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Americans Will Only "Sit Up" for Trump When He's Handcuffed and Frog-Marched Out of the White House


Americans Will Only "Sit Up" for Trump When He's Handcuffed and Frog-Marched Out of the White House

Juan Cole

Trump on Friday added to the astronomic tally of his bizarre brainfarts by saying of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un: "He speaks, and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same."


There was a poll that found that 9% of Americans agree with the neo-Nazis. I have a feeling there is considerable overlap between the 9% for the noo-Nazis and the 9.5% who agree completely with Trump. Of course Trump gets support in voting from single issue voters on gun control and abortion. He also gets a lot of votes from people who disagree with him on many issues but are very bothered by the recent increase in Hispanics that they see in their communities or fear such an increase will occur. That doesn’t get him a majority but with the electoral college he doesn’t need a majority of the popular vote, only electoral college votes those are the votes that really count. .


since when are we “his” people? it sounds wrong just repeating it. what is mind boggling to me is the millions who are turning their heads the other way when he says stuff like this. whatever happened to common sense?


I wouldn’t interpret poll percentages too literally with a pathological liar like Trump. Such a poll has significant reliability only if its based on what Trump does, not what he says. As we have seen with Trump on many issues, his stated position, today, is not the same, tomorrow. Weeding out his actual actions from all the incomprehensible gibberish the man spouts is no easy task. Trump’s only long-term plan is to jump on any opportunity to glorify himself when it comes his way. He has the intellectual capacity of a moldy potato.

I would much rather see a poll on the Republican party record since Trump took office. The Republicans and a handful of complicit Democrats have been Trump’s enablers. Such a poll would be a better predictor of the electorate going into November. Trump, as always, is a disgusting freak show, not the main act.


One thing you didn’t figure into your political equation Juan Cole, is the utter corruption of the neo-liberals and the Democratic Party. That and the progressives that won’t submit to their vote for us or else blackmail. If bringing down the country is the cost for the destruction of this duopoly farce, so be it.


Too many of our fellow peons think all-out war against the current situation in this country is to be avoided at all costs; the problem with that is that our ‘government terrorists’ are fighting wars in 8 different countries across this planet. What’s the difference between fighting illegal wars in other countries as opposed to we peons fighting a righteous war to reinstate OUR rights in OUR country? I’d rather fight to get our country BACK than fight even one more war for oil!


On the bright side, we can credit Trump with showing us the truth about the American people. This country is extremely polarized, and regardless of disagreement on particular issues, his popularity among Republicans has shown us what a huge population of racist, bigot, fascist psychopath-cheerleaders we have here. They really want to make him the next Hitler.


At least one MSNBC reporter present for the remarks said (I am paraphrasing:) “Taken in context, Trump seemed to be referring to his staff, and not all of the American people.”


We, are “not” your people.

And, you are “not” our president.

We can’t wait for the day you are put in shackles and led away to a cell for the criminally insane.


… if they don’t come for us first.


Truth is most people do not vote and of eligible voters maybe 20-25% voted republican and then there is purging of voter rolls and caging etc. I wonder of those who voted for this president how many are happy now. We can all thank the democrat party for giving us Donald trump.?? I really mean that. The democrats rigged the election against Bernie. The whole system is corrupt and getting worse by the day


You’re right, and with the new ‘rule’ the DNC has instituted it will be damned near impossible for good, progressive candidates to win any election. I was seriously considering voting straight Dem ticket this November until I found out what the DNC is trying to do – they haven’t learned sh*t since 2016, they continue being the insane ostriches they are (sticking their heads in the sand while expecting a different outcome)!


54% of eligible voters, voted in 2016. But, this # doesn’t count provisional ballots cast and not counted or spoiled ballots. Number unknown.
In 2016 the purging of voter rolls also removed some eligible voters using Cross Check software.
Additional purges or the abuse of ex-felons eligible to vote is also a # that’s not readily available. Number unknown, as well.
Discouraged voters are more apt to become apathetic citizens, less likely to vote in the future.
This is not a bug in our election schemes, on the local, state and federal level. It is a desirable outcome, by some, and an enhancement to our election schemes. Lets hope, for this country and the planet, resistance is not a futile exercise.


Well, I am certainly NOT one of Old Orange Butt’s people. He’s arrogant to think many are “his people”


If Trump wants to see a truly “bigly” crowd all he will have to do is look around as he is frog marched to the gibbet.


A public hanging of Trump in Washington, D.C. would draw a nice crowd, too.


Way bigglier than his phony inauguration.
He is such a traitorous douchebag. A sign of the toilet bowl half of the US has become.


I’d prefer to see the Dumps receive the Romanov treatment rather than the perp walk.


Let me guess. Stupid, fat, white, male, cracker ?

Amiright, Trump Dump? The stench is strong with you.


When you see a dog with rabies, you put down the dog with rabies. The #MAGA crowd are rabid dogs.