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Americans with Disabilities Lead the Fight Against Trumpcare


Americans with Disabilities Lead the Fight Against Trumpcare

Julia Conley, staff writer

Protesters descended on Republican Senators' offices all over the country on Wednesday, demanding that their elected officials vote against the Senate healthcare bill—which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said this week would take away health coverage from 22 million Americans.


Unless we provide a non-profit system Medicare For All, covering everyone, we will be fighting this issue over and over.
Medicare For All of us. NOW!


We have been fighting this issue “over and over” since universal medical coverage was first introduced in DC in 1945.


Don’t fuck with my barebones healthcare!
Healthcare not warfare.
Republican and Democrat swine.:pig2:


Excuse me? That’s how insurance works. The problem is that the insurance industry socks premiums away to provide dividends, from which they pay as little benefit as possible. Yes, these people are more expensive because we have the “best medical care in the world” available, dangled in people’s faces to make us think we might be able to survive and even get back to work.

And btw,

Please be careful. “Critical care” has a specific meaning in medicine, and the important requirements of the ACA are for preventive and routine care, to lessen the need for critical care, which is more expensive for everybody. Also, “pre-existing conditions” includes any illness for-profit insurance chooses to use as an excuse for refusing to sell insurance, or for selling it at exorbitant rates. Think of children with recurrent ear infections, or me with Type2 Diabetes that I’ve just gotten under control, apparently thanks to medications that have been covered by private insurance. Or now that I’ve finally had my tick-borne disease diagnosed, if I somehow fell out of my husband’s employer-connected insurance, I could be denied insurance coverage for any kind of recovery to where I can work again or even care for myself at home. Under the GOP “reconciliations” I could wind up on the street and left to die.

Bless these ADAPT folks for putting their more apparent disabilities on the record, accepting awkward arrests. They speak for millions who either can’t get there or can’t take the risks.