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America's Longest War Gets Longer


America's Longest War Gets Longer

Eric Margolis

Anti-Russian hysteria in America reached its apogee this week as Democrats tried to divert attention from embarrassing revelations about how the Democratic Party apparatus had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders by claiming Vlad Putin and his KGB had hacked and exposed the Dem’s emails.

This was rich coming from the US that snoops into everyone’s emails and phones across the globe. Remember German chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone being bugged by the US National Security Agency?


The US is "stuck" in Afghanistan because the corporations want it to be so that the natural resources may be guarded until semi-safely extracted. War is a Racket (Gen. Smedley D. Butler), after all. No hand wringing, public or private, will change this reality. There is no political solution to greed. None. Zip. Nada...


Yep--I Am With Her.
Hillary- I hear that children are very important to you.
How about these kids?

VOTE Hillary and the WAR PARTY.


We will hear so much about Clinton's love of children during the next 100 days it will make us sick.

Although US voters learned little from the Viet Nam occupation, corporations and the politicians they own learned that eternal occupations and wars equal eternal revenue for the military industrial complex.


From Hubba Bubba's SOS:


Going hand in hand with all of these wars is the tremendous harm they wreak on the environment.

This an article about the legacy of WW1 illustrating how areas where the battles fought some 100 years ago are still unsuitable for LIFE.


Since that time Bikini Atoll and areas in the South Pacific and in Asia uninhabitable due to Nuclear testing. Areas across the US Midwest closed due to Military testing. Islands off Korea made uninhabitable . Vietnam saturated with agent orange, the legacy of it still resulting in birth defects and early deaths. Laos still has farmers getting limbs blown off from old cluster munitions. Iraq, Syra and Libya all subjected to DU munitions.

The Military of nations the world over are one of the highest single source polluters we have and it not just "dirty water".

One can only imagine the destruction NATO weapon systems leave behind in Afghanistan and the toxic legacy it will leave for the people that remain. All of this for what they claim is "defeating terrorism".

Here an example of that "terrorism" in Canada.

A court overturned the conviction of two people accused of plotting to plant bombs in the BC Legislature. The judge ruled that this was 100 percent a Police manufactured plot, that they groomed the two marginalized people for the act and the accused would never have involved themselves in such were it not for the Police leading them along.


That is not all and I encourage people to do their own searches on this.

What are the odds that a news reporter would be on the scene of two separate mass killings in Europe that happened weeks and hunders of miles apart BEFORE they occurred and then record and report on the events as they occurred?What are the odds this same reporter would be an Israeli citizen and married to an Intelligence Agent in the Israeli Military?

Was it all coincidence? Look up the name Richard Gutjahr and decide for yourself,This person just happened to be there to witness both the killings in Nice France and the shootings in Munich Germany.

We are being played friends.The "Russians" hacking emails, this lingering war in Afghanistan, the manufactured "terror" incident in Canada, the bombings and attacks in France and elsewhere, Ms Clinton being selected and groomed as the next leader of "the free World' all a part of the same great con in the desire for the New World Order so long imagined by the 1 percent. A World where they own everything and have absolute control over everyone and there no room for dissent of any kind from any country on this Earth.

It WILL be hell.All of LIFE will be a subject of the 1 percent along with everything else.


Margolis sez: " ... Democrats tried to divert attention from embarrassing revelations about how the Democratic Party apparatus had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders by claiming Vlad Putin and his KGB had hacked and exposed the Dem’s emails."

A tried and true method of misdirection. Just as Rove spoon-fed Rather a dose of actual truth regarding Shrub's non-military service, but included the poison pill of the fake document with which it was delivered.

What service record/rigged primaries? Look at that shiny poison pill!


Yep, you got that? The Russians did it. It all fits so nicely into the plan for confrontation with them that HRC and buddies are whipping up.
Afghanistan is another whipped up ruse to allow the U.S. to insert their insatiable pig snout into what ever commodities might net some money. Word is that the CIA is getting money for their black projects from the poppy business. Wonder why we have a heroin problem?
U.S. has been scapegoating everything for so long it's warn thin and no longer has the effect it once did. But of course they're so out of touch they think it still works and I'm sure it does for some people but for anyone paying attention the convention was nothing more than another snow job by the Dems frantically trying to hold on to the image of Dems being the one's you can trust. It's a lie, they are the one's we have to worry about.


Well said. So tragically true.


HP....This is a piece by Eric Margolis, not CD or staff writers - criticism of them for it is misplaced......divisiveness only serves TPTB, IMO. peace


Fairly said HP, touché. There don't seem to be many (or any) positive articles available re Jill Stein at this time. Clearly there is a bias toward the two, and deflection of alternative party candidates by the media in general - that is a failure of journalistic responsibility to the people. Jill is also being overtly vilified by writers and supporters of the two, and "independent" pundits carrying water for either. It seems the Greens desperately need a national media manager/pit bull/provocateur or canny "propagandist" to get some goddamn exposure! I hope that when Jill makes news it will be covered by CD and staff. Certainly the Green Convention will qualify and we'll see who responds and how. Peace

edit - found this interesting and current piece with input from Ralph Nader - While the publisher is not high on my list of sources they are at least mentioning Jill Stein.



America's Longest War has been against Communists, Socialists, IWW "Wobblies," Unionizers, Share the Wealth advocates, Abolitionists, The Old Traditional Left, The New Left, Hippies, Yippies, The Weathermen, The Symbionese Liberation Army, Red China, Russia sometimes the USSR, Korean Socialism and all countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and seekers of behavioral freedom and economic quality.

It began to pick up with the Marx Engels books in the 19th Century,. battled for Coal Miners, got going under Woodrow Wilson and his Attorney General Palmer

And so on and on and on. So it goes as Kurt Vonnegut was wont to say. if I've left any important battlegrounds out, please add them.


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Just as the Wall Street debacle meant a transfer of wealth from taxpayers/homeowners to Wall Street, the ongoing war that's lasted 15 years represents a transfer of wealth from citizens to the MIC and weapon manufacturers... those old War profiteers who were once held in check by government agencies tasked with countering their darkest-of-all objectives.

So the frame that laments what taxpayers wasted on war fails to mention the key to any crime against person or humanity:

Cui bono?