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America's Political Divide: A Modest Proposal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/13/americas-political-divide-modest-proposal

“In Blue America, we’d have. . .” constant war, high unemployment due to all real jobs going to slaves overseas and what jobs we would still have would be gig jobs. Unionization would be criminalized, our financial sector would be allowed to do whatever they wanted, and if there were any legislature left in Blue America it would need the financial sector’s permission to pass any bill. A serious effort to slow climate change would continue to get nothing but lip service. . .

This guy really holds a Ph.D? Yikes.


During the early 90s I was a professor at a top ten research university and quickly learned that you get a PhD by building research atop years of group think based research and then you publish or perish. I decided that I was not PhD material and didn’t walk away from that job…I ran.

Dr. Koechlin should have dispensed with all the PhDspeak and delivered a simpler message that conveyed the same idea by quoting Rush Limpba (earlier this week) “we are trending toward secession”.

Rush and I have now agree on something for the first time. Lets undo Lincoln’s big error and HELP the red states secede. They have been nothing but a millstone around our necks for 150 years. Lincoln’s primary motivation to keep the US together was to prevent California (and to a lesser degree Oregon) from joining the confederacy and derailing manifest destiny. No worries about that this time around.


This writer forgot one simple thing: The red states would spend most of their time attacking the blue states!


Not if the blue states create a propaganda blitz that convinces the red states that Russia is out get them.

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The “Red States” would obviously include States that belonged to the Confederacy but the Civil war occurred before many of those Mid West states added.

Those Mid West States (Kansas, the Dakotas, Montana and the like) tend to be “red states” in inclination. Now were the US to Seperate in two this would mean the Blue state USA is not contiguous as it would include the West Coast (with New Mexico and maybe Colorado) and then the North East and great lakes region. Pakistan/West Pakistan tried this and in unworkable wherein East Pakistan became Bangladesh.

This would likely mean the USA breaking into three.


Probably 4
Northern California, Oregon, Washington State = Ecotopia !
… by Ernest Callenbach


Read it in the mid 70’s. Always had a soft spot for the concept.


Correct - You’d have the Northeast Strip - (including Philly on down through DC) and “Pacifica”.

Remember, the MidWest is only blue primarily in Chicago and Detroit - the rest of Midwest is red.

The interesting question is would the split be by state, congressional district or something else?

I suspect were this to occur , those Red states would soon grow tired of how much power Texas has and would want to split away again.

I looked at a map of the past two election results which was broken down to various districts rather then at the state level and outside that strip on the coast you mentioned it was a sea of red with the Democrats power centered in the Cities.

We had many such discussions up here as to what would happen if Quebec seceded. The Parti Quebecois took the stand that while Canada was divisible, Quebec was not. The more interesting discussion was from a Constitutional perspective what would happen to the First nations peoples inside Quebec. There was a sound arguement that given all of their treaties signed with the British Crown , they would all become null and void and the lands would resort to the First Nations peoples .The other issue was of course the Northern Part of Quebec which was never part of the original Province. Those lands were added much later by the Canadian Government (much like the jurisidiction of the Crimea was shifted to the Ukraine in the old USSR)

California, the bluest state in the US, is literally a dumpster fire.

The soi-disant United States of America(sic) has never been so. We’ve always been at each other’s throats-regionalism, slave-vs-free states, overthrowing treaties with independent Indigenous nations, North-vs-South(especially virulent during the 1850’s. Primary sources of the era are blood-curdling as they detail constant violence), Robber Barons-vs-the working poor, on and on. Jay Gould infamously said he could get one half of the working class to kill the other half.
My modest proposal-first of all, honour all the treaties with Indigenous nations, returning tribal lands to them. That would take out fly-over land west of the Alleghenies, most of the South and West, and Texas, leaving only the narrow band between the Smokies and the Atlantic available for the rest. Those who invaded and squatted on lands would no longer “own” land, but would be allowed to live there if they contributed to the common good.
Second, disband the military. We do not need such a bloated drain on the environment and on resources. We can get by just fine with a small defense force in case Canada or Mexico want to invade us Besides, the next wars will be fought in cyberspace, by hacking of vital resource controls such as the power grid and health care.
Third, realize that decentralization is inevitable as our current government/economic systems are breaking down. It’s insane that one or two people have control over the lives of millions of others. But in small groups that would know local needs and resources, that can dialog how to solve issues, work more efficiently. We are currently wasting vast human wisdom-the wisdom gained by the Elders(alas, those who lived through the Great Depression are dying out rapidly)and the wisdom of children who have not been socialized as yet by television and mass monoculture with its manufactured needs.
In any event, once this pandemic has calmed, we can never return to the Old Normal. That’s done. Finished. Trump is the last clown of Amusing Ourselves to Death. We now face climate change, resource degradation, plastics now appearing inside pregnant women’s wombs, coating the placenta and/or inside the placenta. Fragments of paint, microbeads from cosmetics, pieces of toys.
Brave New World. Are we hooked up to Soma and hoping for Sky Daddy to save us, or are we Spirit Warriors connected to Mother Earth and all other beings? Our choice…


irrelevant to my point

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However, it would be easier for California to deal with its “dumpster fire” if Moscow Mitch and other DC “dumpster fire” obstructionists were no longer interfering.

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The political divide is not between red and blue. It is between the owners and the owned.

There are a lot of fools amongst us serfs who fall for the illusion of red vs blue that the owners use to keep us in line.


Neither “red or blue” indeed !

YELLOW trickle down has been a super successful oppression strategy ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne four decades ago. My red state in-laws are still waiting for their ship to come in, LOL !


The only problem I see is in establishing a timeline. If we don’t give it enough time the Red states will have learned nothing. If we wait too long the Red states would be like letting El Salvador join us. Not that they’re not nice people but they can’t govern themselves and would be a financial burden like the Red states are now.

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There always that tug of war between peoples who want to see borders disappear and some form of “World Government” and those who want to see power distributed to the local level.

The reasons for getting behind either of these can be all good reasons. The reasons behind behind either can also be all bad reasons. Part of the problem is that advances in technology give the “bad reasons” guys the upper hand as things like Militarism, mass surveillance and the like give a whole lot more tools to the “bad reasons” crowd then the “good reasons” crowd. This has its roots in the profit motive under which most economies operate where more profits tend to be generated when things like pandemics, wars and famine are occurring.

The way out is a real Gordians knot , and like Alexander I think that rather then try and untie the knot that Capitalism has us under, we just have to cut that system out entirely. A system that does not reward bad bahaviour (As Capitalism does) has to be implemented if there to be any future.


Yes indeed…the 1% view Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and other disaster capitalism writings as instruction manuals, just as too many of the 99% think Leave it to Beaver was a documentary.


Ah yes, as a New Englander, I do remember the discussions on Quebec. It’s funny how everyone wants to support self-determination to the point where it benefits their view… PQ is fine with Quebec liberte vis a vis Canada, but not within Quebec…

I imagine most of the states would feel the same way.

One really big problem; both Red America and Blue America will still be governed by the same

Corporate Warmongering Duopoly.

Until at least a few new political parties are permitted to represent the masses, nothing of any consequence will change for the better.