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America's Streets and Squares Are Waiting, But When Will the People Rise Up to Fill Them?

“Many boast about the United States being the oldest democracy in the world.”

God, where do you Americans get this shit from? Maybe you’re not out protesting because if you believe you’re living in the land of the free with the best society in the world, number one, the world’s original and oldest democracy, you don’t need to. That is to say, because of poor education, ignorance.


The protestors in Hong Kong can pay their bills too, many of them are quite affluent. They’re protesting about the gradual enchroachment of mainland China over their democratic rights, simple as that. Ditto for many other global protestors wherein its more about a value than economic. Lack of destitution is no excuse for US apathy towards the corruption of values their culture claims are the cornerstone of their country and apparently a beacon to us poor souls in the rest of the world.

You can fill the squares and streets;

But the powers that be will herd you like cattle and arrest you for whatever.

If you get unruly they’ll label you violent terrorists and cut you down.

It’s going to take a well organized and funded alternative and even then it will be fought tooth and nail.

Even so it must be done. The current course is unsustainable.

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One of my relatives was sent to in Hong Kong, a while back by his company, and he would corroborate your statement. Hong Kong is a very affluent city.

Good point!

Bernie is a transformative figure! He has stood outside the party systm and managed to get elected to the US Senate! He has a clear vision of where our problems lie and ideas for solving them. It is our own fault if we try to play things safe with a centrist or ‘someone who can beat Trump’. That may be someone who can out-trump Trump. Bernie is a statesman and that is what we need, a person who is not in it for himself or herself but for US!


They will rise when Apple cancels or greatly delays a much-vaunted, very desirable upgrade (or something similar).

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Why do people in this country have to beg for healthcare? Why do we have to wait for politicians to tell us what we need? I am tired of being nice. Why are we not in the streets? Why do we keep waiting for stupid elections only to realize once again, “it is business as usual?”

How many years do you have to experience the same betrayal before, you say enough is enough? It has been over thirty years for Christ sake. They are not hearing us. However, they can sure as hell will see us if we are in the streets.

If you want this country then you had better hold on to it because they are trying to take it away and they are not playing nice. The people have always been known as the rabble, the mob, the beast. They, those behind the curtains, they fear the awakening of the beast. I say wakeup the beast, feed the beast, and unleash the beast.

Do you think hiding behind Smartphones and texting is a winning strategy?

A hundred years ago, the suffragists claimed the streets and demanded change and they suffered greatly. However, we did get the vote. How ironic……but we are still voting.

As for now, the streets belong to the people. Use it or lose it. We have always lost some blood in these battles. So just, sit on your arses if you must and shake with fear but I do not want to hear any of your bitching or telling me a woman to sit down and shut up.

I am a Democrat and the ones I know are lily livered, chicken shit, lump heads. They just sit around and make one big circle jerk about local crap issues and they never get into any real information or passions going as we watch our country go down in flames. I have never heard the word Trump ever mentioned at these meetings. I find that very strange. I thought is it me? Are they afraid of conflict or of arguing? Then sit home and wait for the end-of-times buttheads. What! Me angry! Phfft!

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“Where are the marches before the offices of the state secretary of state and culpable legislators and Governors headquarters?” Where are the articles, letters to the editor, etc? I have been to DC on four separate occasions, twice as part of the end the war in Iraq movement and twice in opposition to Federal Fees to access our public lands. Two of these were in the streets and two were week long visits to Congressional offices (one even of these even consisted to a visit to see White House staffers in the White House). All of these trips were as a citizen and not as a paid lobbyist. Nothing came of these efforts; and as one person told me, if you don’t accomplish what you came to do then you are considered just another DC tourist!

Raph, as you well know, trips to DC cost a person a lot of money. First there is the cost of transportation; then there is the problem of affordable lodging (I suggest the Quaker Guest House just a few blocks from Capitol Hill if there is space); along with that there are meals to consider; additionally, there is the loss of work to consider if one can get, or afford, the time off; and, never forget when you are doing the street marches, one must figure in the cost of bail these days (I can attest to the fact that it is not cheap, either). So far as letters to the editor go, just try and get in a newspaper anything of national or state importance these days. The MSM is not looking for anything from a ‘common’ citizen; and, even local newspapers are filling their space with major news organization propaganda and usually not interested in printing any letters on views of national importance. In other words it has become economically impossible to take to the streets in DC for most citizens; and, writing letters… This is especially true if one is from anywhere any distance from DC. Of course there are thousands of people who live in the vicinity of DC who could go; but, again, these people must bear most of the costs described above, too.
So far as people marching at their own state capitols, which in most cases would be closer, we now lose the effective numbers of there being enough people and the problem of those smaller numbers attracting national media attention (who is going to care about a couple of hundred people marching in Denver to stop endless wars, or bringing attention to the fact that rich corporate oligarchs could care very little about climate change?). The people from even smaller towns marching in their areas can hope to attract zero effective attention. There will come a day, hopefully, when that charasmatic JFK, or MLK, or whoever will be able to rally us all into the streets to do what our Declaration of Independence gives us the guidance and the responsibility to do; but, I don’t believe that we now have in sufficient numbers the bravery it took then to make it happen now. There will come a time when simultaneously enough people have had it and that person emerges to lead that people will stand up to the injustices being perpetrated by the very few on the multitudes. History proves that statement to be true time and again. The ice is melting and the foundation is crumbling and people are becoming very restless. Time will tell if this is the end, or just the beginning.


Fine post, RogerH!

Here in Portland Oregon, antifa has shut down popular protest quite effectively, destroying the commons as a place to express non-deep state views. If the Democratic Party aparat does not want it, it will not happen on the streets of Portland.

This video does a pretty good job at summarizing how the establishment deliberately sets our economy to divide us as much as possible and make us too busy to protest.