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America's Collapsing Trade Initiatives


America's Collapsing Trade Initiatives

Robert Kuttner

Chinese president Xi Jinping will be in Washington this week on an official state visit. President Obama had hoped to impress Xi with an all but sealed trade deal with major Pacific nations called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to demonstrate that America is still a force to be reckoned with in China's backyard.


This has got to be the most promising and uplifting article that I have read in A long, long time-
These deceptive "Trade" deals are nothing but Corporate and Bankster guarantees of financial/political control over the citizens of America and hegemony over rest of the World-

The secret word oddly missing in this article-"Both are on the verge of collapse from their own contradictory goals and incoherent logic", that is nowhere to be found, is "Secretive"
I entirely hope that soon to be "Lame Duck" Obama falls flat on his lying face on this set of agreements!


Obama is in a class of politicians (it's crowded) that can't distinguish between the financial economy and the real economy. I read that Bernie's campaign doodads are union made in America. That's a nice change. Sort of gives one hope.


Praise any and all of our Gods and Goddesses. Please, please, don't let the "trade" agreements (that are really agreements among the one percent to allow corporate rule to supersede domestic law) pass. Please allow them to go into the trash bin of history, where they belong.


I think the rich people who run the smaller countries know full well that they'd be very little fish in a global trade pond.

Our corruption prevents more corruption, perhaps? :?


How can these be called "trade" deals? They're all about establishing corporate fiefdoms, rewarding the dukes and barons of the corporate/banking world while the people become serfs to their specific corporacrat and citizenship dissolves around us. How long before we, or our kids, find out who we belong to, or who owns which part of us, or which element of our life?


In discussing Chinese President Ping's arrival in Seattle today on NPR, TPP gunner Gary Locke repeated his rusty "TPP will level the playing field for US workers" mantra. Locke forgets to mention that TPP is a bowling ball and US workers are bowling pins.


One thing Obama was never thinking about was how his "trade deals" would affect the people living in the country he purports to serve. Another example of who this president has always served!


This is a welcome perspective, and with hope, a prescient one. But until CD runs the headline "The Deals Are Dead," I will remain firmly rooted in protest and advocacy against them. All over the world, folks have been in the streets, including around the venues of these meetings. Hundreds of thousands of people of different nationalities (including Americans) protesting these horrible deals clearly have created space for other governments to resist US bullying.

To think these deals will just fall under their own weight--without a vigilant public to make sure they do--is a mistake.



"Locke forgets to mention that TPP is a bowling ball and US workers are bowling pins." Nice!!