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America's Political Divide: A Modest Proposal

Well I disagree. Things would be a whole lot better for the rest of the world were the US broken up into rump states as they would not have to worry about being invaded and bombed as much.

I am pretty sure a whole lot of those 1000+ overseas military bases would have to be shut down. I doubt Germany would want the Red States Military having bases all over their Country advocating “White Supremacy” and I doubt the Blue States of America would have enough volunteers to fill their ranks.

I see two huge problems with this proposal, both already somewhat alluded to. One is personal–I live in West Virginia. Have tried twice to escape but it didn’t work. And that’s the reality–red states versus blue states is an oversimplification.
The other problem is that the description of what the Blue States America would be like is a pipe dream. This is what blue–i.e. Democrat VOTERS want, but it is not what the Party has any intention of delivering. For that we’d need a revolution–one in which many of the Red states Trump supporters might well join, if they got their heads out of Fox News long enough to see reality. Because they’re pissed off at mostly the same things, but have had the resentment they feel at being seen with the kind of contempt this piece exemplifies carefully, expertly turned into a distorted worldview full of racism and a nostalgia for an imagined past. Another post noted that this great divide is not naturally occurring–I believe it has been pumped up into massive proportions of late specifically because inequality has passed the levels at which historically the pitchforks and torches came out and the guillotines were dusted off.

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I sympathize with the person in WV. I just left increasingly red Ohio for a blue oasis in reddish purple KY. Where could I go? My native Michigan? Eww. Old folks like me would just grin and bear it and die where we find ourselves. That said, I would like to think of my grand kids in the blue heaven that the author describes.

An honest question if you will - why “Eww”? I’ve seen some very nice parts of Michigan

Yep, blue/ red is FAR more, a state of mind! Presumptuous, pontificating prevarication; obnoxious obsequiousness… It might’ve STARTED with us dividing each other as “liberal” OR “conservative,” based upon our betters’ totally bullshit criteria. But, I’d figured both dope smoking nincompoop vs glue-sniffing gun nut were only surviving by selling cocaine to limo/ Learjet librul illuminati (so they’d simply tax us to buy uniforms & weapons for the “other half” of the working class, to shoot us with?) What happens when “red state” rebels realize they’re being labled “RED” by the media? Blue states just segregated FAR more effectively, by red-lining? Mr. Market never even needs to PAY one half of the working class… they simply SELL 'em slapped-together Bushmasters

~https://mobile.twitter.com/degnerforiowa/status/1337462760251285505 (GO Squad! Ever notice, which of our “representatives” even BOTHERS reading our tweets?)





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The author misunderstands our popular discontent, and furthers a “reach from the middle toward the right” seeking to find a compromise that is acceptable only to the neoliberal donor class not anyone actually in the middle or the left.

The right doesn’t want a partial nation of their own to ruin as they see fit, they want to “own the Libs” and force them to agonize within their authoritarian system. And the Democrapic party wants to change the beliefs and demands of the right while forcing those infatuated with the Reich-wing to “see the light” and become their new wave of Blue-no-matter-who drones.

Neither side would be satisfied with their own private slice of the pie, both political sides want it all, and the agony and despair of those who disagree with them. Splitting the nation doesn’t accomplish anything other than acceleration of the collapse of our nation.


The only people who believe that are those who keep tossing molotovs at it hoping to destroy the success and power of a state they wish was less successful and politically persuasive. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty in need of improvement, “Dimocrapic Party” - need I say more? But California is head and shoulders above any other single state in the union (though most of its neighboring states and those of the NE stand well beside California in these respects) with regard to individual opportunity and state security of individual social and “safety-net” protections.

We, the people, give the wealthy-interests a rich and fertile field in which to sow their discord, arrogantly ignorant and filled with our self-interest focused prejudices and preferences, we beg to be used and abused for their gain and amusement.

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Then why is Cali experiencing a consistent net outflow of people?

It probably wouldn’t be as difficult as the author suggests. All that is needed is a simple Constitutional amendment, something like…

“The prerogative of the States to separate from the United States of America and ‘to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them’ shall not be abrogated. This amendment shall be effective immediately upon its ratification by thirty-eight states.”

Piece of cake.

A lot of those leaving are republitard conservidiots tired of paying for the services and benefits they all enjoy with appropriate levels of taxes and reasonable regulation and restrictions. Most of the rest leaving are Leftists tired of Democrapic corporatists shifting taxation onto the poor and middle class while giving tax and regulatory breaks to the wealthy and corporatist interests.

Get rid of both major political parties in California and it would resolve the majority of the problems the state faces.

“With the appropriate level of taxes” - highest income taxes in the US, highest sales tax. So every other state is “inappropriate”?

I think this is a wonderful idea. We will need a little time to plan it, though.

No, even California’s level of taxation is woefully inadequate to address all the requirements of its citizenry and residents. This could, and should, be addressed with enhanced federal taxation (and spending) and more progressive applications of taxation focus, but one step at a time, California and our nation, still need to recover from the delusions of conservidiocy economics embedded in both neoliberal corporatist parties and their transfer of wealth to the top machinations in our state and nation.

So who will be left to pay those taxes?

Tesla, Palantir, Oracle, HP Enterprises all are in the process of leaving CA…

Good for them! I wish them well in their decision.

Taxes, labor, and statutory regulation are business costs, and if companies can’t sell their products at a price sufficient to cover their costs and earn sufficient profits then they need to examine their operations, products, and management and work out the best way for them to address their problems. Being profit-obsessed is rarely a good, or even viable, means of addressing most such problems.

You still haven’t answered the question - with companies (and high end taxpayers like Musk and Ellison) “voting with their feet”, who is going to be left to pay those high taxes you advocate and pay for those services? Currently, the 1% pay more than 1/2 of CA income taxes. If even a quarter of them leave, that is a $12 billion hole in the state budget (roughly 8% of the state’s total budget), all because about 35,000 people leave the state.

Businesses like these are replaced many times over, each and every year, in California, which attracts, and internally generates more new and existing businesses (individuals, and wealth) each year than most Red states combined. When that trend (which has existed and persisted throughout most of the last century) makes an actual (as opposed to distorted hyperpartisan fevered imaginings) dramatic reversal then perhaps someone will be more interested in your false concerns about the state’s welfare.