would spontaneously combust from cognitive dissonance overload.

Also agreed that Bernie must WIN. Is that possible? With a transparent corporate/Wall St. shill like Hillary and her less than beguiling pantsuits the front runner? Hell yeah.


Adding Obama’s response to Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to Sioux’s list would result in FATAL “cognitive dissonance overload”:

In addition to his initial aggressive response to OWS’ 2011 emergence, Obama accelerated “trade deals” with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, while his justice department quickly criminalized OWS’ activities, just to let those protesters know who is boss.


Risk losing ground? When Reagan was first elected, launching the long campaign against the poor, the overall quality of life in the US was rated at #1. By the time Obama was elected, this had already plunged to #43, and we can no longer adequately compete in the modern world market. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare on the 1990s, sending the US on a downward spiral that middle class liberals have preferred to ignore. Ignoring a stick of dynamite as the fuse burns down won’t keep it from exploding.

Face it, the US looked at the policies and programs implemented from FDR to Reagan, which took the US to its height of wealth and productivity, and CHOSE to reverse course, doing just the opposite. Sure, liberals can spend another decade vigorously waving the banner for the middle class, but it isn’t going to change anything.


Incorrect. Usually, the VP goes on to run for president, and VP Joe Biden will be launching his campaign later this summer. Any Dem pol can then challenge him for the nomination, and the primaries will determine which one goes on to run for president in 2016. It’s discouraging (to say the least) that so many people seem unaware of our our elections process works.


If you recall, FDR was a war president. Obama was at least able to restore Social Security, which the Clinton admin had cut (targeting the disabled). FDR was also a “safety net” president, which this generation opposes. It’s impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor. What came to be called AFDC (welfare) was first written into FDR’s Social Security Act, separated in the 1960s to include a focus on education and job skills training. (Contrary to myth, when welfare was at it’s “most generous,” in the 1970s, it had a success rate of over 80%, enabling people to quit welfare for jobs.) Bill Clinton got rid of that, and still had time to target the disabled.

I agree that we didn’t “cover his (Obama’s) back.” Think a minute. Even Occupy, which began as an extraordinary people’s movement, was quickly redefined (by Dem pols, lib media, then some participants themselves) as a middle class movement alone. Middle class elitism has defined our liberal media ever since. What do middle classers want? They want more for themselves while demanding, “No crumbs for the poor!” Well, what the middle class did to the poor, the rich are now doing to the middle class.

Who are “the people,” and what do they want? We don’t know.


Mr Obama is a cynical opportunist who talked the talk only when he needed to. After his election his true colors, a moderate Republican, appeared. To compare him with Roosevelt is to mock the memory of the greatest president of modern times.


I do not know why we cannot with good reason call for the nationalization – socialization, I prefer – of such businesses as cannot presently exist without extensive government subsidy and/or the corrupt manipulation of regulatory processes. Such as insurance, especially health insurance, telecom, defense immediately come to mind and I am sure you can think of others.
Certainly such talk, getting about would draw the attention of our elites – make them think there might be something a lot worse out there than paying a few more dollars in taxes and accepting reasonable regulation.