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Americans Want to End the Country's Longest War. Why Won't Congress Listen?


Americans Want to End the Country's Longest War. Why Won't Congress Listen?

Barbara Lee

America’s longest war continues to drag on with no end in sight. More than 14 years since the invasion of Afghanistan, our highly capable men and women in uniform have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They have done enough; it’s past time to bring them home.

On 15 October we saw the ramifications of Congress’s blank check for endless war when President Obama announced that thousands of US troops would remain in Afghanistan through the end of his term and into 2017.


Thank you Rep. Lee...you are a brave, humane and astute advocate for both security and the development of productive U.S. relations with the other nations of the world. Would that all Americans could have YOU as a Congressional Rep.


Thank you Congresswoman Lee for your Leadership in 2001 through today. While you might not have won the argument back then, you surely do have many more voices behind you now. Going into Af-Pak was a colossal blunder strategically. The hubris of fighting in an area not understood or even properly mapped is beyond belief. The "intelligence" community really showed is rump on that call. It really disgusts me that President Peacey Prizey will kick the can down the road into 45's administration.


Ms. Lee it is called oligarchy, and it is the inherent weakness of all democracies, recognized for many centuries now. The current one, here in the land of milk and honey, will either have to be completely revamped or destroyed. The oligarchy will not allow any major changes, and the removal of the current system will probably result in an open and belligerent fascist state. That is the actual case now, though it still hides behind the trappings of a faux republic.

I too admire your courage. One out of 240-some? And, if anything, the H of R has only gotten goofier since then. Must be destroyed, or will it destroy itself?


How can one person be so completely correct and remain so clearly sane among murderers who howl for barbaric endless war that has no point except profit for corporatists and a $5,000/minute luncheon speaking schedule for retired presidents and other higher up muckity mucks?

You make me proud to have been born in Berkeley, Representative Lee. Thank you.


You don't just bring home the troops serving in Afghanistan Representative Lee. You bring home all of the troops. then you shut down amerika's 800+ overseas bases. (Except for our bases in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the US Virgin Is.) You bring home all of the fighter aircraft, and the drones. When all of the Air Force fighters return home, we lock out their "in flight refueling capability"! Air Force aircraft are to be stationed in the "homeland for the "protection" of the US homeland! The US Army is to be restricted to the fifty United States, and the US Navy will be restricted to within 500 nautical miles of the continental US and our offshore possessions! The only amerikan combat forces to be stationed anywhere overseas will be the US Marines as they carry out their duties defending US Embassies around the world! The CIA's newest and only mission will be to supply the president with the most current and best intelligence so that the president can plan US Foreign Policy! Then a heavy duty course for all of our politicians, military leadership and ambassadors on the United States learning to mind it's own fucking business!!! We then would be in a position to cut the military budget by some 60% and still have the world's most powerful military. With the money we save on the draw down of our military we could fix much of our long ignored infrastructure here at home! Then we as a people would have the leisure time to turn our attention to our court system and our politicians! Torches, pitchforks and baseball bats for everyone!


Here's my new fantasy: Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic primary and chooses Barbara Lee as his running mate. I like them both, A LOT, and yet they are hardly redundant. In fact, they offer the perfect balance, in terms of geography, race, gender, issues they emphasize, you name it.


We would be far better off if everyone were to vote for a political ticket of Jill Stein and Cynthia McKinney!


Everyone who voted for Obama in 2012 endorsed Permanent War, Killer-Drones, and the American Gulag System, whether they admit it or not. Just like everyone who supports Bernie Sanders, who has made no concrete promises to discontinue or even scale back our Permanent Wars, is also endorsing these horrors.

As long as Americans continue to support the two-party Duopoly of Terror we are going to be at war.


Outside the few such as Ms Lee, Congress does not represent the Citizens of the United States of America. It represents the 1 percent and their profits,

Sitting on the board of one Genie energy which found a major oil field in the Golan heights are such people as Dick Cheney, Larry Summers and James Woolsey. They have a "stake" in that conflict and it the potential for profits. The same applies to that war in Afghanistan. There is "money to be made".

See Smedley Butler.


Why won't congress listen? Because Amerika has been a military dictatorship for at least the last 120 years posing as a democracy. Congress, with very few exceptions, like Congresswoman Lee and a handful of others like Wayne Morse and Paul Wellstone have been, and are, nothing but sycophants for the MIC and the fascist, world wide Amerikan Empire .


Smedley Butler: " WAR IS A RACKET".

And unfortunately, congress as a whole, is nothing but a cabal of criminals who acquiesce to, and condone the war racket. They are insouciant to the terrible murders and egregious suffering their abdication of morals and plenary has caused innocent people in foreign countries.


The US occupation of Afghanistan (it long ago stopped being a "war") exists for none of the reasons we're being told. (Imagine that!) By occupying Afghanistan the US controls (or tries to) a critical piece of real estate, denying Russia, China and Iran a clean sweep in the region, preventing them from building pipelines, for instance. Afghanistan is also rich in minerals. And don't forget the opium and heroin trade, which the Taliban had virtually eliminated but which has flourished under US occupation. And then there's all the "defense" contracts, of course.

