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America's '2+2=5 Moment' Is a Scary Lurch Toward Autocracy

America's '2+2=5 Moment' Is a Scary Lurch Toward Autocracy

Will Bunch
There's a very real difference between twisting facts and blowing them up, to create a state where objective truth not only no longer matters but doesn’t even really exist. 

Implicit in this article is that NOW is different from the past.

I disagree.

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex; before him was retired general Smedley Butler; and I personally watched and researched the massive cover up that was the Kennedy assassinations in the period 1963 thru 1968. Collusion included the doctors who first saw JFK after the Dallas shooting.

No - there is no lurch towards autocracy.

What there was was a young man from Boston seeing the light - and having seen it, and willing and able to do something about it - eliminated.

Then his younger brother, who would assuredly have become President, and a tiger by nature who would have likely imprisoned a good section of the Pentagon and the CIA was quickly dispatched as well.

That was fifty years ago.

This is not a lurch - merely further consolidation.


Even as authoritarian, anti democratic governance flourishes under the current administration, it continues its denial of its very bases and policies. That is not only authoritarian, but extremist.
Consequently it is no surprise that the CBC reports the following:
"In unveiling the new strategy, which will set priorities for the Pentagon for years to come, Defence Secretary James Mattis called China and Russia “revisionist powers” that “seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models.” "
Point the finger at the other guy while perpetrating same - it’s the oldest trick in the book. Three major authoritarian powers in this world, and only one pretends it’s a democracy championing freedom and virtue.!


"The French people would probably vote to leave the EU if presented with a similar choice to the Brexit referendum, Emmanuel Macron has said, arguing that the UK had taken a big risk by asking “yes or no on a very complicated subject”. (see link below).

Implicit in this comment by the supposedly progressive Macron is contempt for democracy - no doubt a sentiment shared by the vast majority of politicians.

It is the two-faced nature of the politician which disgust me - saying one thing while all the while believing another.


These days - in this ‘era’ or ‘epoch’ comedians are one of the most valuable means of shaking up the detritus from abuses by empire and its thugs

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Mr. Bunch is concerned with truth, is he. I suggest he start with the national disgrace that is Russia-gate. Russia-gate promoters level their hysteria and smears at the truth tellers, the truth seekers, to include Prof. Stephen Cohen, Robert Parry, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, among others. This farce has been going on now for well over a year with no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russian President Putin. G. Greenwald has documented many of the media’s erroneous reports.


This article should be read several times. It could not be more important. What we have is an epistemological crisis. What is truth? How do we know what it is? I think most of us rely on empirical evidence to tell us what is true or not. We just don’t want to be told what is true, we want to know the evidence that proves it. That is what science is about and also journalism, which requires less rigorous proof. But in the Trump alternative reality universe populated by right wing extremists evidence does not matter. Those claiming to have evidence cannot be trusted. Scientists cannot be trusted. Journalists cannot be trusted. The only one who really can be trusted is the leader, Trump. Trump supporters are paranoid about the establishment and are conspiracy theorists. A common conspiracy is that all the liberal policies that they detest can be blamed on a world conspiracy of Jews, particularly Jewish bankers. They believe global warming was created by the New World Order to control human behavior. Trump himself is a fan of Alex Jones who has created numerous conspiracy theories. The internet and social media in particular has played a major role in spreading conspiracy theories to the point that we have have an authoritarian in the White House whose agenda is based on saving the white race from being wiped out by the policies of liberals. Can it get any more crazier?


Donald, keep eating those BIG MACS.


“[A] state where objective Truth not only no longer matters but doesn’t even Exist.”

In Relation: this article – to 9/11, WMD, and First Draft Coalition[s]

Military Psychological Operations and US Strategy: “the planned use of communications to influence attitudes or behavior should, if properly used, Precede, Accompany, and Follow all applications of force. Put another way, psychological operations is the one weapons system which has an important role to play in Peacetime, Throughout the spectrum of conflict, and During the aftermath of conflict.”

In other words, the U.S. government could engage in PsyOps virtually Anytime because there are always “periods of acute tension involving a Threat to the lives of American citizens.”

