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"America's Toughest Sheriff" Violated Court Order to Stop Racially Profiling Latinos


"America's Toughest Sheriff" Violated Court Order to Stop Racially Profiling Latinos

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Joe Arpaio, who calls himself "America's toughest sheriff," was found guilty of criminal contempt for violating a federal court order that aimed to stop the former sheriff and his deputies from racially profiling Latinos.


Give the blowhard a pink jumpsuit and have have him pick up litter in the shade around the court house or better yet clean the urinals. The object is to show the idiot that he is no better than anyone else and that he is not entitled to ignore the law.


Well, Uncle Joe finally gets his comeuppance; but the verdict is delivered too late for Joe to do any time. The problem is, enough people liked his policies and antics enough to keep re-electing him. Now that there’s a “new sheriff in town”, maybe the taxpayers will get the kind of law enforcement that will actually do the job without breaking the law.


“America’s most clueless sheriff,” maybe.


I thought it would also be fitting for him to spend his six month sentence wearing the pink (with only one change provided) jumpsuit living in one of the tents he forced inmates to swelter/die in. Visitation from the former governor Jan “the Shrew” Brewer will be the only ones allowed.


Probably the most effectual punishment for a “law-'n-order-is-what-I-say-it-is” authoritarian in his final years is to know he has been convicted of wrong-doing by a higher authority!


He won’t serve a day in jail. Or if he does, it’ll be at some cushy Club Fed.


Karma should bite Joe, the POS, right on his racist ass. Gooey shit sandwiches , pink underwear and a sweltering tent/cell.


six months is not enough for all the people he screwed