Just none of the reasons we're being told.


Right-on, Sister Lee! We need to quit throwing good lives after bad, and just get the hell out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of this quagmire. We especially need to quit financially and militarily supporting the Zionist thieves of Israel, and leave them to their Arab and Palestinian "neighbors" to deal with. I'm sorry, but yes your son/husband/father/sister/daughter/wife did die in vain, and we need to end others also doing so. Within a year of whenever we finally have enough and leave, the Taliban will once again run Afghanistan. Jeffersonian democracy cannot be imposed from above, they have to want it, and they obviously don't - at least not enough of them do.


Will this helter-skelter withdrawal resemble the tawdry exit from Vietnam? If so, then prepare for a slaughter of those folks who sided with the U.S. led coalition which went into Afghanistan over a dozen years ago. I've worked with, and know families, whose members were robbed, raped, butchered and thrown overboard after we ( yes, we Americans ) started something egregious and reprehensible and then left someone else holding the bag ( of dung ).. We need to have a settlement of grievances, and a peace conference and treaty signed with UN enforcement and troops, before we do the same stupid things we always do. Should we of went there is a moot ?, now. But, leaving private contractors, and worse, to protect and stabilize this Afghan situation is a fool's errand at best. And, I prefer not to think about the worst case scenarios. I've protested every war since Vietnam and this is what I get from my rubed fellow Americans; a kind of psychological collateral damage to the soul, ex post facto, of course. I admire Congresswoman Lee a great deal but this is only half the answer. How very unfortunate for the dead and destroyed people, there and here. Can we get a witness?


While items like the Spanish-American war suggest empire-building HAS gone on for over 100 years; the real uptick in covert actions (as in the development of an insidious, Deep State apparatus) took hold with the passage of whatever Act led (in l947) to the N.S.A. That organization and its CIA affiliate in conjunction with Organized Crime and Big Money has assassinated both American and foreign leaders that did not do the bidding of its clients: a select sampling of the 1%.

In this interim, Project Paperclip's deliberate integration of Nazi Intelligence into covert U.S. military operations also shifted the climate to one of Absolute Power using all sorts of mind control, stealth, and immoral acts to obtain its (Ends Justify the Means, Might Makes Right) objectives.

The inception of the NSA, the following McCarthy era purge of any left-leaning intellectuals (added to a major scare that silenced Hollywood pretty much thereafter), and the assassinations of Martin, Bobby, and John (Kennedy)... led up to 911 and essential rule by this hidden consortium of empowered entities.

More currently, the deregulation of media allowed for a handful of broadcast corporations to purchase all major mass media. This, in turn, paved the way for all propaganda, all the time: the wet dream of the military industrial complex now morphed into mass media as a military-media-industrial complex.


I agree with your description what the the US really is.

In that context, I find it quite amazing that we have a (seemingly) free internet. Either the internet was some sort of miscalculation that the plutocrats will soon correct (i.e., take away in its current form), or the plutocracy is so sturdy that the internet is no threat to them (they can also use it, after all). If it is the former, then revolutionary action is urgent for the window of opportunity may close soon.


Barbara I recall your intelligence and bravery as you were the one and only nay vote against the occupation of Iraq. Thank you for that. You spoke for the sane Americans in this country.
Why won't congress listen? Because their puppet strings are controlled by the Industrial Military Complex!! The end.


The vote was on the AUMF, which was spun to bring on this endless mess, and it has never really been seriously debated again since 2001. The Iraq War vote fell under this same umbrella of authorization, I believe. Many Congress Critters have called for that new vote but it has never happened. The MENA disaster continues to be a cash cow for both parties' " moderates ", aka " chickenhawks ", with some very brave exceptions. Since the POTUS and each Congress Critter takes an oath to defend this country, the smear of being " against us instead of for us ", is used like a sledgehammer for those who venture off The Establishment's talking points. This makes Congresswoman Lee a brave soul, indeed.


Just as the old USSR's economy was destroyed by their version of the Afghanistan War, so will that of the United States. The endless wars all over the world, now ongoing since Vietnam, cannot be sustained. And even if they could be, we, and all of humanity and life on Earth will be destroyed by human caused climate catastrophe due to lack of funds and commitment and ability to work with other nations. The beginning of the end of the US, as history will record, was the assassination of JFK by the CIA with the knowledge and approval of the highest levels of our government. Read the Robert Parry trilogy on the Bushes to perk your interest and begin your education. The sad part of all this is people and life on the entire planet are suffering immense misery and death due to the collaboration of a few powerful, wealthy individuals with the complicity of a government which no longer functions for the good of the American people. Obama's look forward, not back at our history of this latest travesty of the refusal to hold the Bush Administration accountable for War Crimes is just a perpetuation of the serious crimes and treasonous acts by high level US officials.