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America's Arms Sales Addiction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/18/americas-arms-sales-addiction

Arms sales and arms-making technology ( read Israel ) ", and the beat goes on. "
Military Keynesianism on hyper-drive is actually a very ineffective economic policy for stimulating the U.S. We’ve studied this to death ( sorry ) since the Vietnam War and no one can prove otherwise. Though lord knows the DOD & MIC keep trying.
This continuous " war-footing budgeting for jobs " has led to all sorts of distortions in our national priorities. But, it has been a damn good deal for the 10% of wealthy investors who own 90% of the stocks.
When our national infrastructure gets C- & D grades, when our country has 40 million uninsured and many millions underinsured, when there is a vast underfunding of public investment in affordable housing, ongoing education and affordable child care…; well shit, we all know the laundry list that is neglected when the Congress trips over themselves running to kiss ( the asses of a ) retired general in full battlefield regalia.
The MSM jumps in on this ( ass kissing ) contest and away we go… off to cause more trouble in an increasingly exhausted world.
Enough is way more than enough, in these increasing instances of political/economic crap.


Apparently, spending far less on R&D, Russia has advanced weapons systems for sale that make US-made equipment look primitive. And the F-35, the mother of all US MIC boondoggles, is proving to be a weapon no one wants and no can afford. Yet there’s always room in the military budget for more spending, with bi-partisan support.

Meanwhile, the MIC lapdogs of the mainstream media ask Bernie one question: how will you pay for it?


Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s tally on weapons sales

The continuity of arms sales policy from Bush to Obama to Trump is staggering.

But pointing this out to former President Obama is seen by “centrist” Dems as #toofarleft

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Are presidents obliged to sell their stocks in Weapon manufacturing companies before taking office?
Otherwise, isn’t their a selfish motive in ensuring arms sales?

We are selling to other countries on researched security issues for the United States?
Or just to make sales for manufacturers?

Are we buying favor with these sales?
Just remember, Israel and Saudi Arabia are still ideological adversaries, despite the current 69ning going on.
The Palestinians are still Arabs, and the current swell of Islamic alliances that reaches as far as Malaysia does not bode well for the region.

I don’t think the Shia faction will stand up against the wahabis in a regional confrontation.

Of course, if there is all out war, The weapons sales will sky rocket.

Hopefully we are weened off oil by then.

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We have a domestic, as well as foreign, arm sales problem.