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Americans Should Be Very Concerned About Bernie Sanders' Record of Opposing Mass Murder

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/americans-should-be-very-concerned-about-bernie-sanders-record-opposing-mass-murder

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This article is weak on substance and on reality. At first I thought the headline was a joke, so I read the rest of it, a sad excuse for an article. Bernie Sanders knows right from wrong better than any other politician in the country! What is wrong with being against mass murder, genocide, mass incarcerations into gulag situations and unlawful incarcerations in our prison systems. Personally I am more concerned about putting the best candidate to defeat DT in 2020. No it isn’t 10 years old Joe, no it isn’t Status Quo Joe, how about that Joe? We need clear thinking with enlightened minds of our populace to put reality at the top of the priority list. Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace


CommonDreams should steer away from IRONY … especially in its headlines !!!


Give us historical FACTS, not cartoonist, naïve and child like bullshit. This article is stupid and the author should go to write for TNR.


Yeah I got hooked as well. It was the…
“what is important here, as it reveals beyond question the saintly motives of Reagan’s foreign policy team.”

Seeing as how I was active duty during that period, and Reagan was anything by saintly.
Good historical to see if you are researching your history.

How many times is the US going to repeat this type of slimy foreign policy.

Why until people learn from history.


Satire. I guess people have trouble identifying it.


In any case, The U.S. doesn’t recognize international law. Hasn’t for a long time now.


So I assume this “reporter” is going to start filing positive stories about Tulsi Gabbard then.
I wont hold my breath.


Same here! All I could think was “What the hell”? Is this a repeat of April Fools!? No need to publish this kind of article. Thanks anyway. Common Dreams is basically a fantastic resource.


The balls Cooper has to call Reagan and his ilk’s motives Saintly is delusional. Their funding and training of murderous deeds(School of the Americas) in South America or for that matter anywhere which refuses to be our mercenaries is beyond disgusting! The USA has been sponsoring wars & terrorism against indigenous people for centuries. For those who are unfortunate to have what we want, the USA has no problem committing crimes against humanity. Coopers rewriting of history & reality needs to be confronted.


Yes, satire. But with current reporting standards, common attitudes and misconceptions, and incessant false flags, best to stick to the simple straight and narrow.


stop wasting our time on so-called satire - time is of the essence. let’s get better reporting of the facts of the matter.


I doubt that many American’s know enough about Nicaragua to know that this article is satire.


The opening statement makes it pretty obvious that this article is satirical in nature:
“Is the U.S. supposed to obey international law like some kind of peasant country? The very idea shocks the conscience.”


It took me a couple of paragraphs to realize it was snark or satire. But I have to say that I kind of agree with the sentiment that such a satirical article, while funny to some on this site, it is a preaching to the choir type of jocularity. I regularly printout CD articles that are hard hitting, and lay out facts and figures with plenty of documentation that I try to pass on to others.This particular article I don’t see myself putting in front of a RepubliCON-leaning friend.


Sarcasm on the internet is dead unless a writer uses a ton of smiley emojis or writes for The Onion. No matter how obvious a writer thinks they are being, there is a percentage of people who will take what is written literally. News sites should stick with what brung 'em.


The level of stupidity in many of the comments here is extremely disturbing. How anyone could miss the obvious, that this is satire and speaks volumes on how the establishment truly fears progressives like Sanders, pretty much explains how we’ve ended up with pResident tRump.

We are doomed.


the CIA was [putting Freedom Mines in Nicaraguan harbors in 1984]

Ooh-ooh, does this mean ‘freedom mines’ was the precursor to freedom gas???


Tarsus is spot on…the article is excellent satire, though not what we normally encounter here on CD. (-:


Yes. One has to have a good grasp of the historical events being satirized. Those of us who watched those events transpire may be at an advantage.