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Amid Amazon Prime Day Protests, Sanders and Omar Lead Call for Probe of 'Brutal and Hazardous Working Conditions'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/amid-amazon-prime-day-protests-sanders-and-omar-lead-call-probe-brutal-and-hazardous

Fun Fact: In 2012 amazon invested $52 mil to retrofit existing FCs(Fulfillment Centers) with air conditioning. Not once during my time here, have I fear to use the restroom for not meeting rates, to be honest I find the pick rates to be realistic and achievable once you get used to the pace. I work 10hrs shifts 4 days per week, which mean that I have 3 days to spend time with my family and friends. The only time during the year that I work over 40hr per week is during the holiday season and Prime Day week. Idk about other FCs but in CMH1 we get two 30 minutes breaks.

I suppose you are one of the lucky ones. From what I’ve understand it seems the working from warehouse to warehouse are on a case to case basis. The problem with that though is that Amazon itself doesn’t make the fair treatment you get the norm throughout all their stores.

Hi CMH1_Cindi:

I worked in a bank mailroom once, for 4 hours a day and that was tiring! Pushing mail gurneys around, and lifting pallets and cutting trays of mail open on a cutting machine, while trying to keep up a production rate.I was going to school at the time, but that was 4 non-stop hours, and I only worked part time. 5 days a week, and I did get hurt a few times too.
When an Amazon warehouse opens up and it’s the only game in town—there will be a lot more injuries with people racing around gathering the goods----The mail room job was o.k.when I was a student—but a lot of people are older or not in shape—and besides people often take jobs to cover rent and food without much left over for saving.

I read a book about Mother Jones, and apparently these "production jobs have been a big part of America for a long time. A lot of the work was child labor too, and I remember one awful story of one the the mill worker children having her hair caught in a loom----and her scalp was torn right off of her head—and this was before any kind of worker comp too.
I’m glad you could keep up the pace, but a lot of people take the job because it’s the only one available— and too, I guess Amazon is no place for people with disabilities?As many are hired out by temp agencies, and not directly by Amazon, that makes getting an injury report more sketchy—as who would know it happened when the pace is so high and the job so temporary for many. I also read that some have to wear a wrist counter to show that they are working- at the right speed–I hope that isn’t true , because that seems so dehumanizing! : 0


Workplaces like Amazon and Disney and the conditions laborers
work under are a threat to all labor – something everyone has to
understand –


Just another case of someone who can’t run a business without hurting a lot of other people, in other words someone who can’t run a business.


Amazon is working hard to replace these human robots with mechanical ones as fast as they can. Since these jobs will be phased out eventually, one would think paying a decent wage would be good PR since they don’t seem to care about the morals of the situation. If you people are so worried about the workers, quite buying from Amazon, quit going to Disney, and cut your cable.


Were you threatened with loss of your job if you refused to write that comment? there are two Amazon fulfillment centers near where I live. The horror stories are true. I know people who work there.

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Yes, promote Cindi. There must be only one Cindi (ending with the letter I) working in CMH1, so the boss can congratulate her. No problem at all with bathroom breaks, very good!

chrigid –
Amazon isn’t about “running a business” – it’s about profiting from
exploiting labor. That’s the point.

Memories of Chines building railways, blacks picking cotton, sweatshops in the textile industry using child, and ethnic cheap labor.
Now with Amazon and Walmart we get cheap labor out of white people. Reminiscent of our coal mines.

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