The USAID-funded OCCRP also collaborates with Bellingcat. The New York Times, Washington Post, and Google [etc.] has included Bellingcat on its First Draft Coalition, which will determine which News will be deemed Real and which Fake.


"Dr. Ronny Jackson gave a glowing report regarding President Donald Trump’s health last week, while medical experts said his lab results likely put him at risk for a heart attack."
Yes please :yum::hugs:


An important point is that this is not so much about governments or corporations lying. that is par for the course, particularly for the latter, but about a mass movement of people that is based on lies or a claim that there is no objective truth. It is the called the white nationalist movement. It is joined on the right by the patriot movement with its militias that believes the federal government misinterprets the Constitution to assume powers it really doesn’t have. These people believe that highest level of law enforcement in the US according to the Constitution is the county sheriff. Trump has brought all these people who usually are spit over various disagreements to work for a common purpose, the election of Donald Trump. Whether or not Trump is a fascist or not isn’t clear, so far he has not unleashed anything like the paramilitaries to terrorize people as Hitler and Mussolini did, but the movement behind him is clearly fascist and dangerous. In recent years, white supremacists have carried twice as many terrorist attacks in the US as jihadists. And the white supremacists and militias are recruiting ex-military people into their ranks.


Nothing progressive about Macron, he is a libertarian neo-liberal.



my favorite i.f. stone quote -

‘never believe anything until it has been officially denied.’


strong text’WAITING FOR 4 TO RETURN.

what will it take to wake the american sheep up or have the wolves already surrounded us?


And he never claimed to be the ‘progressive’ candidate, in that sense of ‘progressive’. Candidates who were more ‘progressive’ than him were eliminated in the first round of voting, giving the French a choice between Macron, and populist Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

As for the broader meaning of the article, such a bother to recall seeing a good article on the subject recently and be unable to recall it. But it is better to know that when they tell you that 2+2=5, or = 3, or =4.5, or some other number, that it is probably off from the correct number, than to think that by replacing ‘them’ that you can believe them when they tell you that 1+2 = 4. I.F. Stone had it right. “Don’t trust government.” Someone else carried that thought further, “Take back the power from them, and exercise it yourself.”

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Yes, the denial of truth is a major factor in American politics. No kidding.

Trump’s waistline is not. Here we have someone who is surely one of the most easily criticized persons in the history of American politics, and #Resistance is down to fat-shaming.

Come on. What’s the point, really? This appears to be the moment when the magician gives you something to focus your eyes and accomplishes his deceit–elsewhere.

When the Nuremberg trials convicted Nazi officers for war crimes, they were very careful to not accuse anyone of crimes for bombing or missiles, including the prolonged V1 and V2 assault upon London civilians.

Why? Well, of course, the Allies had themselves massively targeted civilians at Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and elsewhere. Moreover, they were likely quite aware that they were apt to do so again: they apparently felt that this worked for them.

The motivation here at the very least appears similar. Why not criticize Trump for intervention in Syria, dangerous provocations against Russia and Iran and China and Korea, military expansion, support for Israeli racist atrocities, the dismantling of the social net, persecution of journalists, or blazing irresponsibility in the face of every sort of ecological problem? He’d be hard put to be more guilty.

It may very well be because these have all been Democratic policy throughout the Obama administration and remain certainly much in line with the politics of Hillary Clinton, whom both the Democrats and the press would present as having been not only a legitimate candidate but an alternative for progressive voters.

It may be because Democratic candidates, hopefuls, and media allies are planning to further their careers by doing pretty much the same thing.

Come on. There’s nothing wrong with being vitriolic where it’s due; it just does not get you out of making a case.


Good post.

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Why are Democrats surprised that Obama’s former physician whom they loved now discovers a godlike state of health in his new c-in-c? Don’t they know that the military is all about following the orders of superiors?

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Yo Will, you’re a Philly guy, why not blow the whistle on the Biggest Lie of them all - the mother of all lies! The Fairy tale of 911…2 planes knock down three buildings, concrete turned into dust, steel hustled off to China before forensic examination at a crime scene, strange stock transaction where millions have gone unclaimed, announcing the collapse of wtc 7 before it happened, Will, just tell me when to stop because there is plenty more from the Big Lie! Go Birds!