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Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting the Pentagon to Support Our Real Needs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/20/americans-overwhelmingly-support-cutting-pentagon-support-our-real-needs


Cut them 10% every year until they can pass an audit.


American ‘overwhelmingly support’ many things, some for decades, that NEITHER PARTY has even tried to accomplish and never will. The list is a long one.
So there’s that.


That’s the spirit!

Edwin Starr put it pretty damn clear back in 1969!


Its all about profit margins. War spending has very high profit margins and takes place largely outside the international government procurement system, so it can be confined to US companies and workers only.

More and more other government spending (Federal, state and local) - whenever tax money is involved, must be put up for competitive international bidding and because US wages are higher than all third world countries, (other countries firms) are likely to win. Eventually (soon) its likely that only national security and a few other areas like that will be exempt from these rules. So they will be the only secure jobs. We need to withdraw from trade agreements which will become more costly very quickly the more we delay. Too costly to be done. A dynamic like this is why we dont have affordable healthcare. The long term plant is to outsource the healthcare for the destitute. (Its only allowed to help people who have no chance of being able to afford even the cheapest commercial product. This is why Trump could help people with COVID-19 who were prohibited from working during the midst of a national emergency.)

This is why we can’t re-implement New Deal style jobs programs today, unless we leave these agreements, nomatter what misinformed people tell us. (Many have a vested interest in deceiving us, for example, NGOs that depend on these problems seeming solvable by the means they put forward, for their survival. )

As the scope of these job trading programs expands, millions of once-secure public sector jobs at all levels of goverobs nment - the core jobs that sustain US communities, will be lost to foreign temping firms.

Politicians have not made this common knowledge because they are ashamed of how much they have traded away. They can promise changes and do, as long as it doesn’t win.

Ultimately, the goal is a total disinvestment in society.

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Great post. I wish this were more commonly known. We’re being strangled by these trade agreements and people mostly seem completely unaware of how they affect us, except for the lost jobs aspect.

The lost jobs aspect is likely to become a major, life changing disaster for a good portion of this country, as they wouldnt have been planning 35 years for something small.

The faux-Democrats in the DNC put an end to hopes for ending endless war and distributing what is paid to the military-industrial complex to worthier causes. They are as bad as Rethuglicans and have been since Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” brought Democrats into the competition for oligarch dollars.